Julie and the Phantoms Cast - Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1 (From the Netflix Original Series)

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Julie and the Phantoms: Season 1 (From the Netflix Original Series) Tracklist:


Unsaid Emily makes me tear up with every listen.😩😩


Kenny Ortega has done it again, discovering and nurturing the young talents featured in the well written and produced Netflix Original: Julie and the Phantoms. The actors can not only act but they can sing! Their enthusiasm comes across in the music. Totally worth a listen. You like Green Day - listen to Now or Never! You like John Mayer - listen to Unsaid Emily. You like Alicia Keys - Wake Up! Check it out. 🤘🏼👀⭐️


I can’t stop and I legit get goosebumps when I listen to them song I’m not even kidding this is the first time it’s everrrr happened to me and I didn’t even know it was possible! That’s how AMAZING The ARE!! And they make me cry too I get so emotional I feel how they feel when they sing and I can’t even believe it, all 4 are so talented I love them!!!


I love all the songs. ❤️ I’m playing them on repeat.


i didn’t expect much of the show and album but i was blown away, outstanding




Fantastic soundtrack. I can’t stop listening.


I love all the songs on this album. The number of times I’ve listened to it is way too high too count. Great show, and a wonderful soundtrack. Can’t wait to hear more!!!


Love this show can’t wait for season two music is so good


This show is the best I have watched in a long time, I binged watched it recommended to my friends and watched again! Kenny Ortega has a great gift of recognizing talent! I don’t buy music and I just had to buy this album ALL THE MUSIC IS AMAZING! Can’t wait for season 2!


Love love love the lyrics, the instrumentals, the feels!! Everything! So good.. can’t say that enough! Can’t wait for season 2!


I absolutely love this album soooo much!!!! Y’all did so awesome and I can’t wait for season two


literally the greatest show and songs ever❤️


The show was really amazing and the songs are very touching and inspiring ❤️


Loved all the songs from the show!


Wow What a incredible Show and the music is incredible ❤️🎼🎹🎸🎤🥁


Their voices are so unique and beautiful, the show is awesome and the music is amazing 💓 both the show and songs are on constant replay in my head! 💓💓💓

papaya 🌸

I was not expecting to enjoy this show or the music as much as I did but it is honestly so good!!




I really love this album of Julie and The Phantoms to play everyday on my ipod touch 6th. Also, I really love songs of Now or Never and also Perfect Harmony because Julie and Luke.

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All I can say... SOOOOOOOO good!

Evie Karabanoff

This soundtrack is absolutely amazing!! All the songs with the band are sooooo good! Charlie’s voice is so raw and emotional in Unsaid Emily I love it! Mads singing Wake Up is also ao crazy good. She has such an angelic voice and her range is so great! I love every song and I hope netflix puts out another season with more music!! The cast did such an amazing job and I hope they get to have more input on the songs and get to write the music themselves! Perfect Harmony was written by Charlie and Mads and it’s literally beautiful.


JATF is so addicting and so amazing and so are the cast!!!

HP50 reese

I’m obsessed with every song on this album! They seriously did a great job!


Absolutely beautiful there’s not one song in here that is bad.


Not ashamed to say I binge watched the show in one sitting... then downloaded the album immediately


Great show, wonderful music that is great for kids, teenagers, and adults.


I watched this show about 4 days ago and I’ve had this whole album on repeat since. This is the best soundtrack I’ve heard from a show in a really long time. Literally obsessed!!

using less redbox because of the app

These songs are the best!! Unsaid Emily is such a heartclenching song that just makes you want to ugly sob. A must watch show and a must listen album!! Can’t wait for season 2!!


I love it omg


The scene where Caleb appears in the garage and then teleports them to his club is a little sus and cringe 😬

mer mer the moffen

This is the best show I watching it with my friends and WE WHERE ALL CRYING ITS SO GOOD 😊! I NEED TO BE IN THIS SHOW AND IM ONLY 10 AND I JUST LOVE IT ! We did an active where we had to ship omg Luke and Julie have the cutest moments 💗 #juke


I think it’s so amazing and I think they should make three seasons of how good it is I mean who’s with me


Best soundtrack ever 💘


Amazing show and song!❤️


...you know it’s a great album/show. 🌺


These songs are so inspirational and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in creating this album. It truly is amazing and I can’t wait for season 2!!! Thank you again!!!!

Julianna Woods

I love the music and the show. I’ve watched the movie 2 times a day since it came out. I HIGHLY recommend this show. I wouldn’t recommend using this app to listen to the songs it’s better if you look the songs up on YouTube because it is FREE and on YouTube you don’t have to pay for the songs that you love.


One of the best albums I’ve heard from a tv series by far!! I can’t wait for season 2 (PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2)!! 💜👻💙



Sweetie Sweet Sweets

The music and the show are both addicting! I haven’t been able to get these songs out of my head since I’ve finished the episodes and have been playing it on repeat! Unsaid Emily was beautifully written. Some of the other songs have beautiful messages as well! Must listen to songs and a must watch show! Can’t wait to see what new music season 2 will bring!


Kenny Ortega said you you get more than a show, you get a whole band and I jive with that 😌


I have typed Julie and the Phantoms so many times it’s on my auto correct. I have also watched the show so many times my friends have threatened to take away my Netflix. If there isn’t a season 2 soon I’m going to go crazy. I love the show so much. All Love❤️❤️

fantom forever!!

This show is surprisingly EXTREMELY good!! I literally can’t stop watching it, way to go all of you amazing people!! #JUKE


The show was beautiful and the musicality and relatability of this music is unbelievably amazing. You feel everything your meant to feel and sometimes more! I pray for a season two so that we get more!!!


Love all the songs. Especially the Julie and the phantoms ones. I usually don’t buy a whole cd. But they are all so good.


so good


Best show


Their voices are amazing I love all of these songs they are incredible 😍😍😍


Freaking great music !! They are incredibly talented ! 😊 I loved this show and like anyone else that watched it , I want a season 2 already !!!! Also Maddie killed Wake up , I have that song and Unsaid Emily stuck in my head and on repeat everyday !! 💗💗

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