Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child

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Look Up Child Tracklist:


Don’t like Her Songs


her music is amazing and so good. it's different but not in a bad way. i love listening to her pour out her emotions and just give it all to God like you're supposed to. iconic. God really blessed her <3


Fake Christian music by a fake Christian. Go support Matthew West instead.


These beautiful songs have gotten me through depression. Lauren Daigle has a talent! Her voice is AMAZING and her words are POWERFUL!!💕

RT review

Are we pretending like this isn't a straight up Adele rip off?


Check out here review where she chooses fame over God.


Amazing voice! Very inspirational! Please listen to the words she’s singing and let God judge her personal life. Fish in your own pond!💕


Great singer , great messages in her songs. Love 'You Say", & "Rescue" is my fav!

Gospel Girl❤️💜

I love her so much she gets me through the toughest times.❤️


This album is soooo amazing👏🏼 and her lyrics are so true and uplifting! When I’m having a tough day her music gets me through

sarah burlinski

Way to go


“Rescue” and “You Say” are two of my favorite songs. She has a God-given talent! I appreciate listening to songs that are truly inspirational. We need light in this present darkness. Feed the “good” and starve the “evil” - refrain from listening, reading and watching negativity and you will feel, and live, much better!




Why is everyone doing this? She has Christian music, and I love it. Whyyy does everyone have to be so harsh in everything. It always seems that even if it was the best song in the world, flawless even, that there would be someone there to find SOMETHING wrong with it. WHO CARES IF SHE SOUNDS LIKE ADELE? Some people sound alike, ok??? She glorifies God. Will y’all stop with the haters already?? Plus there are some classic and old songs that don’t mention God but you can CLEARLY tell who. This is the same. JUST STOPPP


i love Lauren Daigle SO MUCH! she deserves so many more stars. an amazing christian singer<3

Scout said143 to ------😘

Ok,this is to HeyCanada,who left a hurtful review that really made me angry. Christian music doesn’t have to have no beat,or say Jesus a hundred times! She has to appeal to all audiences so they will also be interested in listening to it and be lead to the Lord,and I think she did a great job at that!!❤️❤️keep it up Lauren!!


Lauren Daigle is one of the best Christian singers in my opinion. I love this music and people are moved by it. My favorite three songs are Rescue, You Say, and Rolling Stones in the album. The first time I listened to You Say, I was in tears. If anyone is considering to buy this album or one of the songs then go by this is review because the music is amazing and she is amazing. Definitely buy!🔥🙏🔥❤️


I am not Christian. I mean technically I was baptized catholic and then went through communion as a Lutheran but like... nowadays I’m just not in to all that. I’m spiritual but like who knows what I believe in. An afterlife, for certain. However I don’t like to practice anything or attend Sunday services. In fact, usually something within this category of music would make me cringe and I’d be turned off right away. Lauren writes music from the heart, through faith... yet this faith speaks to all and really sends a positive and uplifting message, song to song. I don’t get a real Sunday-school-worship-service vibe, and that is uplifting and refreshing. This is pure music that can take you away from a lot of the dark and superficial music out there today. I promise you’ll enjoy. I gave it a try and I’m hooked now. :-) -M.R.


Don’t give any of these scumming people in here attention definitely the the people who are commenting saying they are Christians but are showing so much hate here🤦‍♂️


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3 stars is pushing it

My grandpa is the pastor at my small church and rn he has pancreatic cancer. When i first heard “Rescue” on the way to school one morning i forgot all about how Gods always going to be there for me! Thank you for your freaking awesome voice and songs!

dateline nerd

This is my favorite album by Lauren Daigle! It’s soooo up lifting!!!


Laura is a true gift from God. Her voice and lyrics are beautiful. Listening to her music makes me cry. She is a gift from you Lord. Thank you for allowing the world to be able to listen to this special gift you have given us. I cannot wait until her new music. A must for an Christian. What a fantastic Christian singer. Just listening to this album will blow you away and bring you closer to God as you listen to it.

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

Best of the world

Austin French lover❤️

I got to see her live last night in Paris and I was blown away! She is such a talented singer! I love her style, personality and most importantly her love for the Lord! Her songs are filled with such a true meaning! Each and every one spoke to my heart! I will tell you for sure that you will not regret taking time to listen to her music! It's 100%! Way to go Lauren!❤️❤️


Excellent, honest, truthful, beautiful! Thank you Lauren for being an instrument 💗


Been listening to this album since last year and it’s still trending number one on iTunes. It ministers to me in so many ways


This song speaks to my core. Thank you Lauren for allowing God to use your voice to deliver his truths!


Absolutely love her voice!!! You say is my favorite from this album!!!


Lauren Daigle never disappoints! The Lord sure blessed her with an amazing voice and in turn she blesses all of us by recording songs! Love her and her music.

Spencer 🙃

Gods not real


I can listen to every single song & enjoy it all. Her voice is rich & emotional & beautiful. God’s heart shines through the lyrics & melts my heart. I love this album!!


Lauren Daigle defines raw talent. Her voice is incredibly full and rich. Each song on this album is absolutley beautiful.

Lauren Daigle Fan:)

Lauren Daigle does an amazing job creating worship music!!


I love u ❤️

The Ragin' Asian

Good album...not great, but good


My favorite song on this album is You Say. I hope to hear more from Lauren.

Peeps Widow

I love her voice and lyrics with a Christian undertone. Her musical style is similar to Adele; however, the music is powerful on its own especially “You Say.” 💜💙❤️


I heard today on Fox News "You Say" broke new billboard charts records. Christian pop & hip-hop has been on an never ending rollercoaster. Great momentum heading into 2020.


Loving this immensely ❣️ Her voice is calm yet powerful and this album will help me start my days!


It’s a beautiful and comforting song that shows how much God loves us all that he should send an army to rescue one.


She is not a true Christian Artist. Matt West and Casting Crowns should be #1.


I love this album sooooooo much love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you so very much Lauren 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

summa lamma dumma lamma

Why is this album still on the charts,their is literally WAAAAAYYYYYT MORE BETTER ALBUMS then this one😑


Great depth and meaning. She has a gorgeous voice and a pure heart. So tired of the angry worlds trash. Thanks to God! Dana Bloxom


The passion in Her voice just shoots your heart straight to the heavens. Oh and those who are casting stones... how do you use the gift God gave you hummmm. Why don’t you put your version out there for the masses to cut down the gift God gave you, to the quick.


Her voice its amazing am really picky on the music but her voice its so nice and soft i really..don't buy a whole cd but i truly love it all.

Elizabeth 81

Lauren Daigle has been such an inspiration. Even without her music, she takes a stand for what she believes and has shown so many people that it’s not about religion and doing what people say are “right things” (even though its neutral); it’s about having faith and sticking to what the Bible says is true.


Love,love,love this album! She puts all she’s got into every song! Worth every penny!