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Just bought this album today and I love love love it! Love these guys!


LoCash Cowboys are great!! My favorite by far!

Bell In MN

Wow...the people bashing these guys are the same goofballs who came out and bashed Kid Rock when he hit the scene int he 90s...couldn't recognize talent if it them on the head...so much more than country and a fun party band to boot. Saw these guys live and to those who say "autotune this..." and "studio that..." are discrediting the music they supposedly love...these two brothers have spent the last 5 yrs writing for the big boys in Nashville and are finally getting their own album...they don't disapoint and bring the party!


Saw these guys at fun n sun fest @ coachman park clearwater FL last weekend and saw them this past Friday at the Roundup in Tampa. They are a fun group of guys there music is awesome as their range hits all generations. My favorite is Bounce. If they come to your town see them it is so worth it! Luv LoCash Cowboys! See my videos on FB.


So I saw them this past weekened at runaway country and assumed they were just like colt ford! I was wrong! I am now in love with them and listen to there songs constantly. Little miss crazy hot is my new fav song! Anyway I just really wanna say you can't judge these two or any artist really until you see them live in concert I give them 5 stars and would rather seem them than Toby Keith anyday! They are great performers and can't wait to see them again!


These guy's are a******s in person.


I've been a fan of these guys since I first saw them live in 2006. Their live shows are UNBELIEVABLE and a MUST SEE. I've been waiting for this album ever since and it was well worth it! They are incredible song writers that know how to tug at the heart strings (as seen best on Best Seat in the House) but also have a ton of fun with songs like Hey Hey Hey and C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. Some people may criticize that this isn't "country" but I disagree. It's real music, written about real life, by real people. If you meet these guys you'll see there aren't many people out there more down to earth, true to themselves, and overall just good genuine people. Buy this album. You won't be disappointed!


These guys make some very good country!

Dana KCKs

Awesome duo! Check em out in concert and you'll be a fan for life!



Destin FL Rentals

Everyone gripes how the new stuff isn't country but I love it. Can't believe they don't get radio play. Check out Bounce its great!


Great group. Great show. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live, do it!


For all of you who think they are "Florida Georgia Line wannabes," you're all wrong. LoCash Cowboys were making music before FGL was. So technically, they aren't the wannabes. They also co-wrote Truck Yeah and You Gonna Fly. So they really are talented people. This is the direction country music is going. If you don't like it, stop listening to it. Simple as that.


I saw these guys in concert at Country Jam USA and they were an amazing show to see! Buy the album and see them live! Great show guys.


This is a new band and I don't know what to think. I listen to every type of country from Johnny cash to Jason aldean to zac brown band back to hank. I like there style but the auto tune is to much.


Nashville you should be ashamed of yourself for televising these guys over the great classics such as waylond, hank jr, the hag, cash, ect. If this is your attempt to lure thugs into country its pathetic!


Love LoCash Cowboys saw them at Mohegan Sun at the Den AMAZING!!!!! upbeat, and HOT!! COME BACK TO THE SUN :)


They are so want to be's. They are just a bar band trying to make it in the biz and they can't becuase they are just that a bar band. They are horrible live...always drunk can never sing a set sober!!!


These guys are from my town- so talented and amazing!


There are times in life when it's great to sit back and watch good things happen to hard working, talented, good people. That's what we have here. You'll not meet two more genuine guys that love their craft, which is vividly demonstrated in this awesome CD.

Shaggy the pencil

Auto tune garbage. Watered down crud. Everything sounds the same.


Not country! Sounds like pop that wants to be but can't. Not buying it....

Sam Martin

great album. I saw them last summer in Nashville. 10/10

Brian Blunt

Ok first to all those that call this pop are putting them in a low class group with t. Swift and lady A. I personally compare the to the hottest of the up and coming country stars. Preston and Chris you absolutely rock. Keep up the good work and record my song. I swear it will hit.


how could you classify this as country? just because they exploite over used generalizations of country people to make a pop/rap/country hybrid monstrosity. this insults me and the music I grew up listening to. What is Nashville gonna come up with next? I think I'll stick with Austin's taste in country

Crabby 1

LoCash album is great from start to finish! All great songs! These guys do it with passion and hard work! Get it!


I wanna get Love Drunk with these guys! Great job!! I love this one!!! @taushataylor

Review Reoporter

Welcome This Is My Third Review I am speechless I have to buy it no pop a all in a very good way BUY IT NOW! RR


What? It's amazing what a studio can do!!


Absolutely love this new album. My favorite are IHope, Chase A Little Love, Best Seat! Love the energy, emotions that are put into their music!


This is pop country at its best Sounds horrible No stars I ain't buyin this bs


Incredible everything love it


These guys are AWESOME!!!!!! If you're not sure about them go see them in concert! One of the best ones I've ever been to definitely!!!!! LOVE them!!


So excited for this new CD...Long time waiting...so worth it!! Locash Cowboys are on their way to Number one....They deserve it..Awesome songwriters and musicians!! DWI with Colt Ford is Awesome!! So happy COUNTRY is on the CD too!! Thank you Locash Cowboys! God Bless! ;)


lol wannabe Florida Georgia Line.


im sorry buts its bad i could write this kind of music. NO HEART , NO SOAL , and NO GUTS!

jonathan parker

Locash just rock


I've been a huge fan for the last few years. They are unique in sound and style, but def still country!!! They are great writers and really connect. You can tell they love what they are doing. So passionate about what they are singing. Not to mention high energy during live shows. How could you not love these guys!!! Thank you locash for a great album. <3


I love this new album!! For anyone who loves country this is an album to get these guys are amazing artist!

Locash Cowboys

Love the CD .. these guys are so talented and put on a great concert. You will never be bored at one of their shows. Can't wait to hear more of them and see them at concerts everywhere! Oh .. and some CMA awards just might be in the horizon!


What is wrong with the suits these days? This is terrible pop, and excruciatingly bad country. Barf.


Been in love with the music of these talented men since Chris first gave me a demo album back in 2005. One live show is all it takes for anyone to see what pure talent and energy this band exudes at every show. Buy this and enjoy!!


This is a great album they are equal to Florida Georgia line. Great lyrics and sound. If u like country u will like this album.


These guys are great musicians and deserve to heard and have their music played on the radio!! Can't wait to get my album!! So excited!!!


granted they may not be completely country but they still put on a hell of a live show. give it a try before hating on it.

All Bull

I attended a co concert and I knew they would be the next bug group, great performers and musicians !

Jason D. Cochran

The LoCash Cowboys are amazing singers, songwriters, and performers! Do yourself a favor and go to one of their concerts……..they sound great and really connect with the audience with their charismatic personalities. This album has a great blend of country rock and slow melodic ballads. My favorite on the album is "You Make it Look Good". You'll be hearing their stuff all over the radio this Summer….guaranteed!!

Not Wix

Been hearin dis in da clubz "you hear me?!"


I can't wait!!


Great sound, songs, voice everything was perfect I bought it all

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