Larry Fleet - Where I Find God

℗ 2020 Big Loud Records

Where I Find God - Single Tracklist:


I have a wish.....for everyone , I mean everyone, to hear this song - just sit and listen to Larry’s voice, the words, the meaning and let the song fill you with the most amazing feeling of true country music and just plain goodness. Thank you for this song.

Sister Budge

This song made me have chill bumps ( which I have always heard means what you are hearing is true) Debbie Brenner


Becoming a huge fan of Larry! This is my favorite by far! 🙏🏻


Great song in a tough time in america where we all need to find god a little more


Best song of the year.


This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. I just love the raw country sound of his voice and the message of this song.

The JJC!

Goosebumps man..............Amazing tune - Amazing voice!

Sarah 15

This artist is amazing !! If you like country and you love God this is a great song to listen to! His other songs are just as great !


Now I can listen to it on repeat without rewinding it on YouTube! Thank you!!!

Supershopper 18

Love the voice and the song. True country


My grandson sent this to me. I had tears when I heard him sing! Great words and love his voice!

Bear Hunt 55

Larry Fleet has an all round great song. Inspiring which we all need right now!