Mud Digger - Mud Digger, Vol. 3

℗ 2012 Average Joes Entertainment

riden high

I love mud bog paint job It’s country & rap to gether & it’s a good muding song & mbpj Stan’s for mud bog paint job it the best. Lenny c is a rapist & country tip of singer. Thank Mud bogin pro for The Review

Better than you sucker

I listen to this song while put a huge dip in


Forget the haters, this is real country. It's not fake like Florida Georgia, and Luke Bryan. Long Road is the best song I've heard in my 14 years of living on this Earth.


For all y'all who say this isn't country... please listen to "Stomping Grounds" and learn what it really means to be country. JJ Lawhorn is the real thing.


Crap to us country boys is country rap

Larry and bobby joe

Awesome song

Cattle farmers son

Love the song


The redneck anthem keep giving us a voice in music to be proud of its about time. We have been silenced long enough. You are the greatest and you bring pride to our culture. The hip hop culture has dissed us long enough. Keep it redneck Keep it country Keep it cracker!!!!


this song is the best one i have heard in a long time! every lyric is relatable and you can sing along to it. i love just cruising down the road in my truck with this song blasting!! JJ Lawhorn is one of the best singers in modern country!


Great song!!

Mudd Digger #1

I love it. It's my new fav


wish drope zone was longer but i love this


C'mon where is Mud digger part 3????? Good stuff though....

Becca Jane 3495

an awesome album to listen to when 4 wheelin


Good party drinking sitting at the lake cd

Aj Russo

Love Daniel lee bands song they are very talented and expect great things from them very soon

Erin Forkner

Who would waste their money on this?? And how is this "country" iTunes??


This mud digger album is the best yall! If some of these songs were played on mainstream, Id bet people would fall out of they selves tryin to buy em!! For sure!


mud digger amazing

Rocken' Redneck

Great songs. Let your country hang out is the best


Backwoods tobacco is the first of many hits for DLB !


Wow!…some of the songs sound like Country mixed with Rap…I'm not sure what to think. But this is one of the most opposite genre combinations that immediately come to mind and it's definitely different.


Glad to see the ghetto culture has now crept its way into country music. Flat bill hats, sagging and gold chains must be next.


Great album big Matt keep up the lay back feel and you will go far


Dlb band is still awesome!!!!


The Daniel Lee Band and JB and the Moonshine Band, who needs more? Keep up the great work.


Best ironic comedy album I've heard in a long time!

Becky Lynn Street

DLB's Backwoods Tobacco is a must-have!


Very impressed with this album! Loving the song Backwood Tobacco ft Daniel Lee!


Good Job DLB on Backwood's Tobacco! Love it!!


I love the new daniel lee band song :))). One of my favorites!!!

Mud diggers 3 best yet!

Awesome CD for southern summer country nights! Amazing job DLB on Backwood Tobacco! So impressed!


Love it!


This is the only CD you'll need in your truck this summer! My official summer 2012 CD. Average Joes sure knew what they were doing when they compiled this CD! Absolutely love Backwood Tobacco by Daniel Lee. Perfectly describes our country nights.

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