Megan Thee Stallion - Good News

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Good News Tracklist:

Princess Meem 💖👑

Body is absolutely horrible. The rest of the songs are trash too. Sorry Megan.

Riana p

The album made me lose brain cells




Love this album!! Keep on hating, ya goons!!


Shots fired proved that she really cannot rap about anything other then sex. Her flow and delivery were just awful on that song. I see why all her stuff is the same, can not do anything else. No versatility as a rapper.


Make better music without disgracing the human body


this entire album... and her, is absolute garbage. Period

Miguel Ocañas

It was not that exciting. There was a lack of versatility. There was only like 2-3 songs that I would play again but nothing that cool for a debut album.


Cry baby is the only song I like ....


10/10, everyone else is salty because they can’t handle a strong and secure woman! All men rap about is f’ing b*tchs but y’all have a problem with Meg?!? Get outta here!

Eddie Rain

Reading some of these comments and yall really act surprise that this album is what it is, this female literally has been saying the same thing the same way on the the same type beats since she came out,😂😂😜😂 boring as hell and she cant rap, good thing she fine tho, she ever do porn im here for it


You could do better only like 2 songs

shutup fool ayyeyee

It was ok I think she could do better. There’s only like three songs I liked.

Thank you Miss GAGA

What is this?


Awesome fantastic


Album is fire




Megan has never disappointed since day 1 this album was just amazing love that song body!!! Loved the fact that she’s that type of artist to make others love themselves no matter shape or form she gives us that spark of confidence we all need in the world but overall all her songs were great she for sure gave us the good news.!!! 📰


Cmon people. It’s a female rapper with zero talent at all. Move on to Juice Wrld. RIP


Megan Thee Stallion has a way of piercing the vail that many rappers just seem to be inept at doing. Meg can rap about the hard the light the pretty and the down right ugly dirt. From beginning to end I was trying to remember all her lyrics cause the punch lines and set ups were that RAW! Come on you know when you listening to any of the songs on the album you singing along, you get excited, and your brain is on the frits because this is completely brand new. Meg is pving the way for Women finding true equality and true self expression! Freedom! Which is what we all want!


Guess jay z is going to be mad as hell when he sees very low album sales.


Pure and simple 🗑 Music for females who live off child support!!


Megan Thee Stallion has created a well crafted, hip hop/trap album that is sure you help you get hyphy when you need that little push.

River dog 45



This is empowering!! Songs that are new are great and well written but the songs that have been out are eh because they’ve been played way too much. If you want new GOOD music then get this and get ready to party.

String Bean87

Trash 🗑

RT review

Can we all agree to leave stripper rap in the trash where it belongs?


This album is obviously not “ trash” as some of y’all are saying. I really like it. I think we should all be positive about the album and I think mrs.Megan is a bad bleep! GO MEGAN🥰


This whole project is🔥🔥🔥🔥


Trash I wish Tory shot u in the head so Tory do that again


lol trash


Music for women with daddy issues



Treasure peace

No skips 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Megan, I love you but this album ain’t it.


This album is fire! So many good collaborations and the beats are dope. “Cry Baby” and “What’s New” are my favorites! All you haters can step aside, it’s Megan’s time to shine! 🔥🔥🔥


good luck on ya future meg. album hot🔥


Album lacks versatility sounds the same as her mixtapes

Christopher Brown Horne

Her bars really do it for me! Most of these low reviews are from TL fans who are salty.

HotGirl Erica

Megan Thee Stallion Is A Genius Icon For New Generation. I Listen To Every Song On The Album. She Thee Best Huston Hottie To Give Us Great Talent To Share. & If You Don’t Like It Your Mindset Is Very Different To Comprehend Megan Is Thee Stallion. Many Blessings & Prayers To Her. #GoodNewsMegan 🐎👅




Idk who worse Megan or cardi 😖


Meg is fake and will not last long


Durrr durr dur

F#Ck 1izzo

Ghetto ratchet black “female”

sk the kid

Roc nation bought theses and inflated her numbers. Barbs don’t trust her, Nicki shaded her.


This is trash all the song she sing or I hear is nonsense she can rap about sex it is like it is the only thing she can rap about 🤮




as she should


All her songs are garbage She ain’t nothing with out a colab She can’t keep up with the likes of cardi or Ariana

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