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Kaleidoscope - EP Tracklist:

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The album (kaleidoscope EP) contains a mixture of virtually everything Coldplay has ever made, and its great (although not the best) because they used stuff from the past while this was made only two years ago. I will rate the five songs from 1-10 •All I can think about is you(10/10) The album starts off with its best track “All I can think about is you.” And it goes back in time very deeply. The song starts off with a guitar and drums, then switches to some bass-lines, then back to guitar. Then the song becomes very calming with Martins vocals. And halfway in the song, it shifts to a more “rock” song and has a cut ending, which is a problem that “Birds” suffers with too. •Miracles(someone special)(9.5/10) This song came from the soundtrack for the movie “Unbroken”, but add Big Sean. The song is very good and encourages people to find their inner hero


Coldplay sould out and I don't like the new coldplay at all.


I used to rerally enjoy Coldplays intimate sound with heartfelt lyrics now they just sound like any other genric overproduced pop/indie band its a shame.

4S fan



I agree with many of the reviews of this EP and others where the chief complaint is that Coldplay have been too pop-ish, Maroon 5-like and synthotechish for my taste. I read where they were working with Brian Eno to broaden their sound and that may explain it. As a long-time fan I hope they are listening and will take what long-time fans are saying. I agree artists need to push their own boundaries, but I also think stay true to their core -- a lot of what's been lacking in the past few albums is guitar-driven ROCK and rhythm section. I like a few of these songs on the EP but a few are just not there for me. On “All I Can Think About Is You” we get some of that old Coldplay alternative rock sound, and “Aliens” has a great, dreamy multi-instrument sound similar to vintage Coldplay. Not too keen on the Big Sean collaboration, sound gap and clapping rhythm, but at least there is a guitar on this track, too. The final track is also one of those dream-like hypnotic ballads (?) that used to show up on an album once in awhile. It is growing on me but I’m not sure yet if I like it. Overall, it’s good to hear “new” Coldplay (yes, I bought it a year late -- on purpose). I hope they do some gigs with REAL alternative rockers and then collaborate with them. Would love to here how Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie or The Killers would sound together, or possibly Kings of Leon or The Black Keys. Any of those would be EPIC...leave the Beyonce and Big Sean collaboration days behind and embrace ROCK in the future.

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This album is amazing!!! Love all the music and how they sound! 😍😍😍 I highly recommend this album!!


This holds up against the material they've put out in recent years by becoming the sell out Dave Grohl of pop. Not a good thing.


Great Albulm, high quality sounding songs. My personal favorite is the song A.L.E.I.N, one my favorite song in this Albulm, excellenct work!

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reminds me of old coldplay i love them


I love early Coldplay, but their latest albums are steaming garbage.


Awesome ❤️❤️ Like always

Salmon Dinner

Can't wait to see them in concert.




Great sound. Sounds like old Coldplay.


Everyone at Coldplay continues to impress. I will agree, I'm not a big fan of Big Sean being on Miracles. But Coldplay changed with the times. If they stayed Clocks/Scientist/Yellow era, no one would hear from there. They kept with the changing times, and did a helluva job at that. Hats off to Chris and everyone there.


This song sounds like something off of Parachutes. What an amazing track... If you're a fan of the band's old sound, I strongly recommend giving this song a listen. :)


Amazing and blown away, as always. Thank you for being incredible, Coldplay. Happiness you brought me and millions of other fans is insurmountable and irreplaceable.


I've always been a fan of Coldplay since Paradise came out. When I first listened to Paradise, I thought it was the best. When Hymn For The Weekend came out, I listened to it every day. I first didn't really like the old Coldplay at first, but I listened to more of the old Coldplay songs, now I like them. When this album came out, Coldplay and Big Sean, that is litty.


I love Coldplay



Awesome af app

Endless musical beauty

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I recently purchased this song and upon playing it the song cuts out completely within the first 15 seconds then resumes then cuts out again then resumes and finishes out the rest of the playback. Has anybody else had this problem?

Home searcher.

Kinda felt like a bait and switch. The first song released "All I can think about is you", is the exact sound that I like and miss from older Coldplay days, sounded like they were going back to days of old so I bought the EP. The rest of the songs are meh. I don't really care for rap, and that was snuck into a song halfway through. I've been listening to Coldplay since about 2002 and have progressed with their changing sound, but just prefer the older stuff.

DeBois Family

Not sure what happen to these chaps, but whatever it is I hope they fix it. Not worth $6 bucks. Pass this one by.....


Simply pathetic give it up popplay


Its a decent EP, four stars at max but they lose a star cause The track Miracles is glitched. :(


really really good. Apart from the rap part on song 2, this is an excellent EP. Best that I've heard from them in a long time.

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5 songs? Disappointing.



Baba rice

I miss the old Coldplay, after X&Y and changing their Director it all went downhill, the new stuff is horrible, lyrics are terrible and it looks like they smoke a lot of weed and sing without meaning... all in all, it's just a band for carpool karaoke or for teens and fm radios... bring back the old Coldplay.....


The Coldplay from the previous decade came back. Hope there not working with other big artists for money. Either way still love you guys!

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I love it so much I'm so glad Coldplay is back to the music he usually makes rather than the pop music

Viva la Cp

All i can think about is you is one of the best coldplay songs ever made! It is flawless and brings out all of coldplay's best qualities. Also aliens shows how versatile the band is and is also an amazing song. Miracles 2 is also very good, also more subtle, and big sean's rap fits perfectly with its message. Overall this ep is is a mixture of both old and new that shows the band's capabilities as a whole.


I used to love Coldplay. X & Y is my fave album. What happened to them? 😥


Coldplay is my all time favorite band. It's pretty much indescribable what they can do, so when they announced a new EP so soon after AHFOD, I was excited. This is definitely not my favorite Coldplay album, it's a little different for me but "Hypnotized" gives a new vibe and "All I Can Think About You" takes me back to some of their older stuff. Any Coldplay album is worth buying so I would recommend this EP. Still gotta say "Ghost Stories" is my favorite though!


Ghostly));~.8(a ziggurat98).9


If this is their last work ever, we got to admit it's really good. It pretty much sums up their career. AICTAIY is pretty much Parachutes and AROBTTH. Aliens is Mylo Xyloto. Hypnotized is X&Y and little of VLVODAIF. Something just like this is pretty much a sequel to a sky full of stars. Miracles 2 is from a head full of dreams and X&Y. Kanye west said it himself. THEY'RE BETTER THAN THE BEATLES. He right!!!


This EP mixes the sounds of all their previous albums/eras and I'm loving it


soo good! they have moved away from the old sound, but there new sound is so much more full,

Killer 1

Better than 'Mylo Xyloto' ---much, much, MUCH, worse than 'Rush of Blood to the Head'. I just need to get used to the fact that Coldplay will never be that band again.

Fresh McNasty

I hope this is an indication of what is yet to come!


something just like this only song I liked


Yo this A L I E N S guitar music is killing me 😭😭😭


I was very excited for this EP and for the most part I was. I think the mix of their sounds throughout the EP took me off guard and it didn't seem consistent. I also now have to buy the normal version of Something Just Like This. When I pre-ordered, it never said it would be the Tokyo remix so now I bought a version of a song I don't want. This was my first and last pre-order


But stop collabing with the Chainsmokers


Good tracks


I am 67 years old, I love Coldplay and this new music from them has blown me right off the planet. This is outstanding musicianship!


Thanks yyxall tryingYuit I said us for us Craig r

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