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It is criminal that Sony disparaged and neglected this album. A terrible shame that there was no tour for us. Michael Jackson is a genius and beautiful soul. I love you, Michael! Thank you for this musical journey.


I was born in 2001 i never knew about the existence of this album. Today i first ever listened to Invisible and im shocked i love this song and this whole album. Thank you Michael

Shyanna a random girl

Besides a few songs that are only worth listening to once in a while, the only other thing I don’t like is that it’s SOOO UNDERRATED! It needs more appreciation! ❤️

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I love the fact you guys made it today in 2001



Master D U


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People will often look at the best work or quality with how successful it was, but the fact is success and quality is two very different things... here is Michael Jackson at his best. No one has to agree with that!


Whatever Happens is masterpiece, Michael Jackson voice and Carlos Santana performance is incredible


This album came out 3 months after I was born and I started to love Michael Jackson when I was 13 years old I’m 17 years old now and I love home till this day 🙏😊


Honestly, I was a little hesitant about some of the songs, but now that I listen again, I love them! This is a fabulous album! It is very different than anything MJ ever did, but I love the eclectic style! I recommend it!

Nicolas k5

The best song on this album for me is unbreakable and what ever happens

Simone Kwan

He is really caring.....Simone Kwan


Michael is life Michael is the moon a Michael is the sunshine Michael is the stars that twinkle at night Michael is my life. Invincible is one of the best albums in the world he’s awesome he’s hot…XD he’s the best person in the whole flipping world better than Elvis Presley. Michael I Wuve u P.S my opinion but if you hate or dislike my boyfriend I will slay u hehe


This albums is too great, shame it’s so underrated


I love Michael Jackson his music is so classic and he will forever be loved and missed 1958-forever


Michael Jackson is better then Justin Bieber and so does AC/DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd and other cool music that we love


Is Micheal Jackson alive. But how did he make this songs? Tell me anything

Bobby Bee

Yea I went ahead and bought the last 2 Cds by the King of Pop, and I'm glad I did! Not only will they be Collectors Items but they're GOOD!! We've lost a few artists (QUITE a few) that will/can never be replaced (Prince, Barry, Luther, Whitney come IMMEDIATELY to mind) MJ is right up there with them, a child PRODIGY, that maintained that ...YOUTH throughout his career..Legend - Icon - Michael, we'll miss you.....


The songs in this album are absolutely flawless! Songs like "Cry", "Speechless", "The Lost Children", "Break of dawn", and "You Are My Life" are just HANDS DOWN AMAZING!!!! You really get to hear Michael in this album. It is truly underrated and I don't know why. This one is amazing. Between BOTDF & Invincible....I'd chose invincible. ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of love ❤️

Kyle Darst

This is easily Mike's best and most under appreciated album ever. This is better than Thriller or Bad. Every song is amazing on the album. This is an album that you can listen to every song on. No need to skip any songs. Unbreakable- 10/10 Heartbreaker- 8/10 Invincible- 7.5/10 Break of Dawn- 7/10 Heaven Can Wait- 7/10 You Rock My World- 9/10 Butterflies- 8.5/10 Speechless- 8/10 2,000 Watts- 7/10 You Are My Life- 7.5/10 Privacy- 8/10 Don't Walk Away- 9/10 Cry- 7/10 The Lost Children- 7.5/10 Whatever Happens- 7/10 Threatened- 8.5/10


Sounds different....? But still moving and unique compared to his older work 🎶🎶🎶🌊🌊


It's MJ. Of course it's perfect

Psych its mj

This is one of my favorite albums ever released by anybody didn't reach peak because of the time when it was released


Breathtaking as always💋, Love you MJ😘. Rest in perfect peace, Amen 🙏🏽.


If you don't agree I like to punch stuff for fun. Preferably bodily shaped objects.


Great album

pink please

wow, didn't know what I was missing. How did I sleep on this album. Its awesome. True Michael




Track 1 - Unbreakable: The King of Pop opens the album by reminding anyone that may have forgotten, or not known, that he is… well… unbreakable. Grade: A+ Track 2 - Heartbreaker: This song is simply excellent. Utterly flawless, pop platinum. The song refers to a woman whose sole purpose is to break hearts and broke Jackson’s. Grade: A Track 3 - Invincible: The title track to the album is actually about a girl who won’t give Jackson her attention. The beat, rhythm, ad-libs of this song is just crazy. The best line was... "and if there's somebody else? He can't love you like me". Grade: A+ Track 4 - Break of Dawn: This is a love song and it is perfection. Nothing could be added or removed to make it better. In the movie. Grade: A+ Track 5 - Heaven Can Wait: Yet another perfect love song. This song is about a girl Jackson refuses to leave. He sings, “Tell the angels no, I don’t want to leave my baby alone, I don’t want nobody else to hold you, that’s the chance I’ll take, baby I’ll stay, heaven can wait.” The way Jackson opens this track is pure excellence, singing in rapid succession, “You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, incredible I love you so.” Grade: B+ Track 6 - You Rock My World: This was the first single from the album and charted as another top 10 for the King of Pop. The opening banter between Chris Tucker and Michael Jackson about whether or not Jackson could “get that girl” is nothing short of a hilarious. The song is Phenomenal. Period. Grade: A+ Track 7 - Butterflies: The song is simply beautiful and shows Jackson’s epic vocal range. That second verse is... Wow! Grade: A+ Track 8 - Speechless: This song is the clearest and most pristine Jackson’s voice gets on Invincible. The track starts off a capella and slowly builds from there. The song is beautiful and again simply perfect. Grade: A+ Track 9 - 2,000 Watts: It's one of the most unforgettable tracks on Invincible. The bass is unreal, Jackson sounds nothing like he’s ever sounded before and lyrically the song is all over the place, in a good way. The opening line, “you may now apply your 3D glasses as we proceed” makes one wonder how incredible the music video would have been. Grade: A- Track 10: You Are My Life: This is where I feel like Invincible doesn't need this song at all. There is nothing wrong with this song as much as it is forgettable in some type of way. Any of the HUNDREDS of songs Jackson reportedly recorded would have likely sat much better in this song’s place. I can say that the bridge of this song has saved it a little bit. Grade: C Track 11 - Privacy: This is the only rock styled song on the album, featuring a guitar solo by Slash. In this song Jackson pleads, over repeated camera flashes, for his… well… Privacy and journalistic integrity. The best line of the song is..."Stop maliciously attacking my integrity". The guitar solo is amazing. It fits very well next to Jackson’s similarly themed songs like ‘Scream’, ‘Tabloid Junkie’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’. Grade: A+ Track 12 - Don’t Walk Away: It is a love song where Jackson pleads with his parting love, “Don’t walk away, see I just can’t find the right thing to say, I try but all my pain gets in the way.” Don't Walk Away sounds great. Following an interview with Oprah, many fans began to think this song was written about his relationship and subsequent break up with Lisa Marie Presley. If this track is about his relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, Jackson's lyrical changes are subtle but poignant. Grade: B+ Track 13 - Cry: By the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Jackson and R. Kelly written the lyrics of the song prior to the attacks. The song is reminiscent of Man In The Mirror, with Jackson whispering, as the last line of the song, “Change the world.” Some of his trademark vocal tricks are perfectly in place as the song ends. Jackson is conspicuously absent in the music video. Jackson’s alleged refusal to appear in the music video was one of the early signs of the conflict between Jackson and Sony Music. Grade: B+ Track 14 - The Lost Children: The Lost Children is about all the children that are missing around the world. In the song Jackson sings, "We sing songs for the wishing, for those who are kissing but not for the missing, so this one's for all the lost children." The song is sincerely innocent and beautiful. Grade: B Track 15 - Whatever Happens: With Carlos Santana on the guitar and Michael Jackson tearing into this song unlike he does anywhere else on the album, Whatever Happens is an inarguable standout. The song tells the story of a man engaged in some unnamed questionable activity with his girlfriend, who is extremely apprehensive about what they are doing. Jackson sings, “Whatever happens, don’t you let go of my hand” is one of the unforgettable choruses of his career. Grade: A Track 16 - Threatened: If you have enjoyed "Thriller", "Ghosts", "Is It Scary". You will absolutely enjoy Threatened… The songs opens with The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling saying, “Tonight’s story is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction”. The final line of Threatened, and of the Invincible album, is Rod Serling saying, “What you’ve just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare… it isn’t, it’s the beginning.” This is the best way to end the album. Grade: A+


I miss u Michael!thx for the years you were here with us.we will always remember the time you became a legend

Homo man6968

Michael Jackson is the only artist music to ever invoke true emotion in me his song speechless breaks my heart, his song unbreakable gives me strength. I truly feel sorry for this man, the media destroyed him but never eclipsed his shine. He was a true genius. The media called him a freak and a monster, but genius is always ridiculed and misunderstood. I will never understand how people turned their back on him after the allegations. A man who dedicated his life to helping others saving life's and making people happy. An artist that made music about saving earth and feeding the hungry, I honestly feel like crying when I think about what the world did to him, despite all this mj still described the world as beautiful. His music will live on thru his fans and the people that loved him. Now his in heaven away from the pain that this planet caused him, I like to think he's dancing and singing for God now making him speechless. Love you mj


This Album is so calm, relaxing, and stress relieving!!! I definitely recommend this album, and for all you that are new to MJ, also buy the Thriller Album. MJ is the best singer and dancer ever!!!!


Don't Walk Away..... 😍


This album can be summed in to one word, AMAZING :)


When this came out, the only song you might have heard was "You Rock My World". Michael did not want that song to be the first release but it was. I almost didn't buy the CD but I did because it was Michael. I am happy that I did. My favorite tracks are "Butterflies", "Break of Dawn", "Heaven Can Wait", "Whatever Happens", "2000 Watts", "Threatened" and "Heartbreaker". I also liked the other songs but those were the songs I had on constant loop. If you thought about buying it, please do.


This is such a good album


Another under appreciated album. Buy this album


He created dub step 😆






This album is not appriciated for what it really is. I love this album happy with my purchase !

Bella Cozzens

This is an album that really shows as Michael grows what he cares for and his soft side, but then shows what he's made of in a striking way as to the media. A calm selection, and a jamming experience.


Invincible is a very good album and if you do not like MJ sorry but I don't like you also if you do not like invincible no one like you TBR💀💀


Wow MJ did Rule key word did this album is afull there is one song on here that is decent and that's you rock my world if you want good MJ go buy the thriller album but what ever you do avoid this album

Fallon Jackson

Being a Michael Jackson fan since 3, this has to be the best Michael album I've heard. I can remember when it first came out, how in love I was with it and still am to this day !! This album should've gotten so much more publicity. &even with it being his flop album, it still sold more copies than the artists then and today. Legendary ! Miss you Michael, forever and always.


Michael Jackson will always be the king of pop. Music today isn't the same, and probably will never be as good as his. He killed it with this album. I love it!


I think people forget that this album was released a month after the September 11th attacks. The mood of the country was not ready to embrace a new musical paradigm. I was in high school when this came out. I remember hearing "Rock My World" on the radio. Back then I was not a fan like I am now and remember thinking to myself. "Well was he able to do it again?" Nope. I think people were expecting a more classic sound from him and not the almost minimalist style of first three singles. It was more stark sounding in some ways. The album's cultural impact was lost in the debris of the recent World Trade Center tragedy. Had this come out just a year earlier I think it would have been better received. None the less, Michael was pretty much tabloid fodder at this point anyway which had overshadowed his creative output. History and Blood on the Dance Floor sounded like less meticulous efforts and pretty much mimicked the sound of Dangerous without quite achieving it's apex. When Invincible came out it was a paradigm shift for Michael. It is only now that I think people are realizing how carefully constructed each song is. Although, there are perhaps one too many ballads we see Michael at his most revealing. We also hear the echo's of his love for melody seemingly inspired by Rogers' and Hammerstein. At a certain point during songs such as Speechless one almost feels that they are at a broadway play watching a lonely character singing up at a prop moon. What seemed corny at first soon settles into beautiful. I read in one of Michael's ubiquitous paper back biographies that he told his friend Frank Cascio that "people are not ready for this album." I think he was write. It is my favorite Michael Jackson album next to Thriller. I also think this is most revealing album. You can really feel him singing about his children and God and the Devil. It ends on one of the most ominous notes in music history. "Threatened" is eerily revealing and maybe even a subconscious reveal of Michael's inner demons. It sounds like there are samples from Twilight Zone of a man speaking about an inner monster. I think there is self hatred in this song. It's as close to some kind of confession as perhaps we will ever get. Michael Jackson in some ways was both God and Devil in the same body. This album perfectly captures his inner turmoil and his love. An angel on each shoulder totally exaggerated and emboldened. This album will be relevant for quite some time.


Honestly when I heard the album on first listen I was a little disappointed. Gone were the Teddy Riley beats from the 90's that made Michael edgy. The album sounded like it was intended for the young generation. There were songs that just looped and looped 'Unbreakable' and too long. Was there really a need to put the late Biggie on this song? Cause it felt wrong. 'Heartbreaker' sounds like an old NSync dirty pop throwaway. 'Break of Dawn' sounds like it was intended for Usher. '2000 watts' I have no idea why this was put on the album. 'Privacy' was boring with the same looped beat and camera snap. The only song I really enjoyed was 'Threatened'. Reminded me of ghosts. I love Michael, just this finale should've ended with a banger.


I haven't listened to this song in probably 4 years and I still know all the words...he is a true legend. absolutely amazing

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