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Big David 2122

Jason Malachi sung breaking new’s and monster and keep your head up and this guy has music and once you listen to his music it sound’s like breaking new’s and monster and keep your head up and also Sony took sample’s of Michael Jackson’s voice from his song’s and slam it together with Jason Malachi’s vocal’s to make it sound like Michael Jackson and the rest is Michael Jackson y’all beside’s three song’s

Sam L. Parity

“Monster,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “Breaking News” are all sung by a Michael Jackson impersonator, and not actually by MJ...


I just read that Sony confessed they released ‘fake singles’ after Michael Jackson’s death. According to court documents, a fan discovered that an impersonator named Jason Malachi allegedly recorded “Breaking News”, “Monster” and “Keep Your Head Up”. 😒😑

Melissa Pro

I love that they released these songs! I have always loved Michael since I was a young girl watching his videos on MTV in the 80’s!! I will always love Michael! He truly was and will always be the King of Pop!!❤️❤️❤️


I love Michael but why does this sound nothing like him at all??????


While a good bit of this album is Michael Jackson, there are some songs that are not Michael Jackson. Four instance, breaking news, that is not sung by Michael Jackson it's sung by someone else. So is monster, and keep your head up. It's really sad, that epic released this album. Michael would not wanted us to have heard any of those songs. They would have been released to the public under a different name. There's another artist that sounds like Michael Jackson. And this is not all his voice. i've been a devoted fan for years, and this album definitely hurts Michael Jackson's career. I hope epic records knows what they are doing.

James wilburn

Every track on this is STELLAR! You get: The harmonic tones of “Hold My Hand” The rocking beat of “Hollywood Tonight” The spiritual sounds of “Keep Your Head Up” The romantic notes of “(I Like) The Way You Love Me” The scary rhythm and rap verse of “Monster” The friendly jingle of “Best Of Joy” The rocking beat of “Breaking News” The head banging instrumentals of “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day” The loving lyrics of “Behind the Mask” And the sorrowful story of “Much Too Soon”

maui ohana

All the songs in this album is very good


I don't know why all y'all saying this isn't a good album. Sure, this isn't like dangerous, HIStory, thriller, bad, or off the wall. But, the music is very good. I think Michael would approve. Personally, my 2 favs are hold my hand and Hollywood tonight. ❤️🔥 LONG LIVE KING MJ !!


his voice doesn't even sound like him at all that much. Missing the "thriller" and "bad"vibes here...😐 I don't believe this is MJ at all. Very Disrespectful to him and his family😐😐😐😐😡


I love the tracks that are actually Michael! Jason no stop theres a huge difference between both of your voices


Jason Malachi confessing that he sang on some of the songs was claimed to be a hoax by Thad Nauden. I quote from an article, "Jackson fans who insisted those "fake tracks" are not their idol likely felt vindicated by this - until Malachi's manager disavowed the Facebook page." "Thad Nauden says someone created a phony page in Jason's name, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public." "Nauden says Jason - a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland in addition to a singer - wants everyone to know beyond any doubt he did not sing those tracks." "Nauden threatened to get to the bottom of this hoax, claiming whoever created the Malachi Facebook page is malicious and had better lawyer up." This is Michael singing these songs, guys. But anyway, this album's songs are great! With songs like Hollywood Tonight, Breaking News, (I Can't Make It) Another Day, and Monster.


It claims it's the first album after Michaels death, but it's not. Technically, the first is the Bad 25th anniversary. But other than that this is a good album and 1 thing. Bad 25 was the first, but the album also had the original Bad songs, remixes, and stuff like that. This is the first album of just new after death songs.


It's very unique how they did it if u look closely at it u will see


Best of Joy was going to be performed on the Michael Jackson's Final concert. Just think about that with with some of these songs.


I love the song monster

Yousef shakour

I'm sorry for the fans who's ignoring the facts . There's a fake songs in this album it sounds Jason.. The original Mj's songs are " hold my hand , much to soon, behind the mask, another day , I like the way you're loving me.


Monster, keep your head up, and breaking news are sung by Jason Malachi. So those are fake but the rest of the songs are wonderful and before you tell me I'm wrong, first realize that my bedroom is a shrine to Michael Jackson and I spend hours of time researching him and listen to him for 4+ hours per day and I spend more than half of my paycheck on growing my mj collection so I know his voice like the back of my hand. Those 3 songs are F.A.K.E


I've been a big Michael Jackson fan ever since I was 6! I heard about this album in 2010 and wanted it so bad. I got it the day it came out and ever since I got it I couldn't stop listening to it. I love every single track on the album. Michael is and will always be the greatest entertainer of all time. His music never gets old!!!!!

manisha reddy

I'm gonna miss michael I was only seven years old when he passed so I wasn't that big of a fan bc I didn't listen to music then. but now I'm twelve and I'm sad everyday thinking about him being actually gone. but this album represents his legacy that will on forever for generations to come. this album is a beautiful representation reminding everybody that nobody can compare to him. I love you michael you're always in my heart 💋


How owesome. Still michaels soul.

Robert Mahn

👍That is all👌 Oh and Hollywood Tonight, Monster & Breaking News. The other tracks are great too but the four songs I just mentioned are "the jams" IMO.

Bison Musik

Keep your head up, Monster, and Breaking news are NOT MJ. I've been listening to MJ since I was 12 yrs old, I know his vocals in and out through and through. Those three songs don't fool me!! Other than that the rest of this album is amazing.


Here everyone let me get this straight, I think at least the only MJ songs on here are Hold My Hand, Behind The Mask, Another Day, I like the way that you love me. Otherwise the rest r fakes. Oh also remember when MJ said he created tons of songs for each album and so and that some couldn't make the albums?? Some of his songs were finished but never released,etc. For example Al Capone. The songs I listed r most likely his. I <3 him.


I had never heard of Jason Malachi until i read some reviews here, and there are stunning similarities between the voice in his song, "Let Me Go" and "Monster." Hmmm...

Magic walk MJ

Michael jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time. His music will always lives on! #KING


If Michael was here he would NOT have approved of this album, about 45% of the songs aren't him, instead they are some guy who sounds similar to him. The record company didn't even try to auto tune him to sound like MJ, This album sad to say was HORRIBLE, with exception of "Hold My Hand" and a couple others. I hope Xscape is full of fillers with other people who aren't Michael jackson.


Michael lives on forever! His music is the best!

Alex The Best Reviewer Ever

This Is All 100 percent Michael he just got older don’t say anything until you can think about it




Beware this album contains songs from an impersonator immitating Michael Jackson. Crap album don't buy


Some nice moments, but most of the time you can see why these songs never made the cut.


Michael Jackson is my favorite singer of all time, I'll even admit that I don't have as much interest in some songs but a majority like in the 80's I loved everything. This album is so good and underrated. More people should buy it & not out of respect. Because it's generally brilliant. I LOVE YOU MJ & MJ FAM❤ love lives forever & though I can see where people say this album is "premature" & he wouldn't have wanted it released just yet, I couldn't agree more. He was a true perfectionist, but the album is sooo good. I loved every single song on it & it made me believe that he truly would've made a great come back.


This music wasn't truly to Michael. He died b4 this was released, but he never got the respect as a person he deserved. Since his passing, all the work he wanted to make was now destroyed by mindless heathens!


Michael is the real king of pop. This song is just sensational

Nehi The MJ Fanatic

The song "(I Like) The Way You Love Me" is ABSO-AMAZING so thumbs up on that, and I also like "Behind The Mask", BUT I am offended, insulted, and just down right in shock that two of the songs on this album (if not more) are CLEARLY sung by some guy IMITATING MJ. They don't even actually SOUND like him they sound like poor imitations. If it was TRIBUTE I could understand, but there's no way they shoveled this off on us and expected us to believe that every one of these songs is MICHAEL singing. I'm upset.


This is a fraud. You can tell that some of these songs are not Michael. It's really sad that people will do anything in a Name to make a buck when someone Is not here to defend them selves. I would not buy this if I was paid a million dollars to. I have to much respect for Michael and his work. No Way!!!!!!!


I love Michael Jackson, but the sings like hold my hand are just bad! No hating on akon! Just the song sounds nothing like Michael Jackson

Vanessa Johnson

Just to let you know, I'm a die-hard MJ fan, and I've always loved him. But, his vocals aren't that great. At some moments, he sounds like a billy goat. I mean, I love him. If it was up to me, I'd be dead and he'd be alive. But, really, it can't be him. It's just not. And, if it him, he should've rested instead of jumped into a new album. Maybe then, we'd still have our king. (Teardrop).


Why does his voice sound different in Breaking News?!?!?!

DJ Steph

This album just confirmed that he was gone too soon...


Not one of my fav albums of Michael ,but has some of my fav sings from MJ like Hold My Hand, Best of Joy, Keep Your Head Up, and (I Can't Make It) Another Day. The other songs aren't really much I expected and they don't sound like Michael!! I HATE Sony for doing this....Michael needs to RIP! Leave him alone with all the fakes! I LOVE AND MISS YOU MICHAEL! 😘


Listen, his own daughter Paris Jackson said that NONE of the songs on this album were/are Michael singing... it's just impersonators. Except Hold My hand I believe. I'm still giving it 5 stars for trying to hold on to Michael's legacy!

Carmen Rea

It's obvious that some of these songs aren't Michael. I love you Mikey

Cloe Cloe Cloe Cloe

I love love love hold my hand




Hollywood tonight, Monster, And breaking news aren't MJ he leaves us clues to know that he is still here and living listen closely to breaking new because most of you think it is say "breaking breaking breaking the news... " Nope In the beginning it says "We're faking faking breaking the news" faking breaking news?!?!?!? Hello! To get more info look it up on google MJ is still here and im going to support him 100%!!!!!! Love you MJ!!!!

Chamone #1

Keep Your Head Up, Monster, & Breaking News are not his I have listened to all of his songs & if you are a true MJ Fan (like me) you would know. I advise you to download the other 7 songs that are his & boycott the fakes. R.I.P. MJ.


After hearing Michael Jackson over the years, I have fell in love with his singing voice becoming a Michael Jackson fan. From hearing this album after his passing, it makes me feel that he is still here with us. This album will do great!! The many different songs are amazing to hear over and over again! I really do like "Hollywood Tonight" and "Behind the Mask". I really hope you enjoy this album as much as I do!! :)


Best album of 2010

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