NCT 127 - NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round - The 2nd Album Repackage

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NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round - The 2nd Album Repackage Tracklist:




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i thought they couldn’t do better than kick it but then they released punch... nct are one of the groups that always exceed my expectation with each comeback!! even the bside nonstop is a banger and could win 1st place on all the music shows if they nominated it. keep up the good work boys!!

Jess Renee

This album is a punch to the face. But in a good way. NCT 127 is one of those groups that has music that’s somewhat experimental. It’s loud and sometimes includes shout/chants, mixed with amazing raps and beautiful vocals. As usual, this album offers up different types of songs, so there really is something as everyone.




Best album, great music!



NCT ot21

I’ve been listening to this album NONSTOP. It really MAKES YOUR DAY and all your DREAMS COME TRUE. I thought it was a DAY DREAM when I finally learned how to KICK IT and PUNCH with NCT. The song goes BOOM and it makes me want to SIT DOWN! and listen to a LOVE SONG.


as they should!!! very nct and im glad they know their sound!




Very neo


Rumor has it that Mozart was supposed to release this album during his time, but he though it was too ahead of it’s time. Years later, Mozart’s relatives gave the album to NCT 127 to release.


First off, I am so proud of these boys! They have worked their butts off for years and have been particularly working Nonstop since last year with The Origin Tour. They have provided us a comeback with Kick It and Prelude, and even more now with Punch! I absolutely love this album and all of the songs. Punch is definitely soty and it is totally worth the purchase. This will literally Make Your Day, week, and month.


saving the music industry one album at a time


I really like the new songs added. They are really cool to listen to. My favorite is probably nonstop though punch is also great.

hellllo :)

Everything about this comeback was simply *chefs kiss* Sleep on beds not NCT 127 and stream Punch so we can get them a win!!!🤩🤩🤩

[email protected]€$$LOVE

so good, punch soty also nonstop goes so hard


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NCT has done it again, these new songs are amazing💚

lazzy punk66789

NCT dream 🍯🐝💚💛💚, I love you I’m proud of you ALL NCT fans are to 💜🌠💜 and you should be to all of your Albums are out of this world 🗺. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE and our Leaders of what life and Future we dream of and how We want to live it 🔮🔭. You’re Truly All souring Stars ✨⭐️🌟✨! Good morning 🌞 and good Luck 🍀💚🍀.

Neo City's Jade

Nothing short of a masterpiece, nct never EVER disappoint.

NCT127 fan

Mix of rap and r&b with some funk makes this a joy to listen to.


Punch track is amazing.


haechan ace

cassy•why dont we

The best thing I ever heard in my life




I already own and continuously play the original Neo Zone album so today I purchased the 3 new songs to “complete my album”. Punch👊🏽 is an art piece vocally & visually; Nonstop is a head bopper and Make My Day is just as beautiful as the other NCT127 ballads. I’m really stoked about these additions and can’t wait to buy a physical copy.


This repackage is everything!!🤩 Stan NCT💚💚💚


Great repackage I’m happy they did this


Neo Zone was already a great album but this repackage managed to make it even better - a tough feat. Punch is a fantastic song that combines several styles of music but it still works well when put together. NCT 127 deserves a lot of credit for putting out such a strong effort in only their second (third) full-length album. They’ve made an excellent album and they’ve stayed true to who they are as a fixed unit.


I already had very high expectations following kick it, but 127 does what they do best and continues to prove they are one of the leading groups of Kpop. Punch did what it had to do and they blew me away. Highly recommend listening to this if you are a fan of good music.


NCT 127 is so talented and they’re very hardworking


punch is a whole bop. this is going to be album of the year period. 💚

Juli KT

I can’t rant and rave about this enough tbh... the album is quite simply a god tier album. I thought nothin would top Sit Down! and Kick It, but Nonstop and Punch are on a different level. I’m speechless!


If you don’t like it you have not taste😌


wow. you have done it again. constantly raising the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. id day i’m surprised, but i know who you are. punch soty!


Amazing LIKE ALWAYS! Game changing music!! NCT BEST BOYS!!! Period. 💚💚💚💚💚💚


NCT 127 Let’s get it!


nct world domination


Ok yessss this album is so good stream the music video punch💚

kevs not kevs

A wonderful 2nd album repackage coming from one of the best 4th generation kpop groups! Please listen to Punch and NonStop a lot 💚💚

💜stream ON

Best album in the world stream!