Little Big Town - The Road to Here

℗ 2005 Little Big Town LLC

The Road to Here Tracklist:


I was never a fan of country music. Sure I'd like a song here or there but I was new age, folk, Jimmy Buffet and Jim Morris (not Morrison). I spent 3 weeks working on a consulting assignment in Austin it's at least 90% of what I listen to; the only station my car radio is set to. This is the first album I've ever purchased based on one song, Boondocks, and ended up loving every song on the album.


Boondocks is a really good song. Nice Job LBT


From top to bottom, there are no others that can touch this one. They are the most underrated country artists/groups today and the harmonies are well worth the price anyways. Boondocks is one of the best 21st century country songs. There aren't just upbeat songs on here, they slow things down with Bring It On Home and Lost that are just as moving. Do yourself a favor and buy one of the best country CDs that I own. It is up there with Garth at his height.


One of Little Big Town's best albums from beginning to end. Their harmonies are fantastic.