Brad Paisley - Mud On the Tires

β„— 2003 Sony Music Entertainment

Mud On the Tires Tracklist:


I want a refund


I love this song it is so emotional ❀️


None of anyone people can understand me anymore I am hurt so very bad because of it all all the minding there own business anymore right now I am very hurt because I fell last night I am in a lot of pain right now because it and no way to the er now respect me or you lost a good friend for good life because no one really ever understand me or respect me anymore


I listen to that song every night and I fall asleep to it it never gets old please keep making amazing songs like this one🌺


Album !


By far my favorite song ever written


Mud on the Tires, Celebrity and Whisky Lullaby are great songs worth the price of the album. Throw in with them The Cigar is halarious and weaves a story about lying about smoking expensive cigars. The entire album could be played as you sit with friends and drink a few beers and talk about life. Really relaxing example of the best country can be these days.


This is most likely the saddest song i have ever heard.. But i find its beautiful :) and Allison Kraus has a beautiful voice.


There are not many albums where I like all the songs but this one is surley one. I am not a fan of reading reviews because everyone has different tastes/opinions but IMHO I think the iTunes reviewer is just plain wrong. Listen to the music for yourself and form your own opinion. It is a great album.

btr's super mega #1 fan!!!!!

I love this album to be honest it's the album that I kind of grew up with as a kiddo and ever since I have loved country and brad!! I also know like every word of all songs on this album lol


Great song


Awesome song




How is it that I can go from Chris Ledoux, Ian Tyson, Slim Dusty and Michael Martin Murphey singing songs about riding fences, horses, branding, and dogs and all their reviews number 50 ish an album all sayin good stuff, then i come to Paisley and read this is real country music? If all that it takes to be country is a truck and a girl then hot dawg, we are all country! Yeehaw!


i love it ...


Great song


I love living this song! Great job!


Brad Paisley is country king!!


This is his best album by far, I love every song on here!!!!

Momma Tish

I would have liked this cd if whiskey lullaby didn't make me wanna kill myself. That's the most depressing song if ever heard.....


Whoooooo! Love this Album! Brad is awesome!

Kasey king

The old country lik this is always gonna be the best great album brad. Kjk 24


I really love Brad Paisley. Really. But this album is deffinately not my favorites. Also, the album cover is really bad, the truck looks SO fake and the pose that Brad is in looks so uncomfortable. But don't buy the album. I do love the SONG Mud On the Tires. That's worth the money.


This is one of Brad paisleys best albums ever


what could a man ask for. excellent album wouldn't say it's his best but it right up there. Obviously the ladies like it. Brad you stud.


I love the song whiskey lullbye so alsome

ilu m n e

This is his best album every song is good


Awesome album!!!!


this album was no surprise to me. everything of brads is good so listening to all his other albums, i knew wat to xpect;} luuv always bradd!!


this is such a good album i remember trying to sing a one of these songs in the store to a helper in the store becasue i for got the title of the album lol that was about 4 years ago...


l O v E it soooooooo much!!! probably my fav. brad cd!! i <3 brad tho hes awsome!! my favs on here are mud on the tires, celebrity, little moments, and is it raining at your house:)!! <3 um!!

Sarah Valentia

I love the song Whiskey Lullaby!It's so sad!It reminds me of A couple that never was...Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann...Jack Sparrow+Elizabeth Swann=Sparrbeth...


this is my favorite album of brad paisley's, the new stuff he's come out with is ok.. but it's nothing compared to this album!!

Go Blake!!

i love brad paisley...hes an awesome singer and i love his song whiskey lullaby..<3333