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Young And Sad really hit me right in the heart (feel the same way as that specific song) I definitely recommend people listening to the album!


After going through a rough period when I was laid off from my job I found solace in the most unlikely of places, in Noah Cyrus’s music. Initially, I was wowed by the ‘I Got So High’ single, but once I unpacked the rest of album I found it to be one of the most vulnerable and honest bodies of work I have heard in a long while. The title track ‘The End of Everything’ is a reminder of how fleeting life is for mankind. We have the tiniest life span of anything in the universe, yet our egos lead us to believe we’re the most important. Thank you for this project Noah!


She did it again. This girl really knows how to make a song stick with every broken heart or screw you attitude but always be uplifting. Such a great tempo and voice here. My favorite so far. I wish July was longer though.


The songs about god are amazing but I pray she doesn’t get caught up in the devil. Her album cover is of the all seeing eye. Be carful Noah. Your name symbolizes greatness.


I see myself driving these long back roads, on my way to the beach ❤️ with the sun setting


Lovely vocal and meaningful lyrics. The Cyrus to follow musically.

Sensei Nativa

Noah coming out of left field with some hits. I love it


Shes hit a new landmark with her music and a new chord of my heart 😭😭


By far the best Cyrus vocally. Outstanding.

Lyrical siren

I fully appreciate this girl’s artistry. This album is beyond perfect.


better than billie eilish and camila cabello depressing songs


I’ve been struggling a great amount lately with my own mortality and the mortality of those around me. I can’t say that it brings me peace to accept that one day everything and everyone will turn back into stardust and disappear but these songs bring me joy in this moment and that’s all any of us can hope for. Thank you Noah.


If you are looking for an album that completely transcends catchy hooks and cheap lyrics; look no further. Songs like “Lonely” and “Young and Sad” demonstrate a vast amount of personal vulnerability and relatability. “Ghost” and “July” lead the listener into the realm of personal insecurity and are the embodiment of self loathing. In contrast, songs like “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” and “The End of Everything” offer a more subdued perspective and invite the listener to surrender to the anxieties of life. So sit dow, relax, and tell Jesus that Noah sent you. ❤️


i literally love this 😩




There’s more depth in this gem of an experience than most 20-song albums. I could listen to her voice all day.


Wish she would come out with something more rnb and and slow but with chill beats! She has a beautiful voice...

To the unknown man

If this music fills it. I am listening to "the Jazz Crusaders" - Powerhouse - song Love is Blue. I don't even like Jazz that much but these guys are talented. Check DARKSIDE and Dead Can Dance if you want a real musical experience. Big Sexy Session by Kevin Yost if you want something that pumps.

Jacob Knight Cyrus

You don’t come across music like this that often... you can tell how alone this woman has been all her life. Living in the dark, waiting to bloom.

sydney heyza

Noah finds the most beautiful ways to turn her daily thoughts and battles through life into the most beautiful pieces of art.Her strength and vulnerability are gleaming through each song on the record. One of the most beautiful works of art to date

michaela coutts

best EP i've ever heard in my life. there isn't a song i would skip. the rawness and vulnerability within this EP is amazing. shows true strength. i love it so much.


Satanic music for a satanic family.


Liar alone is a masterpiece, let alone this whole ep. Noah seems so lived in this sound


This EP is very impressive and mature. The production, the vocals and melodies. Everything is so good, im confused why they wont let her release a full album yet


Noah Cyrus is amazing!! I was hesitant before hearing her music because I thought she was just famous because of Miley, but WOW. Her music is so deep and beautiful. Love it.


Every single song is amazing; didn't expect such talent, beauty and emotion. A favorite of all time.


This is my first time listening and purchasing a song of Noah Cyrus and with no regrets it’s a very beautiful and relatable song. 😍❤️Thank you

sophia danielle g

her voice and words are just everything 💖

Olaf the snowman

More please 😍


Thankful for music like this that makes you feel your soul move. Rare is an understatement... because Noah is unforgettably amazing in so many ways. Her voice has its own energy ❤️🌎

Kasey Rosie

Her songs are each their own masterpiece. Finally found an artist I can relate to who sings about pain beautifully. This music inspires me to create more art. Something so special about people who spark creativity in others. World is a better place with her art in it. 🖤

Seattle babe 87

Wow, I really like this set of songs. Her voice is beautiful. Will definitely look forward to what she comes out with next.

davetta haywood 11

This is wow 😭❤️


Your voice is like silk. Great job girl


I hear so many people say that Noah just sounds like Miley, but this EP really shows her unique voice and style. I’ve always loved Noah and this is her best music and sound.


ah i’m crying her voice is so beautiful


Not surprised🤩


Good job Noah! Such a beautiful, and thought out EP. Definitely deserves 5 stars


very beautiful ep. very thankful for her.


We stan Noah!!!


Literally This EP needs to blow up its so so good! So proud of Noah!!


I love you and your music


What a beautiful voice! Amazing lyrics. So much passion in her voice. She’s Gucci flames all day!


Noah never disappoints when it comes to creating real and inspiring music. The music industry should appreciate this work because she sure knows how to make meaningful music! 🖤✨


More beautiful than I could’ve imagined


WOW 👏, WOW 👏, WOW👏