Plini - Impulse Voices

℗ 2020 Plini

Impulse Voices Tracklist:


KC 240Z

I saw and purchsed this album today, listened to it from beginning to end twice, and am now writing on it. I'm a huge fan of his ability to bring texture and depth to music in general, and this does not disappoint. It is a tad bit one dimentianal compared to his other albums, but it's rock solid. Also, I must say, that as a guitarist it certainly appears that he's been in the "woodshed" a bit because a few of the solos and runs are fantastic. Drummers will love his use of time signatures as well. Definately worth buying. I saw him live last year and he puts on a great show.




This album is worth every penny. Which is why I didn’t mind buying it on Bandcamp after iTunes download purchase completely failed. Complete my album/pre-order simply doesn’t work, making it impossible to download to phone yet insisting you already purchased it. Solution, buy each song on iTunes individually. Which is what I ultimately did. Plini I simply love your music, your bands your mixes. As a drummer I love how you feature your drummers but not over the top, great grooves and odd time hits. So melodic. Your album releases feel like Christmas when I was 5

The Bugkiller.903

This is really good ... Plini just keeps getting better !!!


The songs are so...unique. There’s creative juices just oozing out of each song. “Pan” grabbed me by the soul as it threw me against the ropes and slapped me around a bit. So good. There’s a lot of heavy punch and melodic articulation with this album. Great job, Plini.


As a fana of saurian, Vai, Eric Johnson, Petrucci and Abassi checkign this guy out was a forgone conclusion. Plini just encompasses EVERYTHING I love about instrumental music. This album is incredible and after hearing Handmade Cities I thought there is no way this album can be that good, much like anything post Passion and Warfare from VAi. Taht however is not the case. I had purchsed I'll Tell you Someday and Papelillo before the full album was released and the were terrific. The rest of the album only compliments those songs. The Glass Bead Game is my favortie song but Pan and Perfume are very good front runners as well. This is a album every instrumental fan MUST own!