Josh Groban - Harmony

℗ 2020 Reprise Records.

Harmony Tracklist:


BA Sears

I dont like cover if other people songs....this album is a waste of time....i love jsh groban...but only when he does original stuff

سند. با

داریوش اقبا لی

Always Rhiannon

Although I like his other music better, you can’t deny Josh has a beautiful voice.


Josh could literally sing the phone book and I would be right there for the album. Yes these are covers but seriously who cares? The man can SING. The duet with Leslie Odom Jr is exactly all I hoped it would be. I'm just so happy that during this dumpster fire of a year we get a new Josh album. Absolutley beautiful!!

Andie's phone

Josh’s voice just melts a persons heart, the music is sensational as usual.


Just on his voice alone - still a delight to hear


Beautiful voice. Be original




Congratulations on this very uplifting album!


He is in quarantine and is still putting out music for us! Quit complaining that they are covers and not new songs! He is awesome !


Did it WAY better! This sounds dull


Just listening to the first two songs released and I know this album will be incredible! The kind of music we need to listen to in this unprecedented times. A voice of an angel....can’t wait for this albums complete release!!!


Can’t wait for the entire album! The duets with Leslie Odom and Sara Bareilles will be amazing! Sara and Josh are my favorite singers and they are covering one of my all time favorite songs “Both Sides Now” dont wait pre-order your copy now!

valley green

I agree. With others. It’s time for new original songs. Covers are nice. But not continuing

GM 1967

Josh Groban is like... warm honey, soft falling snow, a hug from your mama after a bad dream, he is the cream on the cup a mediorcy called the music business today.


I’m sure there will be one, and that the 3 or 4 extras will be totally worth the wait! It makes me nuts tho.. 🤪 Artists ALWAYS do this now. It really does cost more to grab the first release and then pay full for each of the rest.


A covers album is ok - only because of Josh Groban’s wonderful singing. An album of all news would be even better.


Josh has an amazing voice but always shines through the most when he tackles classics such as the ones he did on Stages. His version of The Impossible Dream is one of the very best versions I've ever heard in my life. He knocks it out of the park. Amazing.


Josh music is so beautiful I’ve been listing to him since 2003 he’s so talented I just love his voice he’s absolutely amazing wonderful song impossible dream is beautiful I can’t wait till the whole album is released wonderful a true masterpiece -Katie


Great voice and great man of GOD! I plan on buying the cd once it comes out!


Interesting choices


God thank you so much for allowing the world such a beautiful voice to listen to. “The Impossible Dream” is another gorgeous song by Josh Groban. Cannot get over how wonderful it is to listen to his voice. I find it so beautiful to hear his music. A must download. Cannot wait for the whole album.