Marshmello & Kane Brown - One Thing Right

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One Thing Right - Single Tracklist:

hollister bee

I give this song 5 stars I love it and it gets my day going , kane and mello gets me through some aweful times and I greatly appreciate it

caleb dj



People seriously this is one of the best songs in history!!! I mean I agree it isn’t country but still!! Kane Brown is amazing!! And the person who said that they would rather listen to their dog bark, obviously have no taste in music whatsoever!! They probably listen to trash music!!


This song is so good❤️


The best song


First of all NO ONE said this was country. It’s pop. You can read right?! Look under the title. It says pop. My god..


I hate all these idiots who won’t listen to music if it’s not in a certain genre. I like the song; out of the mess of country artists Kane Brown is the one who always stuck out to me, and I enjoyed this unlikely collaboration.


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Everyone who is giving a one star rating this song is not trash. first of all right when I heard this song on the radio I got hooked to lyrics & beats had to Shazam to see what the title was good job. Anyone who just looks at the review first to see what people think should listen to themselves & see if they like it.


This is so awful. A 5 year old wrote these basic lyrics. And beat is trash. Come on.


To all y’all who just want to hate on K.B., you people just need to keep your comments to your self. First of all look at Taylor swift. None one is hating on her for hopping around the country and pop charts!!! Oh there’s a show for that. It’s called country crossroads!! Try it out , you just might like it!!! Kane Brown has a awesome voice no matter what songs he has song and whoever he sings with!!! Much love Kane Brown

The Mechanic Dawsyn

This is an amassing song I love how Kane brown made a gray song and not just by himself😆




You’re a pop star


Love this sound 👍🏼


Not a fan, these types of music do not go together.

🦄🦄 magic candy

I like both artists, I’m not trying to hate, but it just doesn’t go with country.... sorry but it’s not my taste.


Just because it’s not country doesn’t mean it’s a lie it’s a awesome song Marsh and Kane don’t let anyone tell u that it’s a bad song it’s awesome and relates to me a lot thank u guys so much love u both!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️🖖🏼

Abe farbstein

Great song


no just no


I absolutely love this song!!!!!! Favorite song of the year! I actually couldn’t tell if it was new age country or pop had to check the genre on iTunes and found out this album is listed as pop. Why are people complaining it’s not country? Did you look at the album it clearly says “POP” that’s like listening to a rap song and complaining its not country. Now if he listed this in iTunes as country that would be different which he didn’t.


It’s the best


Love it




Love Marshmello but def not this song


Ignore the morons saying this is pop. These two killed this song!!


Sounds like the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia line had a love child and dropped it out of a car going 80 on the interstate. This guy is awful!



Kitty Cat Lover 22🐈🐈

To everybody who says,” it ain’t country”, if you look underneath the song it says POP. It is being advertised as POP and only POP, so it’s stupid to say that.


Who cares if it’s not what genre you think it is or if you hate it. It’s called ignoring the song and not writing bad reviews just because you don’t like it.


They aren’t even calling it country! People saying “what happened to country?” Just stop! They aren’t even trying to advertise it as a country song. Stop being so offended by everything.


Get this garbage off the country music genre...


This song is literally awesome! It may not be quite as country as I expected, but it was also a great balance. Love both of these artists so what could be better!


I love this song! Such lit!


I really do like this song.

RS iTz Decky10

Love it


Hey mello I want you to do a song with j cole


It’s so good


it’s country ya bois


but not the best by marshmello


Wow I love it 😊




Kane Brown + Marshmellow = 🔥🔥


I’m in love. :)


That sound in the chorus.. you just copied Keith Urban’s sound..


To all those saying that this isn’t country: you are right! Look at the top of the page under the title of the song. What genre does it say? Not country. If it isn’t meant to be country, you can’t criticize it for not being country. It’s a great song, and has two great artists who worked on it. Great job.


Woohoo! I can relate to this on a personal level. I make so many mistakes in life but this song says that it’s ok if you make mistakes if you don’t let them keep you down. Also if you cant even spell Marshmello right you shouldn’t be criticizing him. I would love to see a collab between Marshmello and twenty one pilots.

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