Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Sessions@AOL)

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Landslide ([email protected]) - Single Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I fell in love with this song at 19 when Fleetwood Mac released the album "The Dance;" The sound was so beautiful. Now, at 35, I've fallen in love with the song all over again: It's sound is just as hauntingly beautiful, however the words really hit home too. Long or short, every life has seasons, and this song reminds one of the simplicity of that idea.


This song brings me back to my first year in college. A lot of first's happened that year and this song always brings me back to that time in my life that you never want to forget. Love the acoustic version which rings true to that late 70's early 80's sound. Now at 54 I can still remember what 18 feels like.

Joe The Man 789

luv the sing


Im from brooklyn and mainly into hip hop ... to be honest i heard this song in a southpark episode and i had to find it ! This song is angelic , powerful and stirs up emotions and memories , not many songs can do that for me. Excellent.

Nicky Steves

Stevie Nicks makes me melt. Fabulous song. Smashing Pumpkins version???? That is a SCAM


Simply the best version of this song. Smashing Pumpkins is a close second.


As someone who loves to sing, I'm amazed at how effortless Steevee's voice sounds as she does this song. It's a hard, HARD song to sing and maintain the beauty. I agree with some that the "chicks" come closest to achieving what Stevie does with it. But, man, to hear the longing and disappointment in her voice when she sings this is incredible. It's an easy song to over-sing, as B. Corgan (Pumpkins) shows us. By the way, I sound like a lousy Vegas act by the time my tremelo-voice is done with it. Just wonderful to listen to on a cloudy day.


One of my all time favorite songs! But this version is the very best. Lots of heart and soul here - makes you feel the song.


what an awesome song!!!


Phenomenal, Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham made the group.... A classic hit


Classic song from Fleetwood Mac is performed acoustically. This brings out the beautiful voice of Stevie Nicks.


I love the acoustic rendition of Landslide. The vocals sound so pure and honest. The clean and clear guitar style of Lindsey Buckingham gives such a rich tone and balance to the vocal. It's simply wonderful music from the heart!


Understated, yet beautiful. A perfect blend of voice and melody.

Lil Jane

What more could you ask for? Stevie Nicks and acoustic....

melo jolie

Very good, one of my favorite songs from fleetwood mac. Everytime it is redone by them it keeps getting better and better.


Stevie. Lindsay. Acoustic guitar. Landslide. Ahhhhhhhhh!


The absolute best interpretation of this song ever recorded. Can only be better when seen live. Stevie's voice is not overpowered by any loud background music as it often is, and the purity of its subtle imperfections is amazing. I love this!

skiff to my lou

There's really not too much to say. Stevie Nicks has a great voice, which always shines. But, when you set her alone with an acoustic guitar playing in the background her voice may just rock you to sleep, or give you an orgasmic chill. She truely has a heavenly voice and this is one of her more beautiful songs.


This, of course, is a great song. I love this version, but for whatever reason I love Billy Corgan's cover even more. I suppose since I am a child of the late 1980's the Pumpkins have that effect on me. I'm writing this to pay respect to the genious behind this beautiful, haunting masterpiece; Stevie Nicks. Without her, Corgan would have never had the honor of doing the song. I encourage Fleetwood Mac fans to check out the Smashing Pumpkins version, just to get another musical mastermind's take on a gorgeous song. You won't be disappointed.


Great, as usual. The Dixie Chicks sang it well, but Stevie Nicks does it the best.


i have to say, this is a great song. I first heard it in the movie Jack Frost and then i heard the acoustic version here and HAD to get it. I suggest you all get this song since it's awesome


Excellent! Not to be missed by all Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fans! Fabulicious!

alex at ripcord.com

Someday she's going to knock on my door and ask me to marry her. Until then, I'll always have her music. ha ha! :) I sure hope that she doesn't give up her solo career because she never sounds any less than awesome. I loved the last couple of CDs and am really excited to hear whatever she does next. Oh, the door. gotta run!