Coldplay - Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix)

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Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix) - Single Tracklist:


I paid for this track and I can’t even listen to it because it’s not available in my region. Maybe apple should put that up there before I pay for the track 🤔 wish I could give a review but I can’t even listen to it


I like your remixe....I liked another you did. Best of luck and blessings of prosperity.

California Blues

The song Midnight is such a beautiful song on the album Ghost Stories. A bit of a dark beauty on the album and quite underrated! I have to say this electronic disco remix that Moroder has managed to create, is just flawless! C'est chic!

Ron González

It's bespoke!


Very well done....this song is very good for the soul. Sweetness indeed :)


This music is by far the most progressive the band has ever put together. I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I heard it. It has a way of growing on you so that you want to keep hearing the music over and over...


Tiesto's is phoned in but still better


Coldplay couldn't have pick any one greater than Giorgio Moroder Excellent Remix!


A great song by Coldplay, but a remix by one of the pioneers of EDM, master Giorgio Moroder is just epic.


It's a great remix up to about 3 minutes in when the out of place lyrics start. I don't know if it's to make it more original but after that the song just completely leaves the midnight theme and just isn't good. By the end, there is just two little pieces that refer back to the Coldplay song.

D Hizzle

Basically, the idea behind this remix was "let me add a bass drum and snare hit... perfect." Nothing special, original is better, but isn't it usually?


The soft voice of Chris Martin vs. Giorgio’s hard beats makes for a dynamite stadium sound. Y’all know Coldplay’s sound. Check out the grandmaster of electronic music, Giorgio Moroder’s own work (my personal fave - the riveting soundtrack for the movie, Midnight Express). I do love this remix.

Louie Daylights

Is this the composer? The Score master responsible for such scores as “Scarface” and “FlashDance” to name just two? This song as well as most Coldplay songs and remixes are so worthy. props to the boys.

joe m chicago

All Coldplay needs is Donna Summer singing back up! Smoke a J., put on headphones, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!


Coldplay in my opinion is indescribable, there song can transport me all over the world. I got the Midnight son and I was in their world, then the Giorgio comes in and my mind was taken out to another dimension. This song is one of those song that can make you feel what ever it is you want to feel at the moment, it can make you see anything you imagine it transports you to your own universe. heavenTrance!


Giorgio Moroder's influence on this song is phenomenal and makes it even more enjoyable


This is a garageband track... No offense apple, i use your Logic Pro, but this track is laughable. Ive never seen so many people rate a track as musically bankrupt as this track is anything above five stars. 1) terrible production attention 2) pitiful musical style 3) just oh god... 4) i was in love with coldplays midnight before hearing this... It killed it... I'm begging you, for the love of music, dont but this bootleg crap


One of there best songs!

Fried Pickle

Giorgion brings "LIFE" to what is originally a "DULL AND SOULESS) song.

G Louie

I was immediately hooked on the first listen. Best remix I've heard in ages, andnow I can't wait for "Ghost Stories" to be released. Coldplay continues to further explore their boundaries, and Giorgio Moroder still has the golden touch. Don't miss out on this gem!


This is amazing, Coldplay! <3

A Music City Citizen

All the aspects of the remix lifted from Coldplay's "Midnight," (vocals and music,) were perfect for the original version, but they do not seem to belong in this remix. This remix would have been better if those aspects of the song were removed and this was a totally unique song. Otherwise, a very beautiful remix, especially when the lower male voice and the female choir start singing. I wish I knew what lyrics said male voice was singing though.


esta cancion es de otro planeta la amoooo!!


I'm searching for a "request a refund" link after buying & listening to this remix. Maybe I have to be a French discotheque patron to enjoy this.


Great song! Two amazing artistic forces of music mastery, from different times, combining efforts is certainly a piece begging for a listen. Maybe not timeless but definitely great

nancy luvs u x3

okay remix.


This is a very cool song-- and I was lucky enough to see them perform it live in Austin at the sxsw iTunes festival concert in March. Love the song Midnight, but really love this remix! May 19th can't get here soon enough!


Obsessed !!! Perfect Jem of a jam!!!

Don't Say Anything

Strange remix




I live this song and the remix makes it even better! It sounds like an 80's mix- reminds me of something between depeche mode and new order! Great mix!


I really like the song. I just wish it was in ENGLISH


Now that two of the album tracks have been released I’m considering canceling my pre-order but I do like this remix.


.....and if you want to check out a classic by Giorgio Moroder, check out Chase from the Midnight Express soundtrack.

Mr. Only Extreme



Giorgio really made this sound special.


All around goodness.

Cuz 7 ate 9

I like midnight originally and this just makes it better, great job


This is a great remix of one of Coldplay's more experimental songs. Giorgio Moroder really adds something special to the track. Check it out!


Giorgio is the man, this remix is actually amazing.


Must have, this is an incredible version!!!


Best remix i loved for first time listen to this song

Lives in Philly

Superb remix of an even more superb song— this song is simply amazing (both versions)


This song is one of Coldplay's most understated gems, and this remix is just as (if not more) jammin'. Can't wait for Ghost Stories.

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