Hobo Johnson - Peach Scone

℗ 2018 Reprise Records

Peach Scone - Single Tracklist:

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If the Lost Boys were a band...

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This song is relatable to so many people, yet people are hating on it. Why would you take time out of your life to hate on an artist who tried their best. I guess it’s your opinion and not your type of music 🤷🏼‍♀️ anyway I love this song and hobo Johnson and relate to it very much. Send love Please ❤️❤️

depressed high schooler

Almost all of us have been heartbroken that the only person who ever cared about you is with someone else. Maybe it’s just me, but still I love the song because he is just talking into the mic, but you can’t judge the WHOLE song because of him not singing the whole time. What makes it a great song is the beat, the rhythm, the sound of his calm THEN YELLING voice telling you a story, a love life, a heartbreak. It’s so much more than words.........

Nikki Star-Smith

This was the beginning of it all ... and my personal favorite!! Watch the live music video... IN LOVE!


It's not really a song, but what makes this "song "good is that it's a song people can relate to when talking to, let's say someone who they wanna date. It kinda represents what goes through someone's head.



Luca Tosi

listen. we’ve all made comments on justin bieber songs on itunes when we were 14 and thought it was funny to rip on him but this is actually bad. this is just a guy talking into a mic, not singing at all and he thinks it’s edgy and aesthetic. this is horrifically awful. what is the appeal? who is listening to this? I’m so confused. we all have different tastes but this literally isn’t a taste. it isn’t music. I’m dumbfounded right now wow.


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Love this👌

Jack The Cool Guy

This song resonates through my soul