Sam Hunt - Kinfolks

An MCA Nashville Release; ℗ 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Kinfolks - Single Tracklist:

Jessica with Anderson

I love this song with its up beat. Brings back memories of my feelings for my boyfriend of many years.


This is amazing all though we might have had to wait five yrs but


To me he’s not a country artist not a fan at all

Luv Addict

Is the new album goi g to have a cover of Dierk Bentley’s “Drunk on a Plane”? Asking for a friend.

italian MAGA

True country talent!


Great formula, great song. Nice to hear some new songs coming from him. Hope a new album isn’t to far behind!


No soul. . U really need AA if u consider this country music. Btw how’s ur DUI going?

Jeep JKU

Great song


Sam Hunt has lost it. After a few initial hits he han't released anything good for years. His songs all sound very similar, and lack depth. Very disappointing. I also question his life choices driving twice the legal limit down the wrong side of the road. Could've killed someone.


Love this song called kinfolks great country music artist keep up the great work your doing and I can’t wait for the new album next I hope it’s just as great as this song keep up the great work your doing Sam Hunt and thanks the song Sam Hunt.


Get out of the country genre


Please stop making music


Thanks again Sam ; Such a real song about real people. Love you!


This song is legit


Another catchy pop song from Sam Hunt in my opinion. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but that's clearly not what he was aiming at. People need more of an original comment than, "That's not country." at this point. The county genre has been expanding for quite some time now, and I'm grateful it's giving an outlet to people that wouldn't have one otherwise in a world full of pop music with no instruments outside of the modern "country" genre.


Say it again, trash.

Me g n



How do you go away for 5 years and make a comeback with more of the same trailer trash music. Go back to playing weddings for friends that can’t afford actual talent! 🤮


I’m so happy Sam is putting out music again!




New Country good Country happy for the new single keep up the great work🙌🏻

9 Country

This is definitely one of my favorite songs that Sam Hunt has made. I like that it’s an upbeat country song.


First time it’s above average; tenth-plus time, really good.


Ummm...??? What’s this? Not country and the lyrics aren’t that great.

Stephen l.

I like this country sound better than the mainstream pop sounds


I listened to this song as soon as it came out thank you Mr. Hunt for this love it

Buggest fan

So happy he’s back




My yeehaw king 💕


Piss off, Sam Hunt


Even for pop country, this isn’t that good of a song. At least Sam’s last album, Montevello, had some decent, non-country songs. This just takes all the bad elements from those songs. Hopefully, the rest of his singles on his new album are different from “Kinfolks”.


Song sounds awesome! Welcome back Sam Hunt! It’s been so long!

Adam Fierce

Great sound! Love the vibe of this song! Perfect for the Autumn season and overall great tune. Hopefully this leads to an album this time.


Waiting forever for a new song from Sam Hunt! Love it!!


Some people will say “it’s not country” but you can call it whatever you want. It’s a great song

Go Yahoo



Back with another catchy crossover country jam! Love it!


It’s not horrible. But it sounds like a filler song on an album and not a single. It definitely would be the song I would skip on the album. Not catchy enough. Lyrics not creative enough. Doesn’t really pull on my heartstrings. It sounds like a less awesome version of “Raised on It.” I was hoping for a song with really deep lyrics I could really relate to or a super fun jammer. This is neither.


Sam thank you for the new music it is much appreciated!!

Whiskey Girl from the Mitten

YES. YES. YES. ALL THINGS RIGHT! Come to Sarasota, FL!




We missed you Sam. ❤️


He’s back! Same old sound which is what drew me and many others into him back in 2014! Excited for his second album!


i’m so excited for Sam Hunt to be back and I love this song!! I’m going to be listening to it pretty much all the time now!🤪