One Direction - Up All Night (Deluxe Version)

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Up All Night (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


every single time i hear one of their songs i break down in tears. i love the boys so much more than anything else in the world, and i’m so proud of them. BEST BAND EVER!!


this album has been out for years but i still love it! i’m a huge directioner and have been for about 5 years but i wish i discovered them earlier. my favorite song on this album is definitely stand up! honestly, probably one of my favorite 1D albums.

queen of dopeville101

Used to love them when I was a dumb 6 year old now I’m 12. They are just another cheesy white boy band writing corny love songs to random girls😴


You are really going to write an entire paragraph to tell these guys how much you hate them? do you have a screw loose because this album is amazing!

Love one direction biggest fan

So proud of them hope they come back soon together happy 10 years 💛💛💛

cute glitter bomb

Please get back together!! YOU guys are one direction so get back together please!!!🥺

raini r

Such a amazing album never get tired of it!

miss the band

Hope the band gets back together


Get outta here boyband




It’s 2020 and this album is still incredible!

Trust and Us



I’m not a big fan of 1D. this id not to good of a song from them😬😬

darla allen

You don’t know your beautiful one direction go whoo


Harry’s vocals are to be acknowledged and not taken for granted. He’s that good


Heaven on earth


Who doesn’t love a catchy beat and mushy boy band lyrics? “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction is the greatest of all time because it is ridiculously catchy, encapsulates good feelings, a great party song, holds a great story behind the song’s true meaning, and it is very personal to me. Since 2011, the band has produced many popular hits, but this one in particular is an easy crowd - pleasing song. One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” is still played eight years later, and it will continue to be played in the future, confirming is the best song ever.

desesndents lover24

This song is so bad it made one direction go the other direction


2011 memories this album is beautiful and relatable Love u guys one directioner for life 😭😍❤️💯

Calgirl 500

Best band ever

BIGGEST fan in your life

My favorite song in this album is One Thing. It is awesome.l can’t believe that some people HATE this album I give it a four star rating.

Harrys gucci hoe

I’m sad af




The u.s version robs us of three great songs; Another World, Na Na Na, and I should’ve kissed you. I have never felt more lies to


then, 2010, it was an album full of bops. now, 2018, it still is an album full of bops, but at times, it’s an album that makes us cry in merely a nano second. ❤️


Love the songs but why aren’t all of their songs they’ve done on iTunes?

Miz Cracker

I know I’m just a little bit late but I love it so much

big G waits


One Direction Lover!! 🆔💜


Gabriella Barrios

this album is the O.G. of one direction and yes even though this is their very first album it will ALWAYS be the very best. i love it ❤️❤️


My bbbbss


Utter crap

crazy for billy idol

I was a big one Direction fan back in 2014 use to have there cds but the didn’t stay a group for very long and I use to have there books went to go see there movie in the theater this is us witch I loved but now 1D is in different directions now they were the best I miss you guys Liam, Nile, Zane, harry, And Louie miss you sooo much guys

ms holly woood

I love kiss you I love songs


The song what makes you beautiful helped me when I was depressed and boosted my selfesteem the next day I was happy when I went to school


A few years later, And i still listen to One Direction‼️💗


But good music

Junior ac

(561) 294-2126(561) 294-2126


Whoever said that One Direction sounds like Justin Bieber is STUPID and doesn't know what GOOD MUSIC is 🎶 also Adele is not a real artist, becuz she's an idiot

Alice Hoade

Such nastolga with this album I would listen to it every day in middle school


My doctor said I can't listen to this for my health and safety


Ok so I love this album so much but my favorite song off of it is "Another World" and I've looked at the deluxe version of this album and the regular one but I can't find it...was it only released in the UK or something??


I like a few of the songs, but usually I prefer things like Alessia Cara and NeverShoutNever.



Chicken 409



I know im from 2017 but this is and will always be the best album i've heard (and all of their other ones 2 ^_^)


Their "Beautiful", makes me feel like I'm beautiful, and with more than I think ☺

Brandeh Panda

10/10 would listen to again

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