Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (2019 Remix) [Live]

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Delicate Sound of Thunder (2019 Remix) [Live] Tracklist:

Aaron Landsverk

Having listened to the original version of the album and listening to the remixed and expanded version that was released on the Later Years box set, I think this remixed album is outright marvelous. However, I don't think it's perfect. I understand that some sacrifices had to be made to fit all of the additional songs, such as Guy Pratt's improv in "Money" and shortening "Signs of Life" and "On the Run" to fit on their numbered discs. Just remember: If you don't like this remixed version of DSOT, you can always listen to the original. But as for me, I feel that this version beats out the original by a long shot. If you're just getting into Pink Floyd and want to hear their music live, give this album a listen. (My other recommendation would be Pulse, which is a great live album, too).


This is just another example of iTunes/Sony trying to make money on a dead horse, as you can get this exact playlist on "The Later Years" by Pink Floyd, and you'll actually get bonus material.


Oh boy, our 236th version of Learning To Fly has finally arrived. Yet they still can’t seem to release the full 1974 Wembley show in any format more compact than 3 discs spread out across 3 massive box sets. Thanks David!

Number 21

Only one track in the pre-order, so far. It's soooooooo compressed. Flater than a pancake and mushy as strawberry syrup.

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