Taylor Swift - Only The Young (Featured in Miss Americana)

℗ 2020 Taylor Swift

Only The Young (Featured in Miss Americana) - Single Tracklist:


A perfect song with a great message! I love the beat too! 💜


I love it

Darya Rose

I love Taylor with everything in me, and I always will. But I can’t support this song. It’s incredibly divisive, immature, and hateful. If you’re going to get into politics (like she has chosen) then do it correctly. Don’t push your opinion down others throats, let people choose what they want to believe. Instead of picking sides, try to unite, and spread love. Not this hateful if you with so and so then you’re bad. Also, as a celebrity Taylor lives in this false reality. I will not ever be okay with her telling me and other middle class workers what to believe, and what our morals should be. Incredible disappointed.




Taylor, you are absolutely amazing. Everything about you! I have been a HUGE fan since Tim McGraw!

YouTube Oscar

The people who give this negative reviews are so tasteless and are just haters.


To everyone giving this song 1 Star I would like to see you write a song half as good as this, if she was any of the things you guys are saying about her she wouldn’t have a net worth of 360 million dollars. Try again sweeties we don’t tolerate clowns 🤡

Dude. no


Caffie colp

Awesome song! Should’ve been on the Lover album.

biggest taylor swift fan❤️🥰

I love this sooooooo much but I wish that there was more then only the young and can run. 😍🥰🥰😘😁


If you don’t like this song what are you doing commenting?


Not only is this monotonous and tasteless in rhythm - it’s brainwashed political nonsense.

cats rule forever

Eeee Absolutely stunning!


Important message

merila moriss

Proud of tay:)


taylor swift has done it again.


Incredibly moving. Looking for inspiration? Please listen because miss Taylor Swift has done it again. My heart is full with this one.

Garrus Vakarian12

I thought this was an underwhelming and mediocre song but upon listening to it, this was actually great. Her tune and vocals are splendid although the duration was short. It's not her best work but I think most will enjoy it. Even though it's about politics and the tune isn't completely originally groundbreaking, most people will listen to the sound and tune.


Love her music and how it’s so inspiring! Such a talented person!


The best song she has ever written.


Great message and great song


Not only is this documentary full of heartfelt moments in Taylor’s life, the ups and downs, the pure perseverance of not listening to the haters and being a strong woman, especially with all the issues following women today, this song is great and shows what an awesome artist she is! Taylor, you always tell a story in your songs that inspire the right people..the young people..congratulations and keep it going! You will always be one of my favorites..I felt in the documentary that I actually knew the person in it. I just hope my daughter can follow your lead and make this world a different and better place! And don’t give up hope..I am a man and I understand everything you stand for , so maybe one day soon, this won’t be such a hard country for women to live in. Thank you for being you! God bless


SO Much LOVE in Taylor she helped me thought a lot of things love your songs keep doing it . you go girl!!👸🏼 ps. Keep supporting the GAY!!!🤗


I watched her documentary, and kinda LOVED it, and this song shows how only “the young” can change our world. #keeprockingtaylor


Deluxe version


Yes she is


I just got done watching ‘Miss Americana’ on NETFLIX, and I loved it! I learned so much about her that I didn’t know, and I understand so much more about her and what she is doing and why. I love the meaning of this song SO much. It’s supposed to mean that when everything is going on with politics, young people can’t do anything about it because they can’t vote yet. Taylor is saying that you if you want something done, you need to do it yourself and not let anyone hold you back. F*ck you people who believe that she just whipped together this song to promote ‘Miss Americana’. She works so hard, and yet EVERYONE criticizes her every move just because she wants to stand up for what she believes in and for peoples rights. She’s doing this for our future, our children’s future, our grandchildren’s future and so on.


Another Taylor hit!

77's fan

Taylor, focus on your music and stop lecturing those of us who are working to fuel the Great American Comeback.


Love the movie and happy that they showed how the process of this song was created❤️




Also your documentary is amazing. Everyone loves it

Arisa Grande



Fresh! Sharp! Perfect for today! Way to go Taylor! Spoken from a 49 yr old conservative mom in MI. You rock! :)


❤️❤️❤️ only the young 🌈


I mean, it’s Taylor. Of course it’s good.




Such a great song, the movie is a must-watch!

Noah Zachsgang

She’s way overrated, her voice is alright and her lyrics are uninspired


She’s very talented


Just what we need today to give us some hope. As long as the Young vote!

Lulu the best friend

This song sums up everything. It gives us youth something to think about in my opinion. WE change the future. Taylor is one of my favorite singers and I think she hit the nail on the head with this song. A+

Crystal Avril

I love when Taylor uses variety and adds choirs of children and all that unique jazz, love the meaning behind it, inspiring and empowering. - 💙

All Time Low fan4547

She needs to stop pushing politics on people. She’s alienated half her fan base and it’s not okay. Sadly it’s only becoming worse with her. She’s acted snooty and wants everyone to vote for what she wants them to vote for. That’s not how it should be. She’s become a different person. Constantly cussing, hanging out with bad crowds, thinking she is more special than anyone else. Didn’t attend the Grammys because she wasn’t nominated. Just seriously??? I miss the old Taylor!!! Who was a good girl!!

Daniel Bidü Hansen

This girl still want to sing? This is so terrible


The trap beats really fit the song and really ties it into the documentary!


I love the song. I watched the documentray last night and was so impressed with her as a women and as an artist. She comes off so genuine and i was inspired by her work ethic! Keep your head high and keep doing what you love.


Stick to music, same repetitive crap from her.


Taylor is an inspiration, truly talented, and an all around artiste. You don’t get a lot of artists that write their own music....since they were preteens. This is better than some of the self absorbed artists out there claiming others words for their own. If you haven’t listened to Lover yet, head there now.

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