LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory

℗ 2000 Warner Records Inc.

Hybrid Theory Tracklist:

queen of dopeville101

Crawling is a vine :3


I LOVE this album


Hands down the greatest Linkin Park album. Had it on cassette when I was little haha. This is also one of the best albums of all time. From the first track to the last, every song is phenomenal.


Love this album so much every song is great and the instruments are great to


I love this band. Have loved them for years and years since I was little. This album had the first songs I’ve ever heard from them and is an absolute masterpiece.

The orginal Wordawg

This is an influential album, Hybrid Theory is the perfect name for a album infused with rock, rap, with some of the best written lyrics performed with passion. Every song on this album is high powered rush. This album got me through my deployment. Great piece of art.


Will go down in history

Trust and Us



We get it You’re only hating on this album because you’re jealous that this album hit platinum. While you’re writing bubble gum country on your acoustic guitars with almost no talent.


Cool classic album R.I.P Chester Bennington


I remember when this song came out and this was the most use song for AMV=anime music videos this was yearsss ago youtube was just getting started and this anime naruto was out they use this song when he fought sasuke at the final vally


Linkin park: 10000000000000000 times better than other bands!!! Place for my head is actually better as the Amp version in Reanimation when they remake all their songs!! By myself is my ultimate favorite, even know Burn it Down is a whole lot better. Most of their music is in movie’s like Transformers or Little Nicky. I LOVE YOUR GUYS MUSIC!! ROCK ON LINKIN PARK!! Random Reviewer Oof


One of the dopest albums out there. RIP Chester Bennington.


This album came out when I was in high school. Still listening today

you dont loke gamea

One of the best albums love LINKIN park rhraaaaaa


Classic album


praise this guy because he killed him self, he wasn’t even relevant anymore until he took the easy way out.😒


I heard such great things about Linkin Park for years without ever listening. Have to say, I’m pretty disappointed. The instrumentals are well done and the music all sounds pretty good, but, seriously, people have got to be kidding when they say his voice is so good and unique. I mean, yeah, it’s above average but not any better than plenty of other artists. The reason I finally checked LP out is because of a cover band called Wretches and Kings (one of the vocalists is from a band I’m a fan of, Righteous Vendetta) and their voices are just as good. In some cases I like them better.



Quarter 120

Cuz it is


I really wish today’s music had more rock. With all the “revolutions” to electro-pop, modern music is (mostly) trash. This album is part of the last years real music was mainstream. And I’m eternally grateful.


Why dam**t?!? I lived for this band. And then he did that.


Hybrid Theory is Linkin Park’s original sound. Many people worship this album like God, and it’s not hard to see why. Not my favorite, but very good nonetheless. My favorite songs are One Step Closer, A Place For My Head, and Forgotten. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into Nu Metal.


Linkin Park Is just straight Up awesome to Begin with And I can listen to every Song in this album


This review is 18.5 years past due. My favorite album ever. Even over any Metallica offering, which is hard to write. RIP Chester, you are an ICON.

Mayan playa

Hi I have


Great album


I hate how Chester is gone but if I could still meet him I would tell him and the rest of the band that this is the best album that they have ever produced.

The Crescent Music Reviews

The first of LPs albums is definitely one of the best, and it’s a nicely flowing album. Here are my reviews for each song: 1. Papercut 9/10 It’s a very nice intro to the album and it displays a palate of LPs skills. 2. One Step Closer 8.5/10 It’s good to scream with if you’re angry. 3. With You 10/10 I personally love this song even though it’s less popular. 4. Points of Authority 8/10 Nice memorable tune. 5. Crawling 9.5/10 Brilliant. 6. Runaway 7/10 Slightly repetitive. 7. By Myself 9/10 Different sound effects. 8. In The End 8.5/10 One of the most popular LP songs but I enjoy other songs on the album more. 9. A Place For My Head 10/10 Great mix of rap and rock. 10. Forgotten 8/10 Nice start but sounds to familiar to other rock songs after. 11. Cure For The Itch 9.5/10 Something different and a creative instrumental. 12. Pushing Me Away 9.5/10 A great finish for this album. Other Thoughts: I wish this album had an intro like some of the others. Overall, I have loved listening to this and won’t stop soon!


Rip Chester I love this album


R.I.P Chester Bennington!


linkin park hybrid theory an awesome an albums

Cersei's Koont

This album was my introduction into heavier music. My parents and neighbors can thank LP for my metalhead tendency’s.

Mr. Battle Bro Gamer

Awesome songs!


by the best band ❤️


My first album I ever bought. Here I am 20 years later, and it’s still my favorite. Linkin Park killin it

Pass? No..Rebound

Amazing album. One of Linkin Park’s best. I recommend it to anyone who likes Linkin Park. Here’s my ratings for each song Papercut (9/10) One Step Closer (10/10) With You (8/10) Points of Authority (10/10) Crawling (9/10) Runaway (9/10) By Myself (10/10) In The End (8/10) A Place For My Head (10/10) Forgotten (10/10) Cure For The Itch (6/10) Pushing Me Away (10/10) My December (9/10) High Voltage (7/10) My opinion.


This along with Meteora are in my opinion, Linkin Park’s best albums. They’ve aged very well and will probably still be played decades from now. If you want to get into this type of music, or Linkin Park as a band, I think this album would be a good place to start.


Forever my favorite RIP

crazy for billy idol

This was my band when I was younger I love Chester Bennington I had a crush on him to bad he left us so soon I loved him it devastated me that he killed him self Chester Bennington will be missed forever I love you Chester rip ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️


Love this album, hate the price change.... should have bought it sooner....

dark metora

This is the best my mom went to the concert Dear chester: You broke my heart but your legend will live on thankyou for givinh me potential to stand up to other pepole you inspired me to do many things and i really wanted to go to only one concert and work my life to go to only one so here lies my message and thanks for the inspiration.


This album is off the chain


Even in 2017 after cheaters death 💀 IT IS THE BEST ABlim I've heard


Chester’s vocals on this album are just wicked, the guitars are raw. By far their best album.


This is my fave band sooooo 5 stars!!!


I won’t buy this cd unless it’s $7.99 again I don’t understand why they would raise the price on such and old cd 😡


Right in the childhood.

Music Album of LINKIN PARK:

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Heavy feat. Kiiara [Disero Remix] - Single (2017)
Heavy (feat. Kiiara) [Nicky Romero Remix] - Single
Heavy feat. Kiiara [Nicky Romero Remix] - Single (2017)
Darker Than Blood (feat. LINKIN PARK) [Remixes] - EP
Darker Than Blood feat. LINKIN PARK [Remixes] - EP (2015)