Melanie Martinez - K-12

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K-12 Tracklist:



TheKitty 🐱❤️

Perfection ❤️❤️❤️


I love Melanie she’s AWSOME!!!!...she’s got such a good album!!!!!....I can’t wait for the after school ep


Melanie is great at making music and K-12 is my favorite album from her


I love Melanie


Melanie Martinez has done it again! Her songs are so good and well written. And to top it all of on this strawberry shortcake, we got a MOVIE! My fave songs are Nurses office and Show and Tell.


melanie martinez has come back for another hit with a MOVIE and had done it again... a whole QUEEN 🥺💘💒


I cannot express how much this album means to me in a personal level and how much it has helped me grow as a person I hope she keeps up with this great kind of work💗💫

Potato Queen 24857

I really love her songs my favorite is Wheels On The Bus I really like it!


I have always loved Mel and always will, this is one of my favorite albums by her!


Original and just amazingly produced as Eilish. More provocative too. I love it. I appreciate Orange Juice so much. Everyone needs to be told they are imperfectly perfect.

Jims wife

The movie was so good and the songs are even better


I don’t hate it.... but Don’t like it either.... yup and now that fans are going to read this and get mad at me anyways————————— like I said it’s..... ok not the best but it’s not my taste in music but it could be other people music sooo it’s sort of a win—win people get their jam while we (people who aren’t into it) go listen to something we like. P.S: I didn’t want to sound like a hater so please understand what I’m trying to say and she’s a good singer I’m all!!


Melanie Martinez is an amazing singer with great talent and I’m so happy for her since she hasn’t released a new album in 4 years and now we have K-12 which is amazing and now she is writing after school which is an new EP that’s gonna be attached to K-12 . K-12 the movie is awesome to and I love the plot and setting . I hope this review will change people’s minds about the movie and album .


My best album of all the time


Don’t make this type of music 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🆘✴️


I loveee the music I love Melanie Martinez so much and her movie😍😍

Heidi Tims

Best album of hers yet!


Every song sound the same is so bored and horrible album

tell a review baby see the title


love ittt


i’ve been a HUGE fan of mel since 2012, and have waited sooo long for this album and film. all the songs have beautiful meanings and are so catchy and well thought out. my favorite song is orange juice, and each song is amazing. i would definitely listen to this album as it helped me heal and grow as a person.


This is the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard.

Brittney 🤩

I love Melanie ever since Crybaby came out and I like k-12 now. Me and my friend are obsessed with the dance to strawberry shortcake and we’re trying to learn the handshake in lunchbox friends!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This is probably my favorite album of all time because we can all relate to a time we felt like one of her songs. Every song describes a different grade, and evolution of who we are as people. Love Melanie Martinez so much! 💕 You da best!




I’ve never heard a album so magical, and the meanings of the songs just add so much to everything. The album (obviously) fits in with the film, but the way the film enhances the experience of listening to the album just makes everything a whole lot better.

ibory 833

This album is just as good as crybaby I mean come on raise your hand if you can relate to the song show and tell 🙋🏽‍♀️

gudetama the lazy egg

Bruh,Melanie rlly did it! Crybaby going to school?! Love the idea!


My child Was listening to this because she has been a part Of Melanie and she told me that she sounds depressed she told me a part of “Show and tell” and it said “If I cut myself I would bleed” why is she depressed!!


there’s no buts it’s the best along with crybaby

New Mel Fan

This album really made me get into Mel and I have had it on repeat for months lol


Pure perfection. 10000/10


Amazing soundtrack

Sebastian Carrera Garcia

Omg she did that!! I’m soo in love with this album

Brielle Dean

Loved it and the movie had great visuals



kira cause yeet

i think this was a very creative movie plot, editing was amazing, and the soundtrack was top notch! i think she did an excellent job of directing her own movie with little help. give her props!

mae lambert

Idk wut I would do with out this


WHY THE FLIPPING HECK DOES LEO HAVE A CAMERA IN THE FUDGING BATHROOM?!?!?! But for the rest It’s like amazing but they left on like the same day they came😂😂 SO GO CRYBABY!!! And I also thought(to those who are confused) at the ending of it when Flór tells Kelly “Come on” Kelly realizes crybaby was gonna help them get out then Kelly felt bad for bullying her But did y’all know in some scenes you see crybaby’s scar on her arm like show and tell and others!🤔 Anyway that’s all if you haven’t watched yet GIRL/BOY GO WATCH IT NOW!!!! Bye


Music is good, crybaby is better, movie is boring. Music is great though.

Meghan Trainor 😜

Her songs are amazing, her asthetics are unbelievably good, and theres not a single song i didnt like. The movie was even better. We stan Melanie/ Crybaby


Can’t Get enough of this Album and k-12 film it’s awesome you must hear it at least once amazing amazing amazing


The Album Discusses About Girls Getting dress coded for Boys not keeping it in their pants and Food Disorders. It expresses so much when You watch the music videos Too! It also talks about Donald Trump in “The Principal” and Other songs like wheels on the bus and feeling sick when seeing messed up things in the bus while the Bus driver sees it and says nothing, and a love song telling us requirements if you wanna be her love and peacefully ones about a grandma giving her advice! 🥰😍🥺


creative! Love her.


She never fails to capture and amuse me with her creativity 💗🥰


I LOVE K-12! I personally prefer Crybaby, but I love this album so much. A lot of the songs sound very similar, but I still love them all (except the weird coughs in Nurse’s Office, but it’s interesting and I love the rest of the song). The production is really good and interesting and her voice is to die for. I 100% recommend listening to this album, and please leave if you’re going to talk about the allegations here, they’re both false and also the reviews are about the music, not the artist. Listen to K-12, guys! You won’t regret it!


Melanie rlly snapped with this one. All bops 😍