Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

℗ 2013 Daft Life Limited under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Random Access Memories Tracklist:

Steve Goodrich

Horrible terrible noise made on a child’s keyboard

Rev. Stizzy

I never paid much attention to electronic music until a few years ago, and now this album is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a perfect album, and totally deserving of any and all praise it and The Robots receive. 1million/10

Simpson fanatic

Bloody hell these two gentlemen do it again! What a great album!

Trust and Us


Garrus Vakarian12

How did this got album of the year? I'm puzzled. While the album is not bad and we have all different tastes, Taylor's album Red certainly is one of the most mature and innovative I've ever seen in music from a female singing in the country genre while appealing to mainstream listeners.

Design great home

still think RED should’ve won aoty sorry not sorry



olive the mishroom

This is some gooooooooooood music! I’ll eat my [email protected]##ing flex tape because this is sooooo good!


I'm gonna go ahead and proclaim it : 100% The Album of the Decade

Timedeo it the best

I did not know that a edm artist can more reviews then someone like Billie Irish


Daft Punk please make a new album already. It’s been Too Long. Don’t let the music become a Random Access Memory. They release a new album in like once every 8 years or so, but it’s well worth the wait. Unlike other artists who pretend to be prolific and release dated music for the hit machine, these guys have longevity because they are meticulous and perfectionists when it comes to their art and music. No compromises on their musical integrity; they are definitely Human After All.


Bought the album six years ago and still my top 3 throughout the year.......


Love Daft Punk


Thanx 2 my BabyGrl CEDEZ or I’ld hav missed a gr8 group❣️❣️❣️


My all time favorite group/artist and will always will be to this day and forever just waiting for that new album to come out


Incredible sounds. Worthy of Daft Punk’s discography.


With 3 of each letter, for some emphasis, because I really want to express that I think this album is perfection. It's a good album.


There are no words to describe this perfect album. The moment the very first note hits on “Give Life Back to Music”, you know you are in for a treat. Must listen!!

madhatter brony

I love it keep making more music and also never stop


This album has to be the best R&B album because it feels like your in the 70's or 80's.


Nice worth the money


The album is solid. But Instant Crush is such a musical masterpiece that it makes the whole album worthy of 5 stars.




I sneaked up to get my phone just to listen to daft punk 😃 thanks daft. I made a new discovery


Great album


This is an amazin album....like all their other albums....in my personal opinion. Daft punk are the kings of EDM, there are none higher!


Sometimes an album comes along that sets the standard in production, innovation, arrangement and composition. Let me back up, rarely is there an album that ticks all these boxes in this day and age but Daft Punks "Random Access Memory" is indeed that record. In short it's a masterpeice and the more I listen to it the more I peal back the layers and learn about what this album is about. Many in the industry have said "albums" are dead and it's about the single, no one listens to albums anymore... Thank god Daft Punk didn't listen and created this work of genius. It's been almost 5 years since it's release and all I can say is I hope this isn't their last full length artist album becuase this duo continues to grow and progress in the most interesting ways. They have set the bar high and are industry leaders who have created a high standard for other artists to aim for. Viva Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter!


I almost never write reviews, but this is one of my favorite albums of all time. The greatest songs are Contact, Touch, and Doin' it Right.


For me this album is what Disco and Funk could/should have been had we let the genre develope over time. I like most of the tracks on here, but there are some weak spots for me. Top 3 tracks: Give Life Back to Music Instant Crush Beyond Weakest tracks Motherboard Lose Yourself to Dance I don't listen to Get Lucky much anymore, but it's still good. Not everyone will like or appreciate this album. Maybe I'm a weird duck, but this has been on my top listening albums for years, recently dethroned by Ferry Corsten's Blueprint.

Box Car Al

The Robots NEVER disappoint.


I thought this was amazing especially within


Get lucky and lose yourself to dance are my favorite songs ever



We'll make great pets

I need to talk about this with someone who understands. The first time I ever heard a daft punk song was in 2017, if you're wondering how that could be, it's because I still live in the 90's and occasionally travel as far back as the 60's and 70's, it's weird fun back there. The song was instant crush and I instantly crushed on it. I played it so many times that it asked me to stop, but I didn't and I forced it to let me listen to it. This song reminds me of someone I knew, his consciousness was uploaded into a computer against his will, the process however corrupted his memory cortex, now he only has random access to his memories. It is beautiful yet sad, trapped by the future in the past.


I'm gonna be honest after many years without a Daft Punk album, I was hoping for a radio-friendly and electronic album like "Discovery" or "Homework" giving the amazing work the duo did on the "TRON: Legacy" soundtrack, however this album came unexpected for everyone and not what everyone expected to be, but then again it's a masterpiece and a musical journey you need to take. It gives life back to music, like the first song title of the album. You may not like it the first time or even the fourth time listening to it, but after a while you get the amazing work Daft Punk put out in this record, so many great musicians are featured and have this 70's, 80's vibe, it's so beautiful engineered to all us enjoy and dance!

stasher dragon

Once I got this album I listened to it more than 20 times in a row (according to my play count on my iPod) before listening to any of my other music. If that isn't a sign of replayability, I don't know what is. This is up there with Discovery (another one of my all-time favorite albums from any artist). It is no wonder this album won so many Grammy awards.


All the songs are cool except Giorgio the moroder I don't get it


This album is one of the best of the whole time.but you need to pay attention to details.thats what makes this outstanding


Daft Punk is one of the best electronic artists out there, hell maybe even one of the best out there in general. This album only solidifies this statement. RAM has honestly changed the game. I've never heard an album that sounded like this one. It brings the old disco and 80's sounds into the modern era. This beautiful combination of the two eras brings forth some of my favorite songs like "Give Life Back to Music", "Beyond", "Motherboard", "Touch", and "Fragments of Time". Touch though is something special, it has such beautiful lyrics and sound. It is probably one of the most immersive musical experiences I've ever gone through. This album is a musical journey that deserves a listen from everybody.

wil sonasdfasdfasdf

It's good stuff, you'll want to cherry pick certain songs and try to find stuff you like but I recommend listening to all of the songs.


Masterpiece! All I got to say


ł'VE Łł$ŦE₦EÐ Ŧƙ ŦҤEƦE $Ø₦G$ ŦҤØU$λ₦Ð$ Ø₣ ŦłME$ λ₦Ð ł'VE Łł$ŦE₦EÐ ŦØ ₡ØUŦŁE$$ ØŦҤEƦ $Ø₦G$ λ₦ ₦Ø₦E Ø₣ ŦҤEM ҤλVE The quality like Daft Punks songs.... Never will I love another band more than these amazing robots people can go an make fun of there helmets an disco funk but that wonk change the way I feel about them.... When I picture 80's 90's an old dance clubs I can only picture people dancing to the song "loose yourself to dance" .... I want to thank ∂αfт ρυик f̸o̸r̸ w̸h̸a̸t̸ t̸h̸e̸y̸ h̸a̸v̸e̸ d̸o̸n̸e̸ t̸o̸ impact the world of music.... "Give life back to music"

Cow cat dog

I love Daft Punk but this album isn't as good as other albums like Homework and Discovery. However this album redeems it's self with masterpieces like Touch and Contact which stands out as the only song on this album to use samples.


One of my favorite albums of all time. The diversity of music on this album makes it more than just one type of genre, but rather a fusion and celebration of music. Where we were, where we are, and where we are going. Perfect is a word used to commonly for such rare occurrences, but this is as close as it gets.


Awesome album and pharell is great


I'm not going to call it BAD, but this style died off for a reason. It has cool parts like Giorgio by Moroder, Lose yourself to dance, and the radio edit version of get lucky. Those were all catchy in their own way, but everything else just isn't for me or other daft punk fans.


I love all this album!


I'm not a big fan of modern electronic music. But I like this album cause it sounds like it could be from the 70's-80's ..if u want something different then get this album✌️🍀👍


This album is beautiful. It's new while also being classic and it's an experience all throughout. Every song has its own special meaning and if you sit back and close your eyes, every drum beat and touch of a synth will impact you. This is a must have.