Johnny Cash - The Essential Johnny Cash

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Need some soulful music to get by. Thanks Johnny.


Johnny Cash is probably the greatest artist who ever lived. I have more songs from him than any other artist I know, and every song I listened to did not disappoint. he did not disappoint....I am glad he is a Christian....I hope he will still sing in heaven.

History person and something

I love these songs because of my grandpa but one problem....don’t bleep the man in black

❣️ Y'all Need Jesus ❣️

I grew up listening to this with my dad we had the best time ever


Jhonny cash is LEGEND. Period.



Rington song

Free when I got it

the wanderer2

A Boy Named Sue is censored with a loud bleep. Both unnecessary and ruins a great song, and ultimimately ruins the itunes version of this album.

Baseball man 1717


Fluffy pans

This artist is very inspirational to me I Love his voice


I love the song "Ring of Fire" because it is always played at my swim team meets and it puts me in a good mood :)

Prof. Charles Xavier

I sing this When I Crap


Start with this and end with this if you are checking out Johnny Cash. This album is definitive, every great song he did is on this.


The preview does not play the entire song: don't waste your $ on this song, its not the orig. VERY DISAPPOINTING!


Something went wrong while I was downloading JC's album-I was only able to successfully dl 5 out of 36, yet I was charged & paid for the entire album :( I was bummed! You see like JC my daddy was a "man in black" also, in fact he looked enough like JC that when I'm LA, Reno,Tahoe he would often be asked for his autograph, my daddy away in 2011...So listening to JC is a walk down memory lane for me (: I'm hoping someone from iTunes can make this right, by either me getting all 36 songs or a credit if that's not possible... Thank you in advance! CindiLou


The censorship is part of the original song when they were on the radio and all songs from that era were censored . A boy named sue is a recording of a live performance and then replayed on the radio. The censorship I think is just from the radio stations and not iTunes.


This is the only thing that gets me through my day


He spit some fire 🔥🔥🔥

Xavier Gunz

I bought this not knowing it was censored. Is there anyway I could return it? Johnny Cash or no one in general should be censored. It's unamerican


I love Johnny cash my family does too these songs I grew up know they are still the best ! My grandma use to be his #1 fan and has meet him multiple times he knows all the songs , my dad knows them all and I know most , get this album it's the best Johnny cash will forever live in my heart


It was a disappointment that it was censored but atleast iTunes had it


What monstrous ideology came up with censoring Johnny Cash?? I was going to plunk down the $$$ until I realized it was censored. iTunes idiots!! Who's the infallible parochial pontiff of Apple who withdrew the imprimatur from Johnny Cash recordings?

Giant cockles

To all of u guys who are giving this legendary album bad reviews because of censorship, i think you need a little history lesson. There was a time in music and television where respectable bands/singers and actors were not allowed to swear in fear of getting taken of the air. At one point in tv history it was considered vile and sinister if you kissed on tv. Honestly times have changed, please dont write negative reviews and make comparisons of music today and then.


Beyond amazing Cash...


Beyond amazing Cash...

The color of Heaven

I would have loved to not only meet Johnny Cash, but to sit down for a couple of hours and just here some of his stories, and maybe him plukin a couple of tunes for me. He believed in what he said, and for everything I've read about him, he was a very spiritual man, especially towards the end. We lost a good American Man when we lost Johnny Cash! Debbie/Fort Wayne,IN.

Niko Suchan

Anything that Johnny Cash ever put out was absolute gold and will remain classics. One of the best, if not the best album I have ever bought. From what I've noticed, only one song(A Boy Named Sue) is censored, which really isn't as big of a deal as everybody is making it. It's kinda weird hearing a loud beep in the middle of a song, but it only happens once and doesn't affect the overall song. Do yourself a favor and buy it.


I have been an avid fan of Johnny Cash for years and folk music in particular. I was very disappointed when I was "blocked" by censorship. Come on, this is folk gendre music or folk and other mixes that John did with other groups but nothing offensive to the point it needed to be censored. It ruined the song the album and most of all the spirit Johnny sings in. So what now? The music source I paid decides what's good for me?😔aside from that the music was well played (as is almost the case with Johnny Cash). One thing about Johnny Cash and his accompaniment they blend beautifully and the result is fabulous music that enriches the spirit and makes the sound Johnny plays goes a giant step beyond the norm. Aside from the censoring the music was as always great. When Johnny and June passed (within four months of one another). It was a great loss to the music world and to us.




When ever i hear ring of fire I just picture silent hill

Sparkfire Neys

It's the very worst crap to ever split out of a mans mouth. A tone deaf CAT could sing AND play an instrument better!


Best song that has ever even created


Ridiculous. I bought the entire album to be disappointed by the censorship.

The awsome lj

Me only me ha ha. K. Now please respect me and do our family's a favor.... Me I've seen enough for me


I was raised by the ways of Johnny Cash. Love this!!!


This just adds to my unwillingness to support the Apple store anymore. Censoring Johnny Cash likens to Nazi Germany burning books.


I am 11 and love jonny cash. I don't like all that other music like maronn 5. It calms me and i just love it and think that he is a musican that has no words to decride him.


Sunday morning coming down makes me tear up every time i hear it. Such a great song.

KyuzoGator's the fact that the album and song are not clearly marked as being a "Clean" or "Edited" version. Count me as another very disappointed person who bought "Boy Named Sue" and hated the long beep over a phrase that isn't hasn't been considered profanity for over 20 years.


All the complainers about "Boy Named Sue" being "censored" in this collection need to understand that most Cash compilations include the single radio release version of this song from 1969, which included the bleeps. The fact that you couldn't use those words on the radio in 1969 is part of music history too. If the bleeps really bug you, then buy the original "Live at San Quentin" album. That, or just relax and enjoy the great Johnny Cash!


iTunes needs to post things like "tracks have been censored" clearly. Feel a bit robbed and inclined to dispute charges.


Can you people read ? It says live version and from what I remember it was bleeped on that album too. Who needs to hear it anyway. Everybody already knows what he says when bleep. Do you really need to hear it?


iTunes, you owe me a pure, straight complete recording of this album. I thought I was buying the real deal and you "baited-and-switched" me. I am not happy.


I love my songs and u guys should to every body should know me cuz im johnny cash du


Me and my friend Freddy made a band in kindergarten and we sang the ring of fire and walk the line. He sounds so much like Johnny.GET THIS!!!!!!!! :D


It's a great album with his best songs. Why is everyone crying about a few words that aren't there? It's about his music and the passion he put into it. I agree with Charliebos1234, no reason to dislike it cause one swear word isn't there.


The description says there are 36 tracks on this dual cd album, but 10 of them are missing!! Any ideas on how to get all the tracks??


Best country music I've ever heard!!!!!!!! Rest in peace,Johnny. Your legend will live on.


i hate censored songs just as much as the next guy you cant censor johnny cash its like taking a dump on his grave you wouldnt do that would you? no unless if you were wierd or something

Alexander Lee

Good song, but the censorship really messes it up.

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