Nothing But Thieves - Moral Panic

℗ 2020 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Moral Panic Tracklist:


Great sound, great instrumentation, great songwriting, great singer, great engineering. Creative yet familiar. Love this band! Easily the best album of the year, regardless of genre. This doesn’t really fit one specific genre but I love it- touches on alternative, rock, electronica, and some R&B. Cant stop listening!


Lots of incredible songs on this album, but some standouts include "Is Everybody Going Crazy" and the Killers-esque "Real Love Song." Other amazing tracks include "Phobia" and "There Was Sun," but "Free If We Want It" might be the most beautiful piece of music they've ever recorded. I'm totally in awe of this band 🙌


I love it so much!!!

Nurse Roxy

Nothing but thieves is my new favorite band. Connor Mason’s voice is unlike any other. Love the album!!


SO good! Short, but SWEET!


Love this release!!! I was counting the days for it. As the songs were being released I have playing them on repeat. NonStop!!!! NBT are really talented and Conor should be recognized for that amazing voice he has .... can’t wait to see them on tour ... Great Job Guys

Colonel jello cup

I was hesitant to purchase thinking the band was going into a more commercial direction, but I was totally wrong! They have made an album that captures the emotions of current times! Conor’s voice gives me goose bumps! The band members compliment each other so well! Well done! Will be listening to this album over and over for quite a while! Download now!!

Gra-He 70

It’s hard to put into words how good this album is! The most amazing band I’ve heard in years. This is the first band I see post pandemic. Thanks guys!


Found these guys after hearing the singer sing one line on the new Highly Suspect album. Looked them up, heard the first song, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Musically, they’re good, but lyrically and vocally is definitely where it’s at! This guys voice & range is absolutely unreal. He sings with such power and passion yet has incredible control for the softer parts and does it all with smooth flowing grace. The lyrics are raw and edgy at times, but also honest and heartfelt. I’m excited for this new album, but it’s got some big shoes to fill after their last album, my favorite, Broken Machine. It may take a few listens to get it, but it’s totally worth giving all their stuff an honest shake.


This is one of those albums where you can listen to the whole album straight through and not be dissapointed. Every song is awesome.


Do yourself a favor and grab this album right now; especially if Alt/Rock is your scene. It blows my mind these guys aren’t bigger than they are. Nothing But Thieves consistently puts out great music, but this album transcends. Cover to cover this album crushes it and it’s increasingly rare to find an album where every song is great start to finish. Most likely already my Album of the Year.


The band continues to evolve, and that will probably alienate some fans, but I think it’s a wonderful thing to see an endlessly creative group of people; those who create for themselves and don’t just give in to the demands of the majority or whatever’s popular. Moral Panic is a new sound, an evolved NBT and I love it. Every song is solid, but “Can You Afford To Be An Individual?” is my absolute favorite. It captures the anger I’ve been feeling lately so perfectly. I adore the fact that these guys aren’t afraid to call out the hatred in this world and spit in its face. You’re awesome, boys, keep it up. Can’t wait to see you in person when things go back to normal someday <3 xo


Conors Vocals are beyond human! Love this new record, please come back to Portland Oregon


An amazingly talented band and you will never be disappointed with each release.


I love this band so much, they have been my favorite band for a while now and I haven't found anyone much better.


I love when these guys lean more toward Ours...some here stay in that lane...this album has some experimental techno beats too...I hope they don’t drift too far into it...lyrically isn’t that bad guys :)


Can't wait for the full release. This album is the best work they've done so far. Give Phobia a good listen to. It grew on me very fast. Almost Marlyn Manson-esque. Love the whole thing.


Just found this band. Not disappointed!


They are so dope can’t wait




hopefully this album is good!

suffocate :)

so excited oh my godddd


Loved these guys as soon as I heard their first song. It’s amazing that 5 guys who grew up together can form a band this good and write songs that are truly truly great. The first two songs that have been released have been in heavy rotation for me. Real Love Song is going to get stuck in your head in a good way. I highly recommend that you see them live. It’ll all make sense! I cannot wait for this to be fully released!!


Love these guys. Everything they put out is great. See them live if you get the chance.


I seriously cannot wait for this album