Nas - King's Disease

℗ 2020 Mass Appeal

DJ super fly

Don’t sleep on this new Nas is hot


This is the Nas release I’ve been waiting on for a while.


Let’s get NAS back to #1 he has the best album of 2020


stream folklore instead 💓


NAS, Is one of my favorite rappers of all time. I love this brother and I love the way he rhymes, but I’m sorry this is horrible!


On top of his game

Nick La Vrar

This was an all around solid project by Nas. Very dope to see him wrk with you g producers.


Love how ppl that never made art or music or anything for that matter are the quickest to call something trash. They are the trash. If you don’t love this album, you don’t know real hip hop, production, or anything for that matter. Period. Gods son the 🐐!! Fall back youngins. The king is here! 👑


I liked every song and beat. Nothing more to say really.


Great album from start to finish 💯


🔥🔥🔥🔥. Good to see God’s Son still in top shape with his penmanship


As time passes Nas stays great!


LIKE NAS SAID IF YOU WANT THE OLD VERSES GO PLAY HIS OLD MUSIC, some of you fans are really stuck in a time period that y’all need to let go. Your glory days are over this isn’t high school Nas


Another Classic... Definitely gotta be a Nas fan or fan of true meaningful HIP HOP to appreciate this album...


Instant Classic can’t get enough of the entire album!! No fillers here!!! Straight Classic Listened to it several times!! #KingsDisease is Album of the year thank you Hit-boy‼️‼️Nas🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎧🎧🎧🎧 these one star reviews are hilarious.

Don Guillory

The Best. “Nasir” was a rushed work of art clouded by Kanye’s cluttered 2018. “Lost Tapes II” I really enjoyed, but “King’s Disease” is special, truly great. I don’t think any other artist could deliver a project like this in 2020. Maybe Cole, but Cole doesn’t have gravitas of Son.


Nas go hard all the time never sold out, this real hip hop from the words of the great Nas.. he taught us how 2 grow up!




Love the album, respect. But I still want to hear a Nas and Eminem collab. 🙃 these are the greats and this is definitely on repeat with my workouts.


Love the sound of this album


One of the best album, I’ve heard so far. I don’t expect anything less from a legend.


Best album I heard in 2020 Em album was cool Wayne’s album was cool but this Nas album❤️🔥🔥


Greatest dead or alive


Just hit play!


Album is a classic... a timeless masterpiece


Best song 10 points. Speaks to soul of all black people out there.


I have been a fan of Nas from day one. When I heard him on live at the bbq I was hooked. He has never let me down. He is truly a Goat of rap

Bo Chilla

Compared to the trash that’s out today, it’s 5 stars. But compared with the best of Nas, it’s arguably the worst he’s put out. Never thought the day would come when he succumbed to trash trap beats, but I probably shouldn’t be surprised at this point. If someone doesn’t spark hip hop, it’s over with. Disappointed, but not totally surprised in today’s age.


Pure 🔥🔥


Aside from full circle (minus the wack Foxy verse) this album is trash. Glad to see Cormega and NaS back together but man the production is trash. Songs are trash. Life is Good was the last real NaS album.


Nothing special here same pathetic excuse for music


Stream & buy smile




Another Masterpiece!


I’ve been listening to Nas since Illmatic. The first time I listened to the album I thought it was just ok. I hold Nas to a higher standard than other rappers, so I expect his lyrical content to be on point. A lot of people question his beat selection, but I’ve always thought they were fine. After listening to the album 3 or 4 more times, I feel it’s one of his best. He continues to show maturity in his subject matter. Definitely an icon. (I’d like to hear an EP with Nas, Jay, and Electronica-can you imagine?)


We waited 6 years for an album, only to be let down by the kanye west produced, 7 track Nasir. Since then, I haven't been waiting for another album, and now I have no care in his new music. I'm sure others feel the same.


As usual always dropping fire , shout to Hit-Boy for producing this fire ass album! Album of the year for sure


Loved the album from first play which is normally not a good sign, but this is different. The Hit-Boy production blends well with Nas’ lyrics and cadence, and all the guest spots were well-thought out. Kudos to the team at Mass Appeal for making these records. Hearing AZ(top 5 DOA) spit on new music with Nas is worth the price of admission. Great effort! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


“Push to start $$$”

Brett The Wolfman

The most cohesive rap album I have ever heard and that is hit boy and Nas making an actual collaboration in the studio together

Issa Litt

Hit Boy On The Track This Here Pose 2 Slapppppp...Ty Nas


Certainly one of the most prolific artist of our time. We are blessed to have you Nas. Peace King


Not worth the hype

Nasty war

Best album of 2020👑


Leave doja alone, just another sexist rapper who is mad that a woman is getting more success then him.


nas the🐐🐐🐐


A Classic Album By NAS. Don't Hesitate to Buy and Play it from beginning to end.


The real king of NY! 🔥 Tekashi who??

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