Randy Travis - Influence, Vol. 1: The Man I Am

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Influence, Vol. 1: The Man I Am Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Started to download a couple, then purchased the entire album. Excellent.

Country to Heart

It's been a while since I have been able to say that I've enjoyed an album - with Randy Travis's new album Influence Vol. 1 - The Man I Am, I can say exactly that. If anyone had questions on whether Randy Travis still had the vocals, his new album put those questions undoubtedly to rest. From "Pennies from Heaven" to his newest single "Tonight I'm Playin' Possum" Randy's vocal control and passion for his craft comes out in it's purest form. He lifts each song to new heights in a respectful manner to those who wrote and sang the original versions. My favorites are "Pennies from Heaven", "Thanks A Lot", "What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana", "Saginaw, Michigan", "I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall", "Why Baby Why", and "Tonight I'm Playin' Possum". I pray that some day we'll be able to graced by an Influence Vol. 2 album. I pray for Randy Travis and a full recovery. What an amazing and gifted person he is.


Country lives


Love it! What memories in some of these songs! Love ya Randy!


Love this new album from Randy.

C.D. White

There is no doubt Randy has one of the best voices of any genre of anytime, but I don't know if it's the iTunes "Mastering" or what, but his voice almost sounds Auto-Tuned... Heck, I'm not even a Country music fan but this guys voice and the way he sings is music itself, he could literally stand alone on a stage with nothing but his mic and it would sound awesome... Just wondering if they auto-tuned for this album.


Are my ears deceiving me or am i really listening to a real down to earth country album? Country music fans rejoice beacause what we have here is a real down to earth country music fest of an album.

Salmon Kev

Great selection Randy. There are tens of thousands of us that are singing right along with you on these songs. These are great with the guitar. You've had some hard times, but keep the faith and keep on keepin on. You are the real deal, brother. About the songs: you can't go wrong with clean, sharp, straight forward classics. I think Merle Haggard, George Jones, Ernest Tubb, Porter Wagoner, Conway Twitty, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Thompson and Hank Williams would agree. These aren't the songs of all these legends, but the songs are in those styles--the best country sounds of all. For you younger followers, look them up and you'll find Randy has his own songs that never get old. Songs you'll never forget. Do this again, Randy.


While Randy Travis is recovering from his recent health difficulties, no word has been given yet as to whether or not his voice has come back. This album - completed before these health problems arose - may serve as his final addition into the history of country music, and if that is the case - I am extremely satisfied. Drawing from the inspiration given to him by his predecessors, Randy Travis' smooth baritone breathes new life into these country hits. Throughout the 27 years of Randy Travis' career, his words have echoed through the hearts and minds of millions. I can guarantee that they will continue to be heard forever and ever, amen.


Randy proves in short order from note one that he can sing the younger guns clean under the table, and that great songs, a timeless voice, and sensible and singer-driven arrangements make for a listening experience that is a welcomed relief from the flash-in-the-pan "artists" inundating radio today. Speaking of radio, this record may not see the light of day on radio, but that's alright, because it's simply too good for "country" radio. It's best enjoyed by those who both know and love real country music, and count Travis as a legitimate link in the chain of great country singers. In short, those who prefer new country won't "get it". But for those of us who do, it's like a mason jar of sweet tea and a slice of mama's cornbread while sitting on a front porch as the sun sets in late summer. In other words, it's perfect. Thank you, Mr. Travis...

Harmless fun

This CD is awesome...The real deal,Randy and his band are showcasing a classic work of art and soulful craft. Buy it you will not be disappointed....!


While Randy is recovering from some serious health problems, this album is a perfect reminder of the voices, stories, and history behind good country music. With the piles of trash being pumped out of Nashville's studio's today, this album is a refreshing throwback to a time when country music was distinct. The stories were relatable. The singers were real cowboys. Randy's had a giant influence on country music since the mid 1980's. It's fascinating to see the songs and singers that influenced him. It's not the same smooth voice that barreled through my speakers on Storms of Life, but his unmistakable baritone finds its way easily on these songs. Sure hope Randy heals and finds his way back to a studio to produce more like this. I can't say the same for most of Nashville's popular acts today.


Randy can sure sing. Great covers that showcase his amazing range and talent. All fans will not be disappointed.


Randy travis never sounded better! I've been a fan since 86!

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