Brad Paisley - My Miracle

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My Miracle - Single Tracklist:

lil A-Aron

Reminds me of how blessed I am!!!!


This song makes me think about the miracles in my life and I’m so grateful❣️ Thanks for putting feelings to words and music Brad!


Excellent guitar riffs and great vocals. Brad is still putting out quality.


Brad’s trying something new and it still sounds great!


Heard Brad perform it live acoustically (just him and a guitar) on the Grand Ole Opry radio show and then this version today on WSM. Had to buy it. Both are awesome and meaningfully done. I especially appreciate his giving credit to God for the gift of his wife.


Thanks for giving us a real country song Brad!


You love your wife


Thanks for staying true to your country roots and sound over the years. As country music evolves one thing stays constant, a Brad Paisley melody. It’s always refreshing amongst the mainstream country music.

Carl golden

Brad absolutely another great hit! You got me on this one like Today and Dying to see her. Your a man of many talents!


This is so heartfelt. Hope this is a sign you have a new album on the way..🤞 We can’t wait to see you in concert this fall in WA.❤️


What a beautiful song! Love brad. Hope this means a new album is coming out soon!

Dev Halen

This song is pure gold! So much heart and feeling in one song and you know he’s talking about his own miracle...his wife. Brad paisley never disappoints! Love this song


BP has done it again. 😍. He makes the heart go thump with his love songs.