Little Big Town - Nightfall

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2019 Little Big Town, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Nightfall Tracklist:


Kinda country ABBA?? Wellll alittle bit.


Once upon a time, Little Big Town was one of my favorite country groups. Then they released Wine, Beer, Whiskey. So now we’re gonna glorify drinking your problems away? Real great message. LBT lost all of my respect when they released this song.


theme song. Not even funny.


Love every song on here!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❌⭕️❌⭕️

Trust and Us



Love this album!


Beautifully crafted and sounding album. Love the vocals and harmonies


Beautiful album. Every song on it a classic. Best music I’ve heard in years. Thank you, LBT.


Haters gonna hate. LBT sounds awesome, as always. Could listen to Next to You on repeat for days... Solid album.


Love this album!🌌


The album in its entirety is very good and well-balanced. Please listen to every song.

katie m35

Their voices blend so well and o love the contemplative vibe of this album. Just beautiful.


This is a very romantic, emotional and sometimes gospel-infused album with some good ol’ country and fun mixed in too. No, it doesn’t sound like Boondocks or Pontoon but their sound has been evolving since those hits 10-15 years ago and they do give us Over Drinking and the super fun Wine, Beer, Whiskey. I love listening to this album from beginning to end.

Rich PBurg

Great Album with lots of emotion. Concert at the Met in Philadelphia has dramatic light show which adds to the feelings in the music. Cudos to the sound tech and video director.


Not sure what people expect. This is one Great sounding album from start to finish. Just because it's mellow or don't sound like their other albums does not make it trash. Try letting your guard down and showing some emotion.


The lyrics, the production, THE VOCALS . . . ALL PERFECTION!!! LBT continue to outdo themselves! BRAVO!!! 🤩❤️🤩


This album is mostly about depresion and struggles. The songs are way too slow and there is nothing to get up and dance too like their previous albums. Yea, the vocals are good and all but I kept fighting to stay awake listening to this album. Cmon, you're a young group not a bunch of old farts.


Pretty emotional songs and lyrics here. Listen to this with headphones by yourself and be prepared to tear up on a few of these.


This album put me under its spell!!


It may not be chock full of anthems and “wooooo!” songs like other albums but this is the LBT album a lot of folks probably needed. (I know I did.) Ethereal, introspective, all about heartbreak, the past, empathy, longing, and struggle...all of those emotions and realties that so many feel at the other end of the emotional spectrum. That being said (written) though, it’s not a sappy ballad-heavy product, but each song shows depth, complexity, and exploration of thoughts that make it more than just a bunch of slower songs. It really makes you think and that opens the door to make you feel much more deeply and appreciate the songs. And hell, I’m still beltin’ it out and singing right along with each lyric. Who says songs that aren’t up-tempo can’t be “anthems,” too? Thank you, LBT...bravo!


I haven’t purchased this album yet...but I definitely will be! I listened to all of the songs & I wasn’t disappointed with any of them! Usually little big town is a hit or miss with me & this album is definitely a hit!!! Love it!!


Any LBT fan will be thrilled with this Album, some great songs and some ok, but overall a good buy


Worst little big Town music I have ever heard.Almost every song sounds the same.It sounds like they handed a depressed person a microphone.


I think I can count on one hand the number of iTunes reviews I’ve written. This album compelled me to write one. It is so incredibly good! A true masterpiece. By far the best album of Little Big Town’s career! Every song is good! There are flavors of Fleetwood Mac on a song or two. A little Joe Cocker feel on one. Pure country on a few! And Beautiful vocals on each song! I can’t recommend this highly enough! Absolutely love it!!!


Once again another incredible gift from this extremely tallented band! Yes it's different than their other work, but it shows the depth of their talent! At the core of each song, , it's true LBT with the harmony and thought provoking lyrics. Can't wait to hear these songs live! GREAT JOB LBT!!!


Every song on this album is a hit!! Love this album!❤️

California Classic Car

How did you know I needed this ? Many Thanks


This album is LBT’s best. The lyrics and feelings are above all else. Kudos LBT - this is a masterpiece!


Это че за Балаган -лимитед? 😂😂😂


Great album! The vocals from this group never disappoints. Questions is the standout on the album, but it’s a hard call with so many great songs to choose from. Forever and a Night and Next to You are also top of my list. Even Wine, Beer, and Whisky, is a fun and creative take on a typical drinking song we have all heard 100 times.


But “The Daughters” is stupid though. No offense.

minnie swirl

Nightfall is an exquisite collection of rich, full bodied songs. The lush production is stellar. This is Little Big Town’s best album and it is an instant classic. The album starts with the soaring Next to You and never descends through the next 12 tracks. It’s hard to pick a favorite which is why it should be listened to from start to finish.


Everyone has a different story and experience. I saw Nightfall performed in NYC during the record release party at Carnegie Hall. Each song is the voice of a different person or couple. Some people are celebrating boisteriously in bar, some people are relfecting on a personal hell, some are reflecting on how much the love and celebrate the other. Some songs celebrate the uncelebrated. I think it is excellent. What ablums used to be. Enjoy!


It’s so rare that I would purchase an entire album...but EVERY song is musical genius! Congratulations Little Big Town...this album is CMA, AMA, CMT, ACM, & Grammy worthy, and WIN for Country Music!


All around solid album. I’m loving it...!! Can hardly wait to see LBT live in Charleston, South Carolina.


LBT should be credited with creating a new contemporary country. Beautifully crafted, thoughtful, deep music that goes way beyond anything else out there. Bravo!


Depressing album

Kelly meeks

I don’t get the direction they are going. I’ll pass on the purchase


I’ve followed these guys since their first album. Big fan. In my opinion, this could use more grooves and less technology. Their vocals are perfect, as always, but it needs to be more fun. Too many dark ballads. Just my opinion.


Their harmonies are the best! Love that they produced this themselves! Amazingly talented people!!❤️❤️


They are the greatest band together!!! their music eases my mind, soothes my soul, and brings peace to my mind. I love them!!!!!!!

[email protected]

I really like it. It’s not like any ordinary album it’s pretty good.


The perfect way to start 2020. Bravo ladies and gents!


The harmonies on this record give me the chills and gave me the feels! “Questions” is my favorite song on the record besides the singles “Sugar Coat” & “Daughters”. Karen Fairchild is a god. The end.


This album is magical. That’s the best way to describe it. It’s an artistic experience of life’s ups and downs. Well done LBT!!


I love this song, I can’t wait to hear more upbeat

texas chainsaw addict

There music is always amazing


This is really good and I preordered it


I love the storytelling songs like “Sugar Coat.” I love the country vibe in “Over Drinking.” They are different from the same boring songs you hear from the male dominated country radio. I pre-ordered this album and I hope you guys too. Please give this album a listen when it is released.


I love LBT, but this vibe is so different than the original stuff. I don’t know how I feel about the new stuff.