Pitbull - Greatest Hits

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Trust and Us



Fire album

mr. blow up

Hi I love you’re sound track 🥂

Jhonatan Jimenez

I really enjoyed the music of Pitbull, bravo sigue adelante, we need more your powerful music.


Oh no! A greatest hits? Usually when an artist puts out an album like this they are usually done making music or are washed up. I really hope this isn't the case with Pitbull. Also they left out a lot of good songs and idk the tracks at the end..


pitbull is the biggest hack in the music industry. if he didn't rip off other well-known songs, he would be unknown.

Author Shawn Wallis

When will this guy go away?

Mr. John98

Never heard #7, haven't heard the couple new songs at the end but have heard the rest before & I have them all on numbered 'Now!' CD's in the United States (where I live). Some people think that this is incomplete without his other hits or tracks, but no matter which Pitbull hits are on this CD & which ones aren't, it's gonna be good. I wish I didn't have to rate this, though.

Nathan Clouse13

I’M SO READY FOR THIS! But I’m not sure why that “Bon Bon”, “Back in Time (from Men In Black 3)”, “Fun”, “Celebrate”, “Wild Wild Love”, “We Are One”, “Bad Man”, “Greenlight”, “Sexy Beaches”, “Options”, “The Anthem”, “My Life”, “Por Favor”, “Mucho Booty” & “Maldito Alcohol” “Shut it Down”, “Tomas”, “Culo” Aren’t On there

Roman Lucarini

I guess it was cool to release a greatest hits album since he hasn’t done one in a while but the songs that were chosen to be on it are definitely not his greatest hits! There are so many other songs from Global Warming, Globalization, Dale, and even Climate Change that could have been on there ! But other than that Locas and Jungle are fire🔥 also Mucho Booty is pretty good too even tho it’s probably gonna be released with his new Spanish album


How in the world are you going to release a greatest hits and not include some of Pitbull's greatest hits like "Culo", "Toma", "Shut it Down", "The Anthem" etc....Including his new brand song with Fifth Harmony. I hate to give this one star, but this is a very sloppy greatest hits release.

bring Back Tom Delonge

What happen to the songs Shut it down,krazy, Fun(Chris brown) Celebrate, wild wild love, sexy beaches,shake senora,Alright, pearly gates, greenlight, bad man, sexy body, messing around ( Enrique Iglesias) options (Stephen Marley) and also they forgot to add his newest song Por Favor with fifth harmony in this compilation

B too cool

How can you make a greatest hits compilation without “culo” or “toma”?


Matthew 3:2

Music Album of Pitbull:

Tiemblo (feat. Pitbull) [Remix] - Single
Tiemblo feat. Pitbull [Remix] - Single (2014)
Cuando Estoy Contigo (feat. Pitbull & A. Rose Jackson) [Spanglish Bachata Edit] - Single
Cuando Estoy Contigo feat. Pitbull & A. Rose Jackson [Spanglish Bachata Edit] - Single (2019)
Lady (feat. Pitbull) [The UK Remixes] - EP
Lady feat. Pitbull [The UK Remixes] - EP (2017)
Lady (feat. Pitbull) [The Remixes] - EP
Lady feat. Pitbull [The Remixes] - EP (2017)
Ay Ay Ay (feat. Pitbull) - Single
Ay Ay Ay feat. Pitbull - Single (2019)
Ay Ay Ay (feat. Pitbull) - Single
Ay Ay Ay feat. Pitbull - Single (2019)
Ay Ay Ay (feat. Pitbull) - Single
Ay Ay Ay feat. Pitbull - Single (2019)
Booty Booty (feat. Pitbull) - Single
Booty Booty feat. Pitbull - Single (2013)
Dame Tu Cosita (feat. Cutty Ranks) [Remixes] - Single
Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks [Remixes] - Single (2019)
El Mariachi (feat. Pitbull) - Single
El Mariachi feat. Pitbull - Single (2019)
I'm All Yours (feat. Pitbull) - Single
I'm All Yours feat. Pitbull - Single (2012)
We Run the Night (feat. Pitbull) [Edited] - Single
We Run the Night feat. Pitbull [Edited] - Single (2012)
Pass At Me (feat. Pitbull) - Single
Pass At Me feat. Pitbull - Single (2011)