Daft Punk - Musique, Vol. 1 (1993-2005)

℗ 2006 Daft Life under exclusive license to Parlophone/ Warner Music France, a Warner Music Group Company

Musique, Vol. 1 (1993-2005) Tracklist:

Pamela chessboard

See if The Soft Underbellies are up your alley.


Ummm... It's daft punk. Nuff said.


Appears that Apple has suffered a data loss? 55 reviews?

Rafael Marrero

I love this compilation album. There are so many good songs here. 5 stars.


Man daft punk is great no idea why people hate I love human after all and the album


I love all there albums I have all if them


This is another amazing album!


I have no idea why iTunes would delete the previous reviews. Deleted reviews or not—Daft Punk and this collection of songs remains legendary.


Love the album but have no idea what had happened to the other reviews? But it such a awesome album!!!