Fleetwood Mac - Kiln House

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Kiln House Tracklist:


Exactly where is “Then Play On” the last album that Peter Green was part off and one of the best blues albums of it’s time...I have inquired about this years ago with no album appearance...Yes you have some early albums of Fleetwood Mac “Kiln House”, “Bare Trees” and “Mystery to Me” But have still not listed “future games”, “Penguin” and “Then Play On”...Looking forward to the listing of “Then Play On”...Come on ITunes....

The Knife 6

It's great to finally have these sets of the Fleetwood Mac early days especially if you like Danny Kirwan , this one , Future Games , and Bare Trees all that feature Kirwan are finally on here courtesy of Rhino entertainment, along with the post Kirwan , Bob Welch era , of the band . Hearing Station Man on here is incredible and Jeremy Spencer's last album with the band is also his best songs ever . BUT , and I Stress on this BUT!!! , where is " Then Play On ? The last album with Peter Green that rhino released on cd a couple of years ago with bonus tracks . And furthermore "BUT!!!" Where are the bonus tracks on here and the others like " Dragonfly" , "Purple Dancer" , and " Trinity" ?( which the latter would either be on Future Games or Bare Trees) . But it is nice to finally have these available for iTunes .