John Williams - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


They left out one of the best tracks from the movie, won’t say because spoilers, but it includes a very upbeat version of the theme that is epic and a masterpiece... so the left it out.

Chance Marino

Love John Williams! This is the best way to end the saga! The new themes are amazing and the original themes mixed in make it such a heartwarming soundtrack.


I have been getting all of the John Williams Star Wars soundtracks since I was a kid with the Star Wars LP. I grew up on the OT soundtrack albums and was happy when the supplemental material was later published to fill out what was missing due to space constraints in those days. This album, in several instances, does not even contain the actual music that plays in the movie that it references. For example the "prologue" portion after the opening SW theme. The most obvious is "Journey to Exegol" when in glimpses sounds like it, but this was imo a standout piece of chase-like music with strings in the movie as Kylo Ren and similarly later when Rey goes to Exegol. Not the same music. Each Star Wars soundtrack has several pieces of unique music that are added with the new movie. Not really so with this one, although there are some nice variations to Rey's theme. In this album are a lot of regurgitaed old Emperor themes from ROTJ and the "finale" sounds like a compilation musical piece that touches on all major themes from OT and ST. I've never been disappointed in any of John Williams' SW soundtracks until this one; on the most part they are iconic, the guy is a composing legend. Just don't know what happened putting together this one and why some of the music is different than in the movie.

Fletch F. Fletch

Williams can always be counted on to deliver inspiring and affecting work and once again he comes through. The tragedy is his work on this trilogy is far better than the movies themselves deserve. It is with great irony that such unimaginative and poorly thought out mega budgeted cash cows are blessed with such wonderfully conceived and executed scores.


The sound mixing/editing in the movie is so bad and loud that you lose out on hearing most of this score, the title track in particular, which I adore. A real shame, as Williams work has always elevated Star Wars, whether it’s a good moment or a bad moment. But at least we have the album to listen to and imagine what could have been.


John Williams does not disappoint. Lots of old and some new themes.


The usual awesome John Williams!


Wlliams is a legend, obviously. No one disputes this. And there are some very good tracks here. But most of it's pretty average. And one track (The Speeder Chase) is actually bad. Nothing here rises to the level of The Spark from The Last Jedi soundtrack. This one's for SW and John Williams completists only.


I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I want to say my appreciation for Williams’ latest masterpiece, but I can’t find the words. All I can say is “Thank you. You have given me an amazing childhood. Thank you so much.”


Baby Frik says it all. Another great SW score from Mr Williams.

@[email protected] Thomas 0715677

A few of the most popular old tunes are weaved in to some of the new tracks, but they’re still great. As for the purely new tracks, many are quite good, in particular The Rise of Skywalker and Anthem of Evil. And, the movie was really good and the trilogy on a whole was pretty solid despite what all the haters say.


If this is his last soundtrack to compose, what a way to go. Easy 5 stars!


John Williams is the best dude ever . Rise of Skywalker s da best movie EVER YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT


JW was paining this one in. Everything new is dull, which fits for this trilogy.


Of course John Williams’ soundtracks are legendary. The Rise of Skywalker is no different. With its various callbacks to previous films in the saga, while adding beautiful new melodies and motifs one could hum to, this soundtrack may possibly the best out of the new trilogy for me. Rey’s theme and the motif for Kylo Ren are for sure standouts for the entire new movies, but Williams’ new theme (track three) is delightful. It has a very somber heroic and adventurous spirit. Overall this soundtrack is a worthy addition to the Star Wars score library as it is epic 5/5. Too bad people can’t actually enjoy the film he music is for. One thing hopefully can do it appreciate Williams’ last in a “galaxy far far away...”


John Williams is the best composer ever


I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but the music moved me & I want to see it. A shout out to the Hollywood musicians who recorded it!


This is without a doubt one of his very best works! I just cannot stop listening to it! Really great!! Moments of real musical magic! It’s up there with anything Mr Williams has done before!


words cant describe how awsome john williams work on the rise of skywalker. all i can say is thank you john williams for making the music of star wars epic and memorable

Darth Festivus

Williams ended the saga with a masterpiece! All the tracks are excellent! Just like the original trilogy, all the songs are great.


however you feel about the film itself, you cannot deny the strength of this score.


Beautiful score by John Williams... but so much missing. Come on, Disney, give us the opportunity to hear the complete score.

Couboi Jymm

The Rise Of Skywalker (the track) is my new favorite—it soars! To say this new album another masterpiece is an understatement. At a perfect addition to the Saga. Mr. Williams ends in a gorgeous flourish with Finale.


I am not disappointed today!!!!! Now that I have this one problem is solved!👍


The only constancy we got out of this epic saga. Thank you for making Star Wars the culturally impactful film voyage it is today and will forever go on to be.


Once again John Williams nails it! A fitting end for what he said would be the last Star Wars movie he will score. Thank you John for all these amazing songs over the years!


It amazing and I can’t stop listening to it


John Williams is as amazing as always! This score definitely felt more like the music from the original trilogy in a lot of ways, mixing in the awesome new themes with the classic old ones. Great movie too!


John Williams scores have always been consistantly GOOD throughtout all 9 films. Without Williams, there would be no Star Wars


Movie and music was fantastic, great ending to the saga.


Obviously John Williams is still a master composer and his Star Wars music is always a pleasure to listen to but this album, like the other two before it, suffer not from a lack of quality but from the director’s style of filmmaking. Williams just doesn’t have the time or material to write epic cues like those found in Empire or Return of the Jedi, and is stick with quick cuts to write what he can, which is good music but not nearly as sprawling and epic as the original films, or even the prequels. And, as usual, pieces are missing which is a real shame.

Korey O

Legit is amazing


I thought the movie was a thrilling, beautiful end to the Skywalker Saga, and once again Williams makes sure his score is one of the movie’s greatest assets. For over forty years we’ve known and loved themes from Star Wars, and I’ve absolutely loved all of the new themes he has made for this trilogy. What a beautiful score to enhance what is a stunning end to a saga. Thank you, John Williams, for so many decades of absolutely mesmerizing music.


Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant!

Film Score Nerd

Williams comes to play as always! The man is the greatest composer of our time and Star Wars is his Magnum Opus! Bravo Maestro!! Bravo!!


I have only heard the finale and after watching the movie opening night I have to get to full album. The five stars is just for the finale alone.


Too bad this production was not the score for a film that is worthy of it!

Etan Jevo

This is another solid entry from John Williams!


Love love love! He never disappoints!


John Williams does it again. Spectacular stuff in his last Star Wars score.

A confused user???

nothing new


This soundtrack is amazing, and proves just how adept john still is at doing these kind of movie scores. His "The Rise of Skywalker" theme is beautiful, and perfectly conveys the emotion and nastalgia of this being the final film in a franchise. Way to go, John Williams!!!


Thanks for an amazing conclusion to your musical story in Star Wars, John.


John Williams, master composer and creator of most of the most iconic soundtracks. All hail on your final masterpiece before your VERY well earned retirement. Your music has provided the soundtrack to our lives.


Riveting; sheer enchantment, two thumbs up and all stars !

Luke winer

This is soooo good 🚫🧢


John Williams 9th symphony is a joy. Thanks for so many years of great music!


Soundtrack is well worth the wait really enjoyed it .


Once again John Williams has brought us a soundtrack that tells the story for itself. There is a feeling of nostalgia hearing past themes, but Williams shows you can reuse a theme and bring it new life. A fitting end to the Skywalker saga.

Nickolas J. Carr

After 42 years of hard work best soundtrack from John williams

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