Lukas Graham - Lukas Graham

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My favorite song is sever years


Cute girls


These songs rock


Ok I wasn’t to sure about this cd. I knew the song 7 Years but that was the only one I knew so I recently listened to the clips of every song and thought ok this ain’t bad at all. So what did I do I bought it.

kidz bop❤️

This song is like the song of my life. When my mom plays it in the car, we jam it. We roll the window down, we blast it,ETC...


Seven years!!!!!!!


Lukas Graham. My dude. This album is amazing. Every song in this album is exploding with talent and hard work. This is what music is supposed to be. Thank you for making an album that I listen to over and over and over and over.

its mini thunder

I love 7 years and the first time I heard it I wanted to cry. I go swimming every Tuesday at my aunts house and they have a Alexa and it’s always the first thing I go to😂. But I always turn on 7 years first. Thanks for the awesome music!


I put on the song and said wow I like it but one part can u figure it out

redstone wizzard

One word “great”


I love your song it’s so hot😃😃.

a boy or girl

The people that hate on this song love it enough to right a review so if you don’t like it don’t listen to this album

Hugs saskajsjhsba

why is this rising on the charts again?

Adam from AZ

Perfect album. Please visit / buy Funeral!!

HD or blindeye

Aka HDTV my nickname


It’s just soooo good

savage 💩🦄

This song is very touching it brings back a lot of memories and talks about his🙃🙂


7 years is kind of emotional 😭 but I still like it

Edrees mello

I have been listening to this since I was ten years old

epic app lover

I want nightcore version


This album gets five stars cause about half the songs are just amazing. More than one of these songs just blows everything else out of the water. Wow.

imma huge fan

One of my favorite songs I don’t see how it sounds like high school musical though eh but it’s a really good song and I just listened to the preview

not a tich dude

I’m happy someone knows the pain I’ve been through...

Levi 587

I love your music.😀

dj scaller

😮 omg speechless 😶 tooooooooo I love ❤️ seven years old


It’s the best song I’ve ever heard!!!


A voice so fresh, I wonder if an American could match this. Just asking.


I love it


This man is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I've heard of. He knows how to get the waterworks going. Better Than Yourself is one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. Anyone who says his music is crap is afraid of emotion, small-minded and ignorant. If it's just not your type of music, that's completely fine, but if you call this music garbage then you're weak. Lukas Graham is an incredibly intelligent man


7 years old is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamond GS

I didn't even buy the full album yet and I think it's good 😁

a. royal

Duuude Lukas graham is my man 🤘👍... lots of songs have story's and meaning like 7YEARS ohhhhhh forget about it boom boom boom (:🤣 he's as great as JT, ED SHEEREN, AOEL BLACC, FLO RIDA, and JB

Billy smirkoff

Every single song is more perfect than the last. It is music perfection!!! NOW COME OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM


This album and all the songs in it is absolutely spectacular


I am a music person. This may be the best song that I have ever heard and that is saying something.


Most fulfilling album I've heard in a long time. Absolutely must buy


All of his songs give me goosebumps. I saw him in concert and he was amazing.


my kind of song


This album is great great job Lukas


Every time I hear this song it's just makes my cry


Amazing album!!!

Geometry skills skm

I first got 7 years and loved it so much I bought the whole Lukas Graham album!!! Every time I listen it gives me chills!it is a shame that all people know about Lukas Graham

Gage's Channel

My favorite one is 7 years but all of them are awesome!


“7 years" is sooooo good I am only kid and it makes me wonder about life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Logan Ssj3

The first time I heard 7 Years is when I first realized my passion when I grow up was to sing my name is Logan Simmons plz remember this name for I will complete my calling


It is breath taking ❤️


If it wasn't for your song '7 years' I might have given you guys a try, but that song was so repetitive and annoying. Sorry guys maybe next time.


It sounds like the singer is thinking of random words and then just shouting them out loud.Please stop making this trash.