Jimmie Allen - Bettie James

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Bettie James Tracklist:


Thoughtful, fun, energetic and yummy to the ears.


It’s not country. This is really a pop album, and a really good one . The songs are catchy, and it was cool to hear Charlie Pride, and the Oak Ridge Boys . However, despite that, it’s still not country—it’s pop music, so I took off a star.


This is pop music with country & hip hop artist supporting the tracks calling country does not make it country. This artist my have talent ....


I love this album BECAUSE it doesn’t sound like traditional country. I think the pop country sound is fantastic!!! Great job producing an enjoyable album.

Country Guy4587

Great Album


Growing up in the country, that’s what I think of. Sure makes me miss home!! Time for a road trip!! Some of the highway freedom!!


Only one star because that’s the lowest. Too cutesy too pop! Definitely not real country. Today’s so called country music is an absolute disgrace to the true country music and what it is! You should all be ashamed for claiming to be country artist! This music isn’t deserving to bear the title of “country music.” Today’s pop/country is all garbage. It’s almost laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.




This ain’t your grand daddy’s country, but I love that country has evolved to attract a larger audience. Great album.


Another Great song !!


Omg!! I loved every song!! My favs are “Good Times Roll” & “Made for these”!! I can’t wait to hear them on the radio too!! Awesome job!! Jimmie!❤️

Go Yahoo



Some really good, catchy tunes on here! Especially loving Good Times Roll!


It’s ok


I feel this is EXACTLY what we needed! Perfect timing! Excellent mix of heart, feelings & fun! Thank you, for being you & for doing what you do! 🤍🎤🎸🎵🙌🏼


Love when Nelly does country collaborations!

Good American

Enjoying this new music from country artist Jimmie Allen! Love that he is still connected to his roots in southern DE.


Please just stop

James Del Rey

This album is good. You fast aging faced people need to get over yourselves...

Magdalene B.

Crimson tide shoutout, best part.


Great EP!!


Go to pop, this isn’t country.


Right now I can’t decideWhat track is my favorite. It’s nice to have something fresh and new and country music. Kudos to Charlie Pride where have you been hiding.❤️


This is not Country music. Bass, snare and electronica with a hip hop style, makes this a pop song and should be played on KISS. Good song, but should not be labeled country.


Fabulous collab album! Excited for new JA music!


Album. Of. The. Year.




Great singer, great pairings, great songs. Period. Fav is with Tim McGraw!

Luv Addict

The most shocking thing that could come out of Nashville today is for someone to make an actual country album. This is fake fake fake computer generated songs with an auto tuned singer.

tracie nicole-De

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!


I don’t hear any country in this album. One way to test to see if something is country is to tune out the vocals and listen to just the music. You won’t hear one sonic resemblance to a real country sing.

Skyline 119

I just heard the entire album and I love it. Jimmy definitely came with the 🔥. Cannot wait to play this in my car.