Lee Brice - Lee Brice - EP

℗ 2008 Curb Records, Inc.

Lee Brice - EP Tracklist:


AMAZING. end of story.


I would recommend this album to anyone who truly loves Country Music! This guy has it all! He is an amazing singer/songwriter and has a wonderful personality too! I was lucky enough to see him live and all I can say is AMAZING! I was so glad Itunes had some of his music and I can't wait until his new album comes out!


Heard the song Love Like Crazy on the radio and wish it was on here.


I love him and all of his songs but where is "Love Like Crazy"!? That is my favorite!!


why doesn't itunes carry any more of his songs?? lee brice is amazing. i want to buy!


lee brice is simply a genius songwriter with a voice that hooks you the second you hear it. "she aint right" is my faveorite song of his yet, i know when he finishes the album i'll find a new one. keep em coming brice.


lee brice is my favorite modern day country musician. his new album set to be released fully in december is wonderfull music and great new sound you would be a fool not to buy this music.


Where is the song HAPPY ENDINGS?? ITUNES need to get this song ASAP!! It is such a great song!!


Lee Brice is an oustanding country star! Every song...i mean every one...on this album is excellent. He's very talented so let's spread the word about Brice to all country lovers we know!


I have seen this gentleman live twice and I keep waiting for more music to purchase. I give his EP as gifts because he is such an amazing song writer. He is turning out the hits for other country artists and I say it is his time! Come on Curb Records....release his full album all-stinkin-ready! Love him live, enjoy him recorded...you can't go wrong with Lee's music.

King Baby Buddha Nin

This is a Great Album. Lee Brice is a good singer. However the only thing that I have to say is that Garth Brooks did a better version of More Than A Memory. Lee Brice co-wrote the song but Garth still does a better version of it.


where can you find the whole cd? keep up the good work lee


I love lee all of his songs are very down to earth and very relatable i cant wait for his full albums!!!



Michael John Jacobs

Hey Tibsot, Lee wrote More Than A Memory, which, I believe gives him the right to record it.


iTunes has the song "Upper Middle Class White Trash" listed as "Upper Middle White Class White Trash". Has nobody else seen this? Apple needs to fix this.


man, this guy is amazing! i just saw him the other night in concert and he sang all of these songs!!! he's good on cd, radio, & in concert! best part is he's from around my town! i hope iTunes gets the rest of his cd!!


I heard him live and it was amazing!!! He is great with the crowd!!!! If you get the chance, go see him!!! Hope to hear more from him!

MI Country Fan

I want to hear more music from him. I already have "She Ain't Right", "Upper Middle Class White Trash", "Four on the Floor", and "More Than a Memory", but I want to have more of his music!!!


I'm just waiting for the sond Happy Endings....love it, need it, cant wait


I met Lee about a year ago. Hes super nice and a great singer! Cant wait for the album!!


I discovered him last year in October and have been waiting for him to come out with an album, he is PHON-OM-IN-AL and can I just say that more than a memory is all his FYI to those who enjoy criticizing people when they themselves know nothing... ALSO I have herd some of the other songs of his that I believe will be out on his c.d. and they are amazing can not wait love this guy!!!!


Lee Brice is amazing. He has been gifted with the voice and the writing skills. This artist is a great story teller. I see why Garth wanted to record his music.


I love the tune "Four on the Floor", brings back a lot of memories growing up in a small town.


I love love love this guy! Great Singer...Awesome Songs.! I love She Ain't Right. My husband heard it and told me bout this song....sayin it was just like he knew me...singing bout my crazy butt! Thanks for making my husband love me a lil more :)

backwoods gurl 11

hey Lee i live right down the street from you in sumter county SC !!! oh yeah get loud ! i just wanted to say hey and that i apsolutely love all your music. my two favorite songs are SUMTER COUNTY FRIDAY NIGHT and BEAUTIFUL YOU! but hey i wish the best of luck and have a great time in show biz and don't forget about all your sumter folks!

Mark Maestas

This guy is great one of the best i have heard in a wile.


Glad to finally see the EP from Lee!! He is an awesome performer & is the real deal!


the first song is funny but i want the non aqstic of more than a memory


need to put up all about the girl and miricales happen all the time


What more can I say that hasn't already been said here. Except I need to respond to an earlier review that said nobody should remake a Garth song. Fact is "More Than a Memory" IS a Lee Brice song. Yes Garth hit #1 with it last year, but Lee wrote it! If you ever get a chance to see Lee Brice live... do not hesitate. He is a dynamic live performer. His live version of "More Than a Memory" will BLOW YOU AWAY! Can't wait for the whole album.

ace of spades21

he's great and i would totally recommend listening to him


Lee Brice is a superstar! He has one of the best voices to come along in awhile...

90.5 foot triple wide

Awesome songs. Saw him in person and was one of the best shows I have seen. If he comes close to your town go see. Can't wait for the whole CD.

Vintage oXo

This guy has an amazing voice and very catchy tunes with some solid lyrics. I see a strong future ahead of him and I know I will be along for the ride!


Slowly but surely, collecting all of Lee's songs. Can't wait for the album. Heck.... been waiting so long I will buy 2. You rock Lee!


The Ep is great and I can't wait for his album to come out. If you get a chance to see him live it's so worth it. And he plays great golf too.


i bought the ep and like all the songs and am happy i bought it, but i can't give it five stars because i don't think any of garth's songs should be re-recorded or sang by anyone else--it doesn't sound right. i'm not taking anything away from lee brice but as i said garth songs should be left to garth


This stuff is awesome! Can' wait for the album to come out. Four On the Floor is so cool and UMCWT is hilarious....and More Than A Memory is just amazing!


Saw this guy at the Stout Pull in Charlotte.....Watch out Garth....He did the best version of "More than a Memory" that I have heard that night....Keep it going


I went to his website and listened to more of his songs in addition to these. They are all so great musically and they have great themes as well. I'm definitely going to buy his upcoming album!!!


Amazing live...so excited to finally see him on iTunes :)


Amazing and fresh!! Why haven't I heard of this guy before! I can't wait to hear more...bring it Lee!


Been listening to She Ain't Right for months...dying for a whole album to come out by him! He's got such an amazing voice...I could listen to him all day and night! Very happy to have 3 more great songs including one of my new favorites from Garth, which is amazing by him also!


this is worth buying, "four on the floor" makes it all worth it, it is a rocking song that you can dance to. Lee's version of "more than a memory" is a million times better than garth brook's. BUY THIS!!!!


Saw him open for Eric Church and he rocked the placed. Can't wait for more from him! Highly recommend!


Very talented and a great voice, Lee brings out the story in every song. Looking forward to the album!


I am not a HUGE country fan, but this guy is GREAT! I have been jamming this out in my car for 2 days now! Highly recommend, and can't wait to hear more from this artist!!!


It seems as though that every song that lee does just gets better and better. We need the whole album! Keep up the great work Lee.


I love LEE BRICE! he's songs are GREAT cant wait till the WHOLE cd comes out!