Maren Morris - GIRL

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okay, so I’m honestly not a hater but this shouldn’t be labeled all...her voice is cool and great and all but this is not country. Don’t label it country, this is pop...decent pop


Nothing and I mean nothing by Maren Morris is country. Overproduced pop crap is what her music is.


Not even country

pumpkin lips

It just inspirational and it is not country music and it is not pop music so I just jam out to it in the car whenever it comes on


I love what I hear


I think people need to chill. I LOVE it. Don’t listen to the trolls. I think you had just the right amount of pop and country. I ❤️you!


This song is trash🗑🗑🗑🗑

Hershey Kind the fifth

I love all of her songs but this is the best!!!!!!!!!! If I could give this a million stars I would


Yeah doesn’t sound like country music but can you at least appreciate her and what she’s doing in her music like I’m a big Bring Me the Horizon fan they went from death metal to straight pop music I’m OK with that yeah because it sounds good just appreciate the music or don’t listen too it


IMO Maren is at her best on the introspective country-influenced songs and on R&B songs. She has an amazing bluesy quality to her voice. This album is strong, I like all the songs except Flavor and The Feels whose “flavors” can be likened to a Chunky bar (with raisins) and strawberry soda, respectively. People are sleeping on Great Ones and To Hell & Back, I love these two. I won’t bother talking about the singles, they’re good. All My Fave Ppl is fun & about as country as the album gets, RSVP calls Joss Stone to mind, and Song for Everything is a nostalgic sing-along type. Common has a bit of a flawed premise for me, as though somehow her lack of religious conviction applies to everyone & therefore no one in the world should feel strongly enough to have disagreements; but nonetheless I really like it. Beautiful, solid song & I can appreciate the sentiment. It reminds me of Miguel’s Candles in the Sun but more optimistic. Which just gave me the idea that there needs to be a Maren / Miguel original collaboration, it’d be fire. Seriously, I need this.

audrey 7 🥳🌻💕♥️

Nothing special


I absolutely love this song!!


The Bones is the worse song ever and I can’t stand hearing it.

Olaf the snowman

Need more!!


What a joke. This isn’t country or music


It’s not country. She is for sure not country. Awful

Girl on the Moon

Perfect record for a road trip. A little bit country, pop & soul. Maren is definitely cooking up her own flavor and it's fantastic! Listen to the album more than once and you'll be hooked. For the "it's not country" naysayers, wait until "All My Favorite People" hits country radio. It's so catchy I sing it in my sleep! "Girl" lifts me up, and I can't say enough about the tone & quality of her voice. Truly talented - her range, depth, and "Shade" are stellar. If you're a singer like me, you need to master this one!


How is this country......I’m taking 2 stars for that






Goodish but if you like country you should listen to Luke Bryan

severis snape

If you are going to argue about the genre then you should just keep your big mouth shut and do it your own self.🤩


The bones should of been nominated for Grammys record and song of the year


Not country. I’m not a boomer and even I know this is not country


Not the country genre.


I really like Maren Morris, but put her under pop music. I don’t understand why they try to market this as country when it’s not.


I love Maren but y’all are right she started country but ik know lots of thinks sound pop but this is like way to pop-py It’s a great album though

🦄🦄 magic candy

Ok, so I don’t really like you. But I like GIRL. It’s like a 7-10. But I agree not country music.


Take this out of the country genre


My favorite song is the bones. It is so good! I would play it over and over again that it’s soooooooooooooooooo good and I mean it!!!!!!!


‘The Bones’ is probably the best song I have ever heard❣️❣️


Maren has a wonderful voice, and all the songs are phenomenally written!


I don't see how people think this girl can sing. She is straight up AWFUL!! She should not be in music at all. I think this is a waste of time. SHE CANNOT SING!! U all want a singer/song writer take a look at Ashley McBryde. Now that girl has talent and may r u all need to take time to hear the best in country music in a long time and stop wasting time with this Marin Morris she is no singer. If I could I would give her negative -100


Loving every song! 😬

Gabbys music

Love this song!!


She deserves it


This album BANGS. I don’t care what any of y’all say. Whatever this album is, I love it. Will go down as one of my favorite albums ever, probably.


One of the rare albums I’ll listen to all the way thru from begin to end .


This album was surprisingly good! I’m not as big into country as I used to be but Marren really brought me back to it with the twang and pop vibes! Loved it and would have loved to see her in concert.

J writes

I love all of her music but I especially love the bones.


Love this album! Do people even listen to the music before they leave these comments or is it just because it’s just not traditional country and they can’t except it’s good music! You can say you don’t like it but to just trash it is ridiculous! There are some miserable people out there.


Not even close to country music. I just turn to another station when this comes on.


This album is beautiful and creative. Just because it doesn’t “sound country” doesn’t make it any less country. Country music is about storytelling too and she does that so well. Okay, it’s pop-y, but it still takes us through a journey of relatable topics in life! If I want that true country feel I’ll listen to Chris, Blake, Luke Combs etc. but this is still a great album with meaning, which to me is something you will ONLY find in country music!


I've always loved Maren and her music! no, all her songs aren't always country, but she's an unproblematic girl with some pretty good songs. & that's enough for two thumbs up from me! The Bones is probably one of my favorites atm! I think people are too harsh, just because her whole album doesn't have that old-time country twang to it. she has a good amount of songs that I would consider country. just because they're all not about drinking or pick-up trucks y'all wanna complain. you're doing amazing, Maren!


This voice is far from pop. Pure country twang. Stop trying to say this is pop! You look foolish.


Love her creativity. She writes her own music and works hard. I really like this album.


Genres evolve. Country has evolved and Maren Morris is fighting for change. She brings inclusion, equality, and a much needed female advocate for a paradigm shift within country . She is the real deal. In contrast to Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton, she writes almost all her hit songs.


NOT COUNTRY!! & nothing unique about her or her voice!! Plus she looks & acts like a stuck up little snob!


I’ll never understand the hate... girl is so creative with her lyrics and hits the heart and soul every time... stop labeling music and “country music” music is amazing when it makes you feel something and heals you. STOP PUTTING MUSIC IN A BOX... music is whatever it wants to be that’s the point. Girl is a brilliant album and she’s an incredible performer hands down 💕💕💕


Everyone’s got their own style of country and I like what Maren has to offer. Another solid album.