Pearl Jam - MTV Unplugged (Live)

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MTV Unplugged (Live) Tracklist:


Seems like a money grab to me. This was how many years ago? I expect better from PJ...thats just me


Sounds great and to hear the passion of their music and songwriting in acoustics Wow


Although you’re about 30 years too late.

Pakal ll

I just love this album

[email protected]@!

The ‘Unplugged’ series/format was perfect b/c it raised the question: can a group or given artist make people feel their work if you take away their fancy electronics & special effects—- On this recording, a young & hungry Pearl Jam answers that with a resounding’Yes’


This recording is (at least for me) almost painful to listen to. The bass is so boomy, fluttering, and inarticulate that I find it really distracting during the entire listen. I have great memories of this performance and I love Pearl Jam, but this recording is just sub par.

chop dml

Anyways many years too late. The last released album was a doozy now this cash grab. Just disappointed....


On Alive you can barely hear the guitar bends for the main riff which for me is the hook of that song minus the solo that was copied from the Doors. Disappointing.


Great performance by a great band!!


This album gets down to the nuts and bolts of Pearl Jam! Very raw and powerful. 10


Very nice live acoustic. Still not as good as the ones that Nirvana and AIC did, but always a good listen


But for a moment in time Nirvana and Pearl Jam ruled the music world and put on 2 of the 3 best Unplugged perfomances ever!


Why does this sound like it was recorded from the audience? YouTube videos sound better then this? Great show, too bad it sounds bad


I’m glad we finally got this release, it’s not complete but still great. Maybe next we can finally get Aerosmith’s MTV Unplugged album?


This and AIC are the 2 best unplugged. Black and Porch are the standouts but all the songs are fantastic! I have this already and mine has Rocking in the Free World on it too?

Antonio León gto

This unplugged is a masterpiece!!!!




As mentioned earlier..........this and Nirvana are the only worthy Unplugged


This nice


I love this album but it’s missing a few songs any reason the set list is 10 songs and we only get 7


A cash grab?! Lol. To that one person who has that one bootleg from Italy from 1992....yea why release an album and potentially make money? Why tour? Why do anything?! Btw troll artists don’t earn money from bootlegs. Ur cool!


Used to be my favorite bootleg... then I was lucky enough to get it as a limited vinyl... now everyone can enjoy one of the best ‘unplugged’ performances from an explosive period of the band. This lineup was special. I just wish there was more.


Took them DECADES but it's finally back. (Last time I owned this was on cassette) Between this and Nirvana's, the BEST MTV Unplugged performaces ever, period. Some of the best versions of these songs were performed here. I cannot wait!


Probably the two greatest MTV unplugged sets were Nirvana’s & Pearl Jam .

Landry H

My favorite song in the entire world done live they did a phenomenal job!!! ❤️


Ive been waiting for this to come out since it first happened. That was on a cassette. Then nothing.. cd's come out,...nothing... mp3's... nothing. finally! FINALLY!!! Take muh muneee!!


I’ve already had this for years, it’s on the Black and White CD... cash grab?!?!


Heard Even Flow and Alive off of this on YouTube, great performance.


Except for the man who I will call the Whistling Clown. Why did you insist on whistling so loud? Make it about you, and not about the band? Your daftness is now immortalized, and I can't unhear it, I hope you're happy.


Ive been watching their performance on Youtube. This live performance has my favorite version of “ Evenflo” in it! Cant wait to download it!


This performance has my favorite version of a few PJ songs. So glad it’s finally being released as an album.


I'm sure everyone will agree with this statement when I say... About...FREAKING...time!!!! Rock on!!!


Flawless, amazing performance that changed music forever!

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