Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson's This Is It (The Music That Inspired the Movie)

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Michael Jackson's This Is It (The Music That Inspired the Movie) Tracklist:



Bought the album because I understood these were the rehearsal tapes from "This Is It" rehearsals. Instead, they are earlier studio recorded versions that most fans would already own. Apple knows this, so it is a fraudulent, unfair business practice for Apple to not make this clear to its customers. Apple could take the lead on this and facilitate full disclosure; further, it could take action with the owners of the rights to the rehearsal tapes and exclusively present the rehearsal tapes for download sale. Very poor iTunes management practices; someone in senior management is asleep here.

Mute R. Kelly

Because of watching leaving neverland, it’s more safer to no longer listening to his music, it doesn’t matter if there’s no proof because he still shouldn’t have done those painful things. MJ was a sick person and to abandon his legacy is obviously the right thing to do at this time.


I remember when he died I was crying my eyes out even if I didn’t know who he was. I was only a 1 year old and to this day MJ is my idol :)


“Album only” strikes again 🙄

MJ dancing fan

We miss you Michael, we will ALWAYS enjoy your music


We all miss that man who showed us what’s music but today just bad we will all miss the man this is it would have been great! ;( :)


Obviously the best song out there... 10/10 any day of the week.


Michael and the musical director working on the intro to The Way You Make Me Feel is a fairly big moment in the movie. Pretty disappointing that version of the song isn’t on this album.


I am pretty young but I love his music and I wish he we're still here today. This is a great album and I think everyone should buy it. It has his exclusive This Is It song, only sang that in the This Is It movie.


I like the beat of it,the fact of it


Not fair at all, obviously we already bought these songs in his previous albums so why rebuy the SAME set of songs we already have just for 1 song? Makes no sense whatsoever. Let 'This Is It' be available for purchase as it's own! 4 stars only cause I loveeee Michael and the songs omg the album.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ other then that, Apple, you make no sense😒🙄🙄🙄🙄


Why not the music from the actual film? And let us purchase the song This Is It separately! And not make it album only. I guess I can get the demo versions, they sound good


Why coupdnt they have the movie versions :/


This my childhood album :D I love it!!!!

Dont know bluh bluh

He was a good guy his life was to entirtane people he did everything for us and even his dead he is still living in my hearth mj u are the best. U people have at least have respect to him his life was to entertain us and what u guys give him NOTHING!!! only one or two star i am a 12 year old kid. You guys should at least think again and give at least a little respect

Connor Indestad

These tones are great😊 I love the JAM and They Don't Care About Us ringtones. Those are the ones that really stood out to me. But Human Nature is also very good. After hearing JAM,They Don't really Care About Us, and Human Nature I think that a lot of people will love those 3 ringtones.

Michael Ornek

This album is sensational, but still, miraculously, not his best.


A very good album. It’s such a shame that a talented life such as his…… all the close friends that claimed to love him….. if they really loved him they would have put their foot down and said MICHAEL this will kill you!!! and then report what was happening so that doctor would be removed from the situation. Michael would still be alive today and sharing time with his beautiful children. The poor guy just wanted to sleep…. he was so much about music he couldn’t unwind….. I pray for you Michael…. even NOW…… I pray for you…… God Bless You Michael…..

Mr Eskimo907

Love the songs on this album!

Britt 8430

When I was younger I used to listen to Michael Jackson 's music and I really wanted to meet him.Well,about 4 years ago when he died I realized that this was not going to happen ,but whenever I listen to his music it brings me the same feeling that it did and that it will always.😪❤️R.I.P.Michael


I love it sooooo much. You could by This is It separately just on another album. I love Human Nature. Txt for putting This Is It on iTunes.


Having owned quite a few of the songs in this album, I'll admit I was hesitant to buy this album just for This Is It... Okay, well, REALLY hesitant. However, I can say without a doubt that it is worth rebuying songs you own. I mean, just doing it for This Is It and the Demo versions should be enough. We today are spoiled by $1 A La Carte purchasing of songs. Don't think of this as a way to "greedily keep the song from us and make us pay a ton for it", think of it as a just another way to tribute how music was back in the days of Michael!

1,2 msg

Did u get it yet?

Not a winner at all

I would really like to buy the title song, "This is IT ", but I just haven't been able to wrap my head around paying $10 for it, cause all the other songs I have already. I would up pay $4 to $5 for it though-- if you get my drift.


This is a great album but I actually got scared by the poem.... NOT a good choice to put on. It's meaningful but it's the scariest thing ever. Especially the ending of the preview! ~ the music critic


Not fair man... This is It song should be a single! Is a great song but I can't by the whole album!!!!


Sólo falta video llamada


he was adorable when he was young ruined his life


I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!! I think they should let us buy the individual song though since all the others i pretty much have on my i pod :( but he is not dead though! If you have Netflix you should watch Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead? The answer is no! hehe i hope Michael comes back though and maybe shows himself! :D


MJ was one of my favorite singers & i like some of his songs. My favorites were Shake your body, If this is it, ETC


I luv it!!!!! Miss u MJ...... RIP Michael Jackson😔😔😔😔😔

Kitchen Pass

MJ is and always will be The King Of Pop.But I think he knew This Is It. I love his music. I am one of his fans. R I P MJ😔🎤🎶🎶


I ℒℴѵℯ u we'll miss u ^.^

Renee Chance 101

Amazing , memorial. We'll miss you MJ. Long live the King Of Pop

Elvis Aguilar

Can't wait for new music

[email protected]

Rip MJ we will always love you!


I love Michael's music sooooo much!!! He died so suddenly it shocked the whole world!!! And anyone who ever thought he was a pediphile can go ---- a flagpole!!! I mean it!!! His music will be missed


I love Planet Earth, Beautiful<3(:


So wish I had the chance to see Michael Jackson live in concert!!! Bummed !

Singer 297

1 Man in the mirror 2 this is it 3 thriller 4 I just can't stop loving you 5 shake your body to the ground 6. Smooth criminal 7. Billie jean 8. Black or white 9. Beat it 10. The way you make me feel


Highly recommended. Great album, cant stop listening to it! Every song is good.

Chris mix 1996

Why did you have to die ever since you died music got so bad 😓


Rest in peace Michael. It is a true honor to listen to the music that you were so articulate in writing. Thank you for all that you have given to this world.

You Rock My World

I think that Michael is a gift to the whole wide world because he likes to help people including the poor. Michael loves us and he also loves the poor. Michael loves children. He went to places all around the world to help people and gave money to the people who really need it and I will always love michael and the world like he did. And I want to be just like him. Michael is, Cool, caring, kind to others, and friendly. So please help us and others. <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D


I think Michael wrote some AWSOME songs and this is a GREAT tribute to his COOL style


michael jackson was a wonderful singer and as always his songs are great and his memory well never die.

eminem rocks2323


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