Jeremy Renner - The Medicine

℗ 2020 Record Street Music, Inc.

The Medicine Tracklist:

Needs to Lose

I’m not usually one for actors crossing over to music but this is actually good. His voice is better than expected. Kudos to Mr Renner for putting out decent music.

10 year old teenager

You are my second favorite actor next to Robert Downing Jr and your songs are awesome. You are now my favorite Rockstar.😃😃🏹🏹🎸🎸 Just ignore my name. I am not 10 anymore. That was years ago. From,Ms.Marvel


One of my favorite actors is now one of my favorite rock stars! Each song is thoughtfully written and passionately sung. I hope I’ll see Jeremy in a musical some day.

Mortal Kombat Kraver

Should change the preview of main attraction to that part Chris Delia always plays on the Congratulations Podcast

Nat, Craig

I’m a big Jeremy Renner fan on screen, but I have to say I really like this album. I mean yeah, to each his own when it comes to music or TV, but this is still top quality in my opinion.


Not bad, for karaoke.


I loved this album so much easily One of my top favorites 🤙👍🎧


Didn’t know this existed until John Oliver mentioned it on his show. Soooo excited!!!! His voice rocks!


Never knew he sang! Love his voice!


I have been listening to the others on repeat waiting for this album. His voice is so full and unique. Cannot we have not had his music till now. Such a great job.


I love Jeremy Renner’s music so much, and it was such a nice surprise to see he finally released an EP. I’m in love with the whole album, it gives a nice and warm home like feel to me.


Great voice and has found the perfect sounds to compliment his style. Love it!


Thank you Jeremy!! So excited about this release! What an awesome way to start this Friday morning!! Love your voice and all your music! Downloading the whole album! 💕

Star Wars Jay

Huge fan of Jeremy Renner’s music. A great talent and a just awesome musician. Can’t wait for more.


Cool, honest songwriting. Super well done. I hope he keeps releasing music.

Kellie J ~

Bought. Listening. The music is so good, melodic even. Sad songs, and love songs, breaking open songs. - Bless you and your songs. Your journey, and may they find who they need. 🦋


Huge fan of Jeremy Renner and have enjoyed every song that he has released thus far; brilliant actor and brilliant singer as songwriter.