Black Eyed Peas - MASTERS OF THE SUN VOL. 1

℗ 2018 Interscope Records


XF-R Type

Clean and back to Hip Hop


Haven’t heard any songs yet but I know it’ll be 🔥


I swear to god this is the most underrated album of the year!!!!!


I love every song on this album which is rare. So happy the Peas are back!

Tara and Tim

So good.

The Real-->Brooklynite

To BEP: Music has reached its level. Originality at its highest. You have Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz Elements of realms of broad chemistry. Creativity a thumbs up. Still had that Fergie add feel to it. This album represents the terms: “different and diverse”, great job. No offense (to the Forefathers) but this album has been repositioned before ‘80s HipHop. Music Outstanding.

Brandon Distinct

Love This Album. Just Three Black Eyed Peas 😍🙌🏾👑

Carl Art

This album has the Boom-Bap rawness with the refined skills of The beats alone are worth the price of admission. The first track, BACK 2 HIPHOP, makes me wish had done NASIR instead of Kanye, then it might have been the Nas album we’d all been waiting so long for.

Fearless Clambake

R.I.P. Black eyed Peas.....your paychecks will soon end. This is garbage,


Finally! I’m very hyped to say hear them bring back this sound after going “left” with it. Nobody has production like Will I Am which made his absence from hip hop more of a loss. Good job fellas, we need more of this of this!


That is all.




Thank you for making me feel like I was 22 again and watching your show in San Francisco at the Maritime Hall. Yes.


Really good-especially like the songs Wings and New Wave. This album is needed right now.

DJ Skyscraper

It’s not as great as their other stuff. I don’t like it when politics get involved. There are only two or three decent songs, the rest is straight garbage. I waited 8 years for this, not worth the wait.


This is the black eyed peas I remember from 20yrs ago! I was a teenager discovering my tastes in music. BEP’s Behind The Front helped shape my tastes to what they are today. Needless to say I wasn’t exactly thrilled when they switched to a more pop sound and added a pop singer. This however is the BEP I know! Welcome back guys!


It’s been a while since I’ve found an album where I didn’t want to skip any songs. I love Black Eyed Peas and this album is 🔥🔥🔥!


I love the whole album, but my baby is DOPENESS with my girl CL. Thank you BEP for the excellent new songs!


I'm glad the Peas decided to make good music again, I guess Fergie was holding them back. It is a decent album, though it could be longer and Street Livin' should've been included. Best songs: yes or no, get ready, ring the alarm, wings, back 2 hiphop, vibrations Worst song: dopeness (just not good, and C.L. whoever she is is not good at rapping)


So glad the Black Eyed Peas are going back to their original style. Love it.



Bobur Rustamov

Have been a fan since 2003 and you guys never disappoint. This album sounds incredible and the quality of it is a top notch! 👌


It seems like they are trying way too hard to tell you how cool they are through the entire thing😂. If I had to compare it to anything it would be Brett Farve when he went to the Vikings. It’s not anything like the old stuff at all sadly. Oh yeah and where did Fergie go? New wave is definitely a bop though, that is the only reason it get’s two stars.


Ok so im a huge CL fan and so obviously that was my first song i listened to which was bomb! But i gave the whole album a listen to and omg..i didnt know i was going to enjoy the whole thing in one sitting! Sooo amazing!! 4evah and constant are definitely a fave next to dopeness!!!


RIP Malik Taylor all around the world! ✌🏼 We been waiting for a while (BEP),now they back! 🇺🇸

Yt: J-dog vids

I’m not the biggest fans of the black eyed peas although I do love a few of there songs but this whole album is just 🔥


For years, I’ve held high hopes that BEP can continue to win as hip hop artists. Admittedly, after Kim Hill was replaced with Fergie as their singer, and they switched their sound to pop/edm, I lost interest. But still respected them for reaching into other genres of music since they are after all, Artists. But the sound they were doing wasn’t my thing. Fast forward to 2018 and BEP has given their fans, the ones who supported them at the very beginning with the Behind The Front album, what they’ve been waiting for, for soooooooo many years. It’s the return to the Boom Bap, luscious melodies and raw lyricism. Thank you fellas for bringing the world another brilliant album and a surprisingly warm return to your roots since it’s desperately needed in music nowadays. We missed y’all. Peace.


It would be cool if this was 2005 but nah everyone listens to lil pump and 6ix9ine who are way better. Also that slicky rick guy is so so boring


This album is quite the comeback from bep!!! I loved all the collaborations especially CL but start to finish this album is AMAZING it is a must listen!


Sick album! Best since monkey business! Love the black eyed peas and have been waiting for them to go back to their hip hop roots! Super creative! Great job guys! Keep it coming!


Pure fire!!!!!

Oakland banga

Back to rap. Fergie who? Perfect timing

Eargasm Alert

Great mix of boom bap and classic Elephunk sound from BEP! #muchneededinhiphoprightnow

Awesome dude523

10/10 GREAT SOOOOOOSOSOS GOOD what a return...almost every song is a banger (exceptions are Yes or no and New Wave—even these aren’t bad tho) Thoroughly enjoyed this


Is this a joke

music mstr

Hip hop fans are happy👍🏼


This album is better than I expected. The sounds on this project is so reminiscent of the old days but also has a futuristic vibe that mixes so well. The collaborations on this were great as well. Glad the boys are back and are still killing the game


Fergie or no Fergie, this is Black Eyed Peas at their best! This album is exactly who they are and showcases the original bep with sick rhymes and dope beats. After 8 years they did it again! BEP till infinity!

Gillbert Johnson

I needed some new CL music and the Album is lit! 👑🔥


Great album! Glad to see BEP back✨ Dopeness is my fave track espn as a GZB

Melody Auro

Kings and queen are come back👑👑


Good music. This is gonna sound random but you should read John 3:16, Jesus is coming back soon and you’re going to want to be ready!