OneRepublic - Wild Life

℗ 2020 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Wild Life - Single Tracklist:


My eyes are watery while listening to this song!


Love it!!!


The feeling this song evokes is unlike anything else. It’s Chills down my spine good.


Tbh this isn’t as good as didn’t I or somebody to love but it’s a great song, just what I needed to get me to December😂. Stoked for the new album


Here we go. Finally back on the road to what they are.


Incredible song!


To be honest, I have been a little disappointed with 1R the last few years because although they have always been a pop/alternative band, I feel like they lost most of their magic after Native. Oh My My was really good but lost some of that magic you feel when listening. This song is a refreshing rebirth of that magic. I hope that Human can bring some of that magic back that this song was able to do.

kid with fists

This song is everything that 1R is! It is such a perfect song and some of 1R’s best work yet!!


Amazing, as always. Can’t wait for the album in December 👍


Life can be crazy and unpredictable at times, but there’s a beauty in that. This is the message of the song, and it’s backed by heavenly instrumentals that leave me dazed in wonder. This is another easy 10/10 for OneRepublic.


Wild Life has Native vibes like Ryan said it would with the synthetic elements, but it also has Human vibes in the harmonies. It’s a beautiful song.


One Republic has done it again, with great lyrics and melody! Buy this song 💕


The musical production in this screams movie song. It’s an emotional journey, well done 👏🏻👏🏻

it was fairly good

An interesting new song, I miss the old stuff. We humans are herd animals, but you don’t have to fallow the herd


I love this song. It’s so good. OneRepublic’s songs have such Ana amazing meaning behind them. And not a lot of artists have that. But this song sounds so much like Au Revoir. I love it

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

OneRepublic always makes great songs!!

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