Various Artists - Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

℗ 2019 Walt Disney Records

Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


First was better

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I love this app because you can listen to your favorite songs I love ya ❤️❤️❤️thanks for this!!!


The song into the unknown is the best song eeeeeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr.

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When I am older is so funny! I love all the music.

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Wow, Disney you are brilliant to make frozen 2 and this soundtrack. It’s practically my life now that I bought it. Awesome idea Disney!


Why this album. There is many ways I hate it 1. Frozen 2 is 🗑, 2. The songs have no real point, and 3 we don’t need it


I was captivated by this song from the movie. I absolutely love it.


Idina is amazing in this album but other than her I’m not impressed with anything else. The film wasn’t that great and only idina was brilliant in this album and film.

Jules Rosales

my favorite movies

g dupe

I love music and I love movies like frozen 2

parking. lot

This is too babyish this is too much

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I didn’t think the second was going to be as good as the first, but they nailed it! Great movie. The music in the second isn’t as good except for the song “Lost in the woods.” My new favorite song and I’m 43 😂


Frozen 2 has the best songs ever, my personal favorite is Into the Unknown. I just love that song!!!!

MaKayla/ hay day LOVER

the songs were amazing!


These songs are amazing! Buy this album 😌

Jenna Torneten

Love the movie and soundtrack!!!




This movie was amazing but I think the songs made it the best Disney movie ever!! My personal fave was into the unknown!! All the singers are on note and are so talented!!


I absolutely love the songs the singer of Elsa really hits those hi notes in into the unknown ugh so GOOD thank you for making a frozen 2 I hope there is a Frozen 3!

Curry is a god

These songs are great and so are the movies.

Sophia Tete

It is really do you have here it

deer are awsme

It’s so much awesome 😎


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Obsessed. Simply.


Good song but the only problem is that you can’t play it on instagram that’s a big problem for Makenna

Lyla Mio

The songs are so amazing and beautiful!!! I love listening to then when I need a little tune to start my day!


The Best a great big thank you to Kristen Bell and the amazing cast and amazing work of all the amazing creative crew


I love ❤️ this music 🎶

laney spronck

I love Idina Menzel and her work is always so amazing and this really proves it


I love this music so much. I have watched this movie at least four times. “The Next Right Thing” made me cry so much. When I listen to the album, it makes me feel like I’m rewatching the movie and I can remember what happens in between the songs. YOU HAVE TO GET IT!!! It is so amazing. I wish there was a one thousand star choice. I love it so much. 😍🤩🤗❤️❤️

forzen fan

I love into the Unknown I love showyourself


Idenza menzel, I love your voice! 😁 so beautiful and embrace yourself when you hear this

Gamer 835

Into the unkoooooooooown


I love these songs I was working on this while listening to the music

Yeet YE


LMayd HermutH

My kids love this song❤️


The songs aren’t 1/4 of what Frozen’s were. Those songs were t wasp meaningful to a lot of people; these songs can’t be taken out of context because they don’t make sense unless you know the story. After all the trailers It was like seeing the movie anyway. Also, Elsa should have stayed in Arendelle, and Anna should not have married reindeer boy. They only married Anna to Kristoff because the Queen has to have heirs. I give the soundtrack and movie two thumbs down.

lila j s.

We bot it and my daughter and me love it so much

Who Knows? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m writing this as I’m listening to it. This is so worth the money. I actually like this better than the first one, and I own both soundtracks. You definitely aren’t wasting your money with this! My favorites are All is Found, Into the Unknown, and Show yourself. Idina really outdid herself, and I loved Evan Rachel Wood’s songs.


When I’m older is my favorite thing even. Hearing it instantly brings a smile to my face, and I never smile.

frog women woman

I get this one because since I’m a kid this might be a short review and I hope you answer but since I am a kid I totally get this song this will all make sense when I am older Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha just totally funny thanks

im a bannana 534748

I’m surprised people actually like this music what the heck I’m not trying to be rude to anyone it’s just my personal opinion. The music is not really that good. It’s to slow and can get annoying. I don’t think anyone would like to listen to this


Nailed it

so much singing

So much sing rip frozen


Idina has done it again her music I love ❤️her music is the best she has the most bueatiful voice ever

amariah giddensak

I love it I’m a big fan 1. Ealsa came to my parter win I was 5 🥳 now I’m 10 😎


The music sounds so mature appose to the 1st films music. I don’t know if that was the intention. “Into The Unknown” really grows on you but I enjoyed the 1st films soundtrack much more!

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