Fleetwood Mac - Live In Boston

℗ 2004 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

Live In Boston Tracklist:

Trust and Us



This is Fleetwood Mac at their best. Why not the whole concert though?

nick trap

I love the live Stand Back on this live album. Good job Fleetwood Mac! The whole concert has about 20 to 30 songs but these 10 separate are the best!

Jewels in Tune

Love their live versions. Always have. Stevie was fabulous back in the 80's when she solo'd with Bella Donna, Wild Heart - great writing. Despite her "party days" she always managed to keep a solo career, the band participation and her duets that were a part of her own touring were great too! (With Kenny Loggins; Don Henley and Tom Petty). But the ultimate is way, way back; hard to find these days is "BUCKINGHAM & NICKS" - Lindsey and Stevie young and debuting - fabulous stuff. This album is what caught the attention of the threesome FM; they invited the duo in and the band was formed. Rest is history.


Was watching the concert on TV and was disappointed that not all of the songs from the concert made it to the album. They sound good and Lindsey's guitar playing is outstanding but I wish Christie was there. I agree that "The Dance" is a better "live" version but I'm sure they cut some of those songs too! Still all in all they are still Fleetwood Mac!


Disappointing performance from tired and aging rockers. Sorry but it's true ("and I'm getting older too"!). Mick and John are almost as tight as they ever were but Stevie and Lindsey are noticably off the mark. And without Christine's heavenly chorus and bluesy chords they are a shadow of their former selves. If maturing as a performer means subjecting fans to songs that no longer work because they can no longer be played then please performers either never grow up or bring some new magic to the arena. The newer Stevie and Lindsey material is fantastic, but if you want to hear classic Mac live stick with the mindblowing Live '80 album or go to any number of online sources for unpublished performances. There's nothing on this album for me to come back to.


Stevie will always have that nasal sound. Too bad coke burned it out. She should have done an episode of Nip Tuck


Not quite as good as the dance, but it was a great album, and the live version of stand back was incredicble! I just wish the would have put more songs on here.

Sweet Darlin

The only thing better than listening to this album is watching it. I saw the concert on TV and have gone to every Mac, Buckingham, and Nicks concert since. They are fabulous live, never miss a beat and every song drips with energy and passion. For those of you who already have the recorded versions, the live songs are just as good, but have more edge, emotion and aggression. "Come" is a good depiction of this. It's an amazing new song, and a must have.


This album shows Mick Fleetwoods true prowess on the drums. On Stand Back he does an incredible drum solo that is mind blowing. Only a top drummer who has made a study of drums, their use in different cultures, and with his experience could come up with this. Really inspiring!

music critics who kno good music

i watched this concert on TV a few months ago, and it was so amazing i stayed up until one in the morning wednesday night (or i guess thursday morning) to watch it again. even at 61 stevie nicks has got the best voice on this entire planet, and lindsey is right up there on my list of best guitar players ever. i want to see them live so bad that it physically hurts! Fleetwood Mac is the best!


This album is okay; but it's nothing compared to their 1997 live album, The Dance. One key element is missing: Christine McVie. Seven of the ten songs featured here also appear on The Dance. So, if you already own The Dance, don't bother with this album. The magic and beauty of these seven songs are captured better on The Dance.


I think that the live version of Rhiannon is far better than the studio one.


I was going to buy a song, but the prices are higher and the songs together come out more expensive than the album in full...no thanks, I will go buy it at Virgin music.


No matter where or how, they are great! I know there are nit picky things that some can say against that statement. And to let rockinrico in on a little secret, this band has been in the business since the mid to late 1960s so they are matured well beyond your years, and I don't mean that to sound disrespectful of your nice review, or of you, but after 40 years in the music business they had darn well better have matured long before now. The only beef I have with the band now is that it is missing one piece of the pie that was there since before the days of Buckingham-Nicks, and that is Christine Mcvie. Now I know the story is she does not want to go thru the tortures of tours anymore, but studio work would be sufficient to give the groups albums that special somethin missin since she left. Then even if she did not tour it with them, someone else could sing the new songs she wrote or played on. Christine was a drivin force with this band that really kept it goin -especially in the years after Mirage when Lindsey left for a while, when she saw it thru with the Time album (one to check out). No matter where or when though, when it comes right down to it,when you strip away all the fancies and explanations and personel changes-even thru to the core the Mac is always tasty.


The live version of Stand Back on this is phenomenal


This CD shows why Lindsey is one of the greatest guitarists in the world of rock. Come and I'm So Afraid feature amazing solos. The only disappointment as they excluded Beautiful Child from the list of songs played that night. That's why it only gets a 4 star.


This is great - if not just for Eyes of the World. This band is absolutely amazing.


How DARE you say that Stevie can't hit the high notes anymore! Clearly you aren't a fan and haven't seen her live before. *eye roll* She was still going through a slight bit of drug problems then, but she has recovered from it now. I agree, I'm afraid of live albums too, as they're never as good as a real concert, and though this album doesn't quite live up to "The Dance" it's really a very good try! BUY IT. :DDDD


I was actually there and was amazed at how they performed and it comes across perfectly on the DVD/CD. This is the best live album I have ever heard, period.


Probably seeing this concert twice during this tour clouds my judgement but I really prefer the energy of the live presentation to the studio versions just because I was there. Listen to "Tusk" on the "Tusk" CD cersus either "Live in Boston" or "The Dance". Flat to me by comparison. Never saw them in there early days live, but I liked this ALOT. To each his/her own. Enjoy!


...of live albums that I only bought the one song, but what a song it is! Heard Lindsey Buckingham do "I'm So Afraid" in Hampton NH the other night and went out looking for it, and iTunes didn't let me down. This 9+ minute monster is an epic and sounded a lot like Lindsey's solo version... in other wods, AWESOME. The other tracks, based on the snippets, not so much.

Benjamin Jacob

These are good songs, but I prefer studio recordings to live albums. If you want something REALLY good to listen to, I recommend buying the original studio recordings of these songs. They're from the albums "Fleetwood Mac," "Rumours," "Mirage," "Tango In The Night," "Say You Will," and "Timespace: The Best Of Stevie Nicks"