Miranda Lambert - Platinum

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Platinum Tracklist:


I love this song one of the best I jam out to the song I love the song




I love your music

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This is a great album with awesome songs! Well done Miranda!


Worth every cent. Ran nails it once again with this record

Ash and Indy

She seems pretty self obsessed.


Compared to her "Weight of these Wings" album this album rocks!


Girls - 5/5 Very pretty song about...well, Girls! This song is definitely one that you will hit repeat on! Platinum - 5/5 On the rock side! This song should not be takin' seriously, it's a song that makes you want to dance and jam out to! Actually makes me want to go Platinum... Little Red Wagon - 5/5 This is actually a rock song that Miranda covered by Audra Mae. So fun to dance and sing along to. Ladies if you want a confidence booster then you NEED to listen to this song! Smokin' And Drinkin' - 5/5 R&B vibes! If you ever go camping and your sitting around a campfire you should play this song or sing it. Little Big Town also appears on this song as well! How fun? I really like this one! Priscilla - 100/5 BEST SONG EVER!!!!! The music, the vocals, the lyrics, just the song in general is AMAZING! This song is a really fun one where Miranda fires back at all rumors about her and Blake. Love it! Automatic - 5/5 Such a nice meaning behind this song. I was born in the 2000's so I've never been in the "automatic" time, but it sure does make me wanna go old school😂 Bathroom Sink - 5/5 Any girl can relate to this at a point of time in their life. Girls are always insecure about their reflection in the bathroom sink and Miranda says it all in this song. Old Sh!t - 5/5 Old sounding tune! Originally Brent Cobb's song but Miranda sings it very good. If your a old school kinda gal then you'll love this song. All That's Left - 5/5 Full blown country song!!! Very different from what Miranda usually sings but I love this song. Lots of people can relate to just being in a relationship where all that's left for that person to do is leave. Originally by The Time Jumpers and The Time Jumpers also sing on this track! Really cool song! Gravity Is A B**ch - 5/5 Relatable SOOO MUCH!!! Older people will love this song. This one is basically about how getting old takes a toll on you! Babies Makin' Babies - 5/5 Modern country sounding song. Everybody should really talk about all the teen moms now cause it really is ridiculous! So glad Miranda made a song about babies makin' babies Somethin' Bad - 5/5 Oooh! This song makes me want to do something bad. Carrie Underwood appears on this song too! This is one of Miranda's most popular songs so you should definitely listen to this one! Holding On To You - 5/5 Get the tissues ready guys...you may shed a few tears. Beautiful song about true love. A MUST listen. Two Rings Shy - 100/5 ANOTHER GREAT SONG! The song is great, really really great. This one has a really cool circus theme and is basically about being done with just being someone's clown. Ugh love this one so much! Hard Staying Sober - 5/5 Really country sounding song. This one is just the stone cold truth. With lyrics like "why you think the world drinks? Why you think the world smokes?" It is also a must listen. Another Sunday In The South - 5/5 Fun, fun song! This one includes a lot of 90s country titles and southern sayings! I want to move to the south now that I've heard this! Pretty cool song that everyone can enjoy!


Miranda Lambert is a great singer and I like the song. Somethin Bad with Carrie Underwood that is my favorite song on this album. It is a great song.


I love the sound productions, and the lyrics speak the truth that Miranda is very good at.


Holding Onto You is my very favorite, great song. Also love “Girls"


Alright people I'm sick and tired of how people are saying how certain country artists aren't even country, or how it sounds too "popish". Of course as time progressed, pop elements have been added to country music. You want that so-called "Real Country" go back to the nineties.


Somthin bad is a really really dumb sing but I love it but it's really really dumb lol.


I'm gonna start this off with I'm a huge Miranda fan so if you're already upset, bye. Yes, this album maybe different from what everyone has expected, but it's still amazing. Listening to all of the different lyrics, it's still Miranda. It's still wonderful. This may not be my favorite album she put out, but every song speaks to me in a different way, and that's what she set out to do. I love it, and it proves she can do just about anything. Keep it up Miranda!


I love this album! It makes me wanna have fun! Call all my friends and their friends and their friends friends over for a BBQ at the lake house. On a warm summer evening. Throw on some cut off blue jean shorts, a tank and some sparkly flip flops. The smell of citronella candles, sipping margaritas swinging on the back porch laughing, tapping my feet and feeling that frozen tequila drink going just a little bit to my head. Warm summer breezes blowing in my hair… wondering if "he" will be there tonight. Oh....you know....the guy with those eyes, those dimples ....and that little crooked grin... One more drink and you'll be wondering all the trouble he might be getting you in. :-) this is an awesome album and album that you always remember that song or that song and where you were and who you were with… Those kinds of songs that you never forget and can take you right back to that wonderful foot stomping, booty shaking, hair flipping Saturday night. Lighten up everybody have some fun by this album because it's going to be the soundtrack of your summer!


Best music I've heard from Miranda!


I really liked Miranda's previous Albums when I went to get this one I was really surprised at how awful it was. The only songs worth listening to are "Automatic" and "Somethin' bad" mainly because Carrie is in the duet. Anybody who thinks this is worth listening to should recheck their priorities.


Miranda Lambert is literally AWESOME. Well at least she used to be. Miranda has changed. And you can tell this especially in this new album of hers. I miss the old Miranda. This Miranda isn't her....


Might as well switch from country to pop because this album flopped. While you're at it buy Confident by Demi Lovato!


There is a few good ones but honestly I love her but this album I hate it. If I could I would give this album no stars and if I could I would return this album in a heart beat.

All country 6969

Love this album!!!! Keep it comeing Miranda !!!!

Like it!!!!.....!!!!

Love every Miranda album.

Miranda lambert RRRRRRRROOOckk

Miranda lambert is one of my favorite country rock artists but this album really makes Miranda step up to the next plate Good Job miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pleaseeee don't Buy!!!

Amazing song Miranda Love it!!!


Horrible...Horrible...Horrible!It's not country at all. It's like a 70's disco song that had a synthesizer go haywire! What happened to actual country?!

Elaina Howard

I think Miranda has a huge talent but she's using it the wrong way. Swearing?!? Who wants to here that crap! Otherwise she sounds country and her voice is beautiful!


Miranda was my first love in music & always will be; Platinum is a diverse, genuine Country music album. She is a pioneer while maintaining a Country honesty that is unparalleled by other A-List acts. LOVE PLATINUM, LOVE MIRANDA!!!!!


I can't believe I just "discovered" Miranda!! What a great singer, and she is smokin hot!! This album is full of great songs! All I know is Blake is an idiot for letting her go!


My friend is a huge Miranda Lambert fan and insisted I go out and see for myself. So I thought I would go out and buy this album seeing as it won Album Of The Year. Well this reigning Female Vocalist of the year has not lived up to standards. The only "decent" song on this album is Automatic. I think she's just trying way to hard to be hip with songs like Little Red Wagon and Platinum . Personally don't understand why she's so popular...


To me, this is the best album of Miranda Lambert's. But I like all her music! :)


Somethin' Bad with Carrie, Automatic and Little Red Wagon are the best songs on the album so far.


I love Miranda Lambert CD's if fact I have them all. I wish she would picks out All you Gotta Do Is Left To Leave.... (I may not have the song title right)..Love that song tho! !!!! Swing music reminds me of the old classic "swing music" !!!! Another thing I'd like to add is you don't have to scream like some artists. Alot of her music did'nt get air time on the radio because of poor choices by the country radio stations!! If you have'nt listened to all her CD's It may be worth your time to preview her music!


Now this album is GREAT and people r just hating and think it's pop but it's Country/rock which is the best mix ever ^_^


I love her she's a great country singer she knows how to be a true country artist and love this album :)


Miranda is “Automatic” once again!! I purchased the entire thing within a few days of it being released on iTunes, and it's one of her best ones, yet! She's one of those women that stuck to doing things HER way, NOT what the record execs or her label wanted or expected out of her!! The duet with Carrie is absolutely “Something Bad” ~ Meaning its AWESOME!!! So keep on doing your thing, gurlie gurL!!!! You're awesome as a writer, a performer, just a all around great person!!!!


I'd never pay $12.99 for this. "Little Red Wagon," along with some other songs, is a reason why. However, some songs on this new album has a nice, new, modern, yet more traditional country sound than the "country" that's out today, such as "All That's Left" and "Holding On To You."

Beth Lemonds

Miranda out done herself on this album she shows just how real she really is she is so down to earth no I've never met her but it seems like I've know her my whole life ...... Would love to meet her and Blake my lawd .....

Willy Loughran

Great Fing album!! Miranda's the best!!

Ed Ming

I've been wanting this for awhile, I guess the old Sh!t filled up faster than the wants or do you need this, yes I do! Need some road music.


Miranda has been my favourite female country singer before she became big in Nashville. The songs that she chose to put out as singles are not “country” but when you listen to her album, you honestly hear some of her true country roots. I'm not a big fan of her duets on this album but songs like Bathroom Sink, Priscilla, and Another Sunday In the South are the true Miranda. A lot people may not like this album because she is settling down some, it's not her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend album but still as good. I defiantly recommend this one more than the last record, which didn't seem like the real Miranda. This has easily became my favourite album that has been done by a mainstream artist.

Shauna Maurer

Omg!! Love you Miranda Lambert. Your music is freaking awesome. I saw you in concert you rocked it. Fantastic Job Miranda Lambert. Love Platinum!!


Little Red Wagon is NOT even country. I can't even listen to it for 5 seconds without being annoyed and turn it off when it comes on the radio! I so want women to take over because it's an all boys club in country right now but Miranada is killing it for the women!! Carrie and Kacey Musgraves are only hope!!


She seem like a sweet girl but her voice is okay and her music just sounds dumb, Carrie Underwood should have said NO to Something Bad. I guess she's trying to be like the boys of Bro-Country! Now that's something bad, like a bad idea!

I'm taylor swifts cat

Me and my friend always rock out to this together and I usually don't like country but Miranda is an exception!😂 Ps: Miranda is bæ


Wish I could do a - star not country at all she "talks" more then sings kind of like a Texan trying to rap


Don't buy this

#1 Swifty Forever

Great album. I love Miranda

Something good to talk about

You people are stupid Who think she isn't good y'all couldn't do as good as she could


I just recently started listening to country music after buying this album and I'm hooked. Went to a Miranda Lambert 3 weeks ago and had the time of my life. This album is a must have for everyone!!👸