Lil Wayne - Funeral

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Funeral Tracklist:



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I do it, Mama Mia, and mahogany are good. But other then those songs the rest of the album is pretty bad.

Trust and Us



Lil Wayne will always be one of the best and I would LOVE for someone to show me any other artist out there who has verses like him, who uses such crazy, funny but smart comparisons/similes like him. He really thinks about his words & lyrics and that’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about Wayne. He puts it all into his music and always has. Can’t wait to see one of your shows someday!

Geoff 1

In my opinion I feel that Wayne started a new evolution of his musical style, a new Wayne era.


80% auto tune bruvvvvvv


Idk what u people talkin about “what’s all the hype bout Wayne??????” He is still goin, he is the 1 that changes tha game 💯 and does it so easy, he spits like a mf..... This album goes hard & right after carter v. YOUNG MONEY = What’s they not to love ❤️ he is a beast and he neva quits!!! Tune tha 🐐 fo sho and everyone love em #tunechiback #nomorecashmoney

Andre from Chi

This is the best, most unique music you have written so far. The way you put the raps together and how you go off the names on “ball hard “ is awesome, and the piano song with vid is dope. I really like how you keep recreating. I listen to you when I skateboard. Props from Andre

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This album is awesome.

Skittles Brando


J Nuski

This Ain It Wayne I Only Bump Dat song wit you lil baby & big sean you got potential but i wasnt feeling this


Where is the real Wayne this guy Trash 🗑 🌊


Don't listen to mediocre D grade level lyricists like Wayne, go listen to rappers like K-Rino instead of this clown. K-Rino is one of the few underground rappers who still consistently puts out new music and is still as good as he was in his prime, if not better.


This album isn’t his best it goes hard


Word play & master of lyricism continues to be his focus. This takes so many times to listen to to catch everything

Chicly Soigné

Love the whole album. I have NOLA love for Wayne from back in the day when he was a Hot Boy; when I use to be on the lake dancing in the back of pick-up trucks, getting grabbed inappropriately on Bourbon street, Driving down the city streets of New Orleans blasting “I Need a Hot Girl”, and hopping on the backs of bikes with guys I just met burning rubber down Claiborne. I see your growth. You are a true poet of American Pop Culture.


The best album


So, tha carter 5, sounded like lazy work, it didnt have “Tha Carter” feel, this, had no feel at all, he sounds like hes dead, and had lung issues or something, but hey, you can always resort to “Tha Carter 4”


Marry me


If Tune too simple, you don’t get the basics. If you don’t like these songs, listen to the other 3000+ he has.... 🐐


Fire 🔥🔥


different from his last projects. I can respect the growth. I like the range and creativity no matter what. HEAVILY respected. Greatest Rapper ALive. #NitroseApproves


Rather listen Chris Brown or Dr Dre definitely 2Pac just retired for goodness sake ain’t got flow just garbage ugh 😑



lucid negativity

🔥That’s just what he do🔥


Track 19 ... the whole joint.... but 2:06 forward ... just stop... realest sh#t you ever heard word to PAC God rest ... hip hop has changed but if you truly want the real do your research from mixtapes to albums ... Thank You !!!! Dedication to the best rapper alive!!! Tunch Me !


I feel that this album is appropriately titlled, all beit derivative of Eminems album title. This album may very well be his Funeral.


to hear old Weezy in a combination of what he’s learned over the years 🤯🤯🤯🤭”Snapped” would be a understatement. Wayne gotta song literally for everybody 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽glad to see the ball back rolling


Never mind is my song n all other Songz go ham by tunechi!


Honestly, this album was kind of bland and weak compared to his other albums. Mama Mia was the highlight of the album, while most of the songs on the album fall short and don’t get back up. Final Score: 1.5/5

Pimp Joseph



Lil Wayne continues to prove he is one of the most lyrically talented artists of the century. While his voice may not be what it used to, he finds a way to make good tracks on this album without overusing auto tune.


Soon I seen it, I brought the album.


If you rate it any less you just don’t hear the lyrics 🤞🏾🙌🏾🌟


awesome album!

jojo saiw

Do more songs with big Sean you guys together are da the best together


I think this is one of his best albums yet


Classic of his best, this dude birth Post Malone, Migos, Travis Scott, Xxx, Juice World...oh, not to mention Kayne made a complete album using auto tune after Wayne made Lollipop...🔥🔥🔥🔥


Keep makin them fire albums weezyyyyy



Jmans review ;)

This just feels like a carry over... easy effort doesn’t really have that less is more vibe that I appreciate most. But I appreciate any art from wayne as every little song sparks many artists direction.


If you can overlook the bad songs on this album you’ll be able to appreciate the great songs on this. Mahogany, Not me, and Line Em Up are classic goat Wayne

Lil Blazer money

Lil Wayne 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥




Mahogany is the banger on this album.


Best Rapper Alive No Competition Wayne makes the Rap world stand still when he drops anything lol Thank you Mr Carter you the man


When I first went through the album I didn’t really care for it, but then I came back later on and sampled each song. At least half the album is so freakin good. Weezy is a LYRICAL GENIUS! I can’t stop listening to the songs I downloaded.


I’ll pass


Had a lot of bangers.


So only 6 songs really had the witty Wayne lyrics paired with good beats. The other songs were so generic that I was disappointed. I know Waynes been a fan of auto tune for a while, but some of these songs would be 1000 times better without it. A perfect example is “Dreams.”

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