Liam Gallagher - Acoustic Sessions

℗ 2020 Warner Music UK Limited

Acoustic Sessions Tracklist:


Nicely played and beautifully sung. Great melodies. Liam nails it. It’s a shame Oasis hasn’t been able to reunite. Actually, it’s a shame Noel insists on his solo career.


Liam's voice shines throughout this acoustic set of songs both new and old, with "Cast No Shadow" proving to be a definite highlight vocal-wise. The inclusion of the BHN-era "Stand By Me" is a welcome surprise (made nicer still by Liam's willingness to trim away the original's drug-fueled excesses), but even more notable is the appearance of "Sad Song,” a normally Noel-sung track previously exclusive to the Japanese and Vinyl releases of Definitely Maybe. The song may not have been written for Liam, but he kills it nonetheless—one could make the argument that Liam's solo rendition is superior to the original Oasis version, but I imagine that'll vary from person to person. Overall, this is a nice little low-key release; while I don’t think I can recommend it to everyone (acoustic albums aren't for everyone, after all), I'd at least suggest you give this album's rendition of "Sad Song" a look.

andrew porras

Gotta love this acoustic album!! It’s so unique and very liam. It’s clean and crisp, there’s no raspy or growly voice! Amazing songs, all of them! It deserves more recognition. My favorites are sad song and stand by me!


Liam has proven with his solo work that he’s still got that voice - the voice that defined a generation. With this acoustic album he’s solidified that rock and roll and Liam Gallagher are going nowhere! He was, is and always will be a rock and roll star.


You are my fav Gallagher for today x